HTC One Max size comparison hits the web, has us second guessing


htc one max size comparison

While we’ve seen the HTC One Max in leaked pictures before, it’s been hard to get an idea of just how big the 5.9-inch device would be. Well, we finally have a real scale phone to compare it to. The folks at ePrice grabbed a Motorola XT882 — perhaps the most random phone you can find for this particular need — and put it right on top of the HTC One Max. That 4-inch phone isn’t even big enough to fill the display of the HTC One Max, and that’s including the width and height added by the bezel on each side.

This phone is pretty much a small tablet. Some are beginning to wonder whether or not our idea of “big” is starting to get too big. At what point do we say enough is enough? Will we keep going until phones exceed the size of 7-inch tablets? Does every phone need to be bigger than the last? Thankfully, HTC has realized that this device doesn’t have a place in everyone’s hearts and filled the market with more pocketable options before introducing this monstrosity.

Other companies, like Motorola with its 4.7-inch Moto X, have already shunned huge  phones. The company publicly stated its desire to only make phones with that “just right” size. The 5-inch DROID MAXX and DROID Ultra are probably pushing that boundary, but those are the only phones coming close to the phablet space for them.

in any case, many of you will be excited for the HTC One Max. HTC just began teasing the device yesterday, with teaser videos hitting the web telling us to watch out for “big things ahead.” We expect the announcement to go down right around IFA Berlin, a fitting time for such a device to hit the market. It would line up right with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 announcement, which will almost certainly by made at a September 4th event.

Alongside that 5.9-inch 1080p display, the One Max is said to come with a 3,300mAh battery, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset clocked at 2.3GHz, 2GB of RAM and more. Does this size comparison have you wondering whether this thing just might be too big for comfort, or are you already sold on one of the biggest phones we’ve ever seen?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Coming to Verizon December 2014.

    1. Hence why I am leaving Verizon August 15, 2013. Wouldn’t shock me if a bunch of launch day GNex owners drop VZW the same day.

      1. Count me in.

      2. Lucky you. My verizon contract isn’t up until July 2014. =

      3. Mmmm, no you won’t. Well, that or you – and all your imaginary “launch day GNex owners” so eager to leave – are paying four months’ worth of early termination fee. Have fun with that.

        1. Correct, we (gnex) owners can upgrade on August 15 but can’t get out penalty free until December. Unfortunately, that is too long for me to wait to upgrade and I’ll stay locked in with big red for another couple years. Maybe by then Google will have its own cell towers…

          1. Having a world-class cellular network must be so horrible.

          2. Yes…it’s a First World Problem but it is a problem – FOR ME. Verizon bloats their phones, locks their bootloaders, consistently adds new charges and higher rates for less data and doesn’t offer new phones that other carriers have.
            “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

          3. You don’t have to justify to me why you want to do whatever you want to do, but you shouldn’t resort to exaggeration or falsehoods to justify your actions to yourself. Most of the “bloatware” that you complain of can be disabled, your claims about “consistently adding new charges and higher rates for less data” is flat-out fabrication and every carrier offers phones that other carriers don’t offer. Enjoy that grass on the other side, hope it’s really greener for you.

      4. It would be a lot easier to leave Verizon if their network wasn’t awesome. I can’t give up the coverage that Verizon has right now…

        1. Waits for token AT&T user to say their coverage is just as good while forgetting that most people don’t live in the inner city.

          1. inner city would be T-mo

          2. You mean tmo, right? At&t actually does have awesome coverage in the sticks.

            That’s not to say that the company doesn’t still suck donkey balls, overall.


          3. Actually, yes, MOST people do live in cities now.

    2. That’s optimistic

    3. woops, wrong reply. :x

  2. Sexy as hell.

  3. I now have a 4.3inch HTC One SV from boost mobile and its large compared to the previous 2 cells I had which were the Samsung Galaxy Prevail at 3.2inches and the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim from straight talk at 3.5 inches. So yeah still getting use to a 4+inch phone can not see myself using anything 5+ personally.

  4. I saw this at best buy a couple weeks ago, I told my wife
    ” look honey it’s the galaxy s20! ”

    They’re getting too big, I can see why ppl may want a 5+ inch
    Screen but it’s probably not a huge market. For me if it doesn’t fit
    In my work shirt pocket it’s too big.

    1. Seriously? the 5+ in screen market is probably not a hug market? I’m not gonna lay it out for you kind sir but the check the sales on the Note, Note 2 just to name a couple of 5+ in screens. I’ll give you a hint, the numbers are in the 10s of millions. If that’s not huge then please tell me what you consider huge so I can adjust my way of thinking.

      1. My point was the majority of smartphones aren’t that big
        And the ENTIRE market shouldn’t go this direction the poster of the article asked the question when will smart phones get ” too big ” I was just
        Expressing my opinion that they shouldn’t just keep getting bigger
        In my post I acknowledged that there is a market for big phones I just don’t
        Think it’s the majority. So cool your jets man.

        1. The entire market isn’t headed in this direction. The HTC ONE was released first because it’s in the range most people want 4.7-5″. The 5″+ market had to wait for a larger version of the ONE. Personally I’d love to see manufacturers to release 2-3 phones at the same time with all the same specs except screen and battery, so there’s something for everyone.

          1. *patiently waiting for the HTC G3*

    2. This is where phone’s are going to. Be prepared for an overly sized work pocket. LoL!!

      History repeats itself. Just in a different fashion. Remember how big cell phones used to be? Then it became who can make the smallest cell phone. Remember that cell phone that was the size of a pocket knife? LoL!!

      If people used gargantuan phones before, then prepare to see it again. =.S

  5. This display is about 40% bigger than my DNA’s. These phones are, in my opinion, just too damn big!


  7. I really only ever look at phablets anymore. Being a big guy with giant hands (and thick fingers) it doesn’t present any inconvenience for me. I currently carry the note 2 as my phone, and I can do one handed operation just as easily as average sized people can with the S4. I like the look of the new HTC flagship, but the stylus (although I don’t use it all the time) is enough of a factor that it’s the only way I’ll fly from now on.

  8. Sounds just right for me! This was sent via my Galaxy Note 2!

  9. Btw I can wrap my fingers around my Note 2

    1. What in hades!? LoL!! My gosh!! I’ll just accept that.

  10. I think the weird phone XT882 was chosen to bait the “this phone is too big discussion” that phone is shorter than the iPhone 5. Give us something relevant to today, next to an Galaxy S4, HTC One or maybe even more appropriate a galaxy note 2, because the crowd that likes the note is the market this phone is going for, this picture doesn’t tell us much of anything.

  11. I’d rather see it next to a Note 2, which, for better or for worse, has pretty much ruined any phones under 5.5″ for me. Maybe the Droid MAXX but even then, it’s gonna feel weird going to that rinky-dink little display. Since Motorola is refusing to play with the big boys, it’s either gonna be this phone or the Note 3 in my future.

    1. I agree, I’d like another comparison point such as the Note 2 or even the SG4 or HTC One.

    2. What about the Sony Experia Ultra? It’s a pretty intriguing option too.

    3. Definitely understand where you’re coming from when you say the GN2 ruined any smaller screen phones. I’ll admit to laughing at its size and thinking it was ridiculous to carry something so large as a phone, but after playing with it, deciding to buy and try, and spending a few days with it, not only did the size start feeling absolutely acceptable but also making the experience with smaller screens less exciting.

      Having had my original preconceived notions about screens being “too big” shattered once already, I’m more than ready to push the envelope further with my next. Bring on the One Max and GN3.

      1. In fairness, once the 6″ screen size is hit, I think that will be about the upper bounds of what’s considered a phone. Truthfully, my ideal phone would be the guts of the new Nexus 7 tablet in a slightly condensed package, like a 5.5″-6″ screen. The thought of using the tablet to make phone calls is a bit much for me, so if something got to that size, I’d probably take a pass. But I’m very intrigued by what the One Max will bring to the table, I figured Samsung had me on their hook for life with Motorola not getting in to the screen size race and all other phones in that range not being offered on Verizon, but the One Max is an interesting proposition, I like Sense, it looks like they’re going to forgo a stylus, which is preferable to me because I never use it and it’s thus one more thing to lose. So HTC has my attention, now the question is, can they get my money?

        1. Yeah there is a limit for everyone. But even the N7, I can somewhat comfortably pocket it in my work pants, and I can only think as to how much easier it would fit without its huge bezel. Not suggesting I would prefer a 7″ phone but I can see them being small enough to carry on a regular basis. Also, I already sport bluetooth headphones most days (LG tones, love em) which negates the awkwardness of holding a huge device to your face. I do realize not everyone wants to wear a special device just to answer calls or listen to music but its a simple solution to the perceived problem of screens being to big to hold up.

          As for the One Max, the forgoing of a stylus is actually a downside for me, as I actually use the GN2 stylus on a pretty regular basis for jotting quick notes. Love that quick memo feature. But I suppose I would gladly trade it for boomsound, and I’ve always been a big fan of HTCs screens. Sense I can take it or leave it, I’ve always been more satisfied with TW and all its gimmicks. Other downsides, I am hooked on removable storage (got a 64gb class 10 ultra sandisk currently over half full) and even more importantly, removable batteries. I literally never plug my GN2 in. Just swap the battery twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Beats the hell out of keeping it tethered to a wall for hours at a time.

    4. I have had 3 Motorola Droids and its time to switch when this contract is done, Samsung or HTC looks like the people with some forward thinking ideas.

    5. You should buy a Nexus 7 with VOIP, then you won’t have to worry about people not “playing with the big boys, ” because you’ll be the biggest of them all and oh so proud.

      1. LoL!! I cannot imagine using the Nexus 7 as my phone. I stumbled across the thought when I installed GrooveIP alongside having Google Voice.

  12. “in any case, many of you will be excited for the HTC One Max. HTC just began teasing the device yesterday, with teaser videos hitting the web telling us to watch out for “big things ahead.”

    -This has to be purely speculation!!! I’m thinking you’re taking into account the huge device in the guys hand that can be seen as he’s walking towards the ‘copter and even more noticeable after he slaps hands with who appears to be RDJ. That phone is huge!!! I want it!….lol.

    1. And my Tmo Jump will be ready just in time. LoL!!

  13. Everyone complaining that this is too big: So don’t buy it. It’s not the only device available. That’s the beauty of Android. You can find a device that fits your particular needs and still enjoy the best OS available. Android phones are just like the weather in Alaska, if you don’t like what’s available now just waiting 5 minutes and it’ll change.

    1. People are going to complain regardless. Don’t complain because people are complaining. Don’t forget, companies do ask what don’t you like about something. So people are going to say what it is.

      And if people are saying it’s “too big” then ask what type of phone would they get? Start a conversation, don’t shut down their opinions. LoL!!

    2. android hates choice

      sad really

  14. 1080p display 2.3GHz, 2GB of RAM what is the battery life?
    Also with something this big can it do two windows at once? Like have a map open in one window text in another. With the large screen this would be handy.

    1. Ooo!! I would love for them to add that feature. I’ve always wanted to play around with it, but the option couldn’t be brought to the E4GT (GS2). So I never had the change. But wait!! I bought my mom the Note 2. Let me go play with her phone when I get off work. LoL!!

  15. LG G2 will be the perfect size. 5.2″ with nearly zero bezel so it will have an overall footprint of a device 5″ or less. People look like tools with a tablet sized phone pressed up to their ear, struggling to use their phone with one hand.

    1. Especially small, small-handed women whose hands are already small for a Galaxy S-sized phone. haha I saw that today and couldn’t help but laugh out loud (thankfully she didn’t notice).

    2. Actually, the HTC HD2 migrated me to using 2 hands with my phone. I remember when I had that and people thought I had a large phone. The HD2 had a 4 inch screen. LoL!!

      But I’ve obviously gotten content to using both hands. It gets funny. At work some of the employees have iPhones, so when I’m working with them I’m using 2 hands. 2 hands on a 3.5 inch screen is SO horrible. I forgot how to use one hand. LoL!!

  16. and no sd card slot.

    whahp whaaaa..

    1. I’m doing fine with my 32GB of onboard data. So I see nothing to worry about. But that’s just me.

      1. I agree 100%. 32GB is more than enough, and I have 25GB of Dropbox. People need to stop with this SD card crap. One company has already proved that with no SD card slot and a non removable battery, you can still sell millions upon millions of devices.

        1. Actually, the complaint is based on the convenience. Some people prefer to have a large amount of space to put all their uselessness on their SD cards. =.P

          1. The more data on your phone the slower it will go and it will eat up more battery being it has to search through more info. I keep mine very minimal for what I carry on my phone. Less is more sometimes.

          2. This is data on your SD card, not your phone I’m referring too. I know during the read/write process things will be slower.

            But I never stumbled upon hearing about having a lot of data on your SD card will slow your phone.

            I can only imagine that during the Media Scanning Process when the phone boots.

          3. True on an hdd, but on nand or an sd card? It doesn’t move so nothing to really search through. Should be same speed no matter how full.

        2. Same. 32 GB onboard and 25 gb of dropbox and I have Google Music. Good to go , easily….

  17. Phablet sales are doing quite well. The only ones who can say they are too big are the consumers, and so far they are giving Phablets the big thumbs up.

    1. Only because the smaller phones don’t have the specs the bigger ones do.

      1. Casey is right. We kinda don’t have a choice unless we want a mid range phone.

  18. Bring it on….

  19. My Nexus 7 can fit comfortably in some of my shorts. Granted I do wear Dickies.

    I wouldn’t mind the size of this phone. I can also put my Nexus 7 aside and focus on a 10-inch tablet. I’d give it to my mom even though I bought her a Note 2. She don’t need no Nexus 7. LoL!! But she always ask for it. =.P

  20. My first thought with all the people complaining is don’t buy it. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is way bigger than this. I may get this because I love my HTC One and I’m not a fan of the soon to be oversized Galaxy S4 (Note III). Before someone says, “oh this is an oversized HTC One”, your right to a point. The Max has the S800, but the Note III will share everything that the S4 has which makes it an oversized S4.

    1. except the note may feature a new samsung chipset with 3GB RAM. I’m no samsung fanboy but that would be the one thing that would make we want the note 3 over the one max. If that doesnt turn out to be the case, then one max all the way, assuming there’s a stylus!!

  21. It’s too fat and weird…

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      Especially small, small-handed
      women whose hands are already small for a Galaxy S-sized phone. haha I
      saw that today and couldn’t help but laugh out loud (thankfully she
      didn’t notice).

      1. Really Phandroid? are we turning this into a gaddam advertising circus now.

  22. Definitely too big, but the 5″ phones are quite nice, and rumors of 5.2″ on the LG G2 and Nexus 5 sound reasonable as the GS IV has the same dimensions as the GSIII width wise for holding and I always felt the GSIII had a bit more room to grow if only a couple mm, 5.2 may be the biggest possible for most people to use one handed though. 5.5″+ on the Note II would be too big one handed for typing.

    1. I type one handed on my gn2. I don’t have gigantic hands either.

  23. Count me in. I love big phones! I can’t wait!

  24. I think this phone looks amazing but it pushes my boundaries for a screen. Currently own a note 2 and that sometimes is too big for me. I think my perfect sized screen would be between 5-5.5 depending on the among of bezel.

  25. Looks amazing! #wantone

  26. Why does the writer complain about the availability of larger phone on the market?

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