HTC One MAX leaked in new photo ahead of IFA Berlin


htc one max leak

While the “just right” size of the original HTC One is fine enough for most people, there are always going to be that few in the bunch who need something different. HTC’s looking to fill those needs, whether your desire be for something smaller, like the now-official HTC One Mini, or something bigger, like the rumored HTC One Max.

The latter is said to be a 5.9-inch version of HTC’s 2013 flagship, which would also be HTC’s first real foray into the phablet category that seems to be getting crowded as of late. Now, we have a first-hand look at that device in the flesh. A picture of the HTC One Max has been leaked by ePrice, who also happens to have more information to share about it.

For starters, the HTC One Max is supposed to don a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3GHz. There aren’t many devices sporting this beast of a processor so it’s definitely going to turn a few heads on that note alone. We’re also told to expect a 3,200mAh, which is enough to best the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (but not Motorola’s DROID MAXX). That’s a pretty big battery.

We imagine this thing will also have 2GB of RAM and 1080p resolution, though we won’t go much further than that in the way of assumptions. Of course, it won’t be too long before we are let in on the official details for ourselves. HTC’s said to be bringing the One Max straight to Berlin next month for IFA, so we expect to be let in on some more official details at that time.

[via ePrice]

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  1. I really wanted this phone when the rumors started to swirl but a 5.9″ screen plus the HTC form factor with the front speakers is probably going to be way too big.

    1. You’re probably right. Hopefully HTC has minimized the proportions of the bezels a bit to take in account of the speakers… But we’ll see

      1. Looking at the picture it seems to be a little less bezel on the sides but the top and bottom looks to be the same as the one. The top is fine but they really need to do something about all that extra space on the bottom.

  2. i love it and i will buy it if there is SD card

  3. Haters gonna hate ……but i ‘m very impressed with my HTC ONE , and will definetely get , the max , T6 ,whatever its gonna be called , it just better ship with 4.3……, the only thing that has me bummed about my one that it’s on 4.1.2, and it’s been long enough , for HTC’s premium phone , i know it’s up to the provider’s so lets with the program T MO……..
    Been holding off on root , this is the longest time i’ve held off, but with 4.3 now out with multiple trusted developers , may just jump in …………

    1. I’m really enjoying my new HTC One as well. However, I have noticed a couple minor bugs that I actually had on my HTC Sensation 4G as well. For example: if I set my ringtone to an .mp3 song instead of using one of the standard ringtones, and then an unknown number calls me, it automatically sets the ringtone to the “Sense” ringtone. It’s pretty frustrating for a couple reasons. First, I don’t expect that ringtone so when I hear it, I don’t think it’s my phone going off. Second, I have to waste time setting the ringtone back to my .mp3. I had this same issue with the Sensation 4G. I don’t know why HTC still hasn’t fixed that. Pretty damn annoying though.

      1. My wife has the One and every time she gets a phone call or a notification alert I always say holy hell that’s loud! I love the speakers on that phone so HTC one def moved in the right direction with the speakers and I’d be very interested on the Max provided some personal spec choices are met.

  4. Unless you’re carrying a purse, I don’t see how these phones are portable.

    1. Calm down sir. Please take a deep breath, and step away from the skinny jeans, please.


      1. ^^ This….lol. I totally agree! My puny phone has a 4.7in screen and I can fit it in my front pocket no problems. With a bigger phone I’d simply use my back pocket especially after I saw the Nexus 7 being shoved in a back pocket during the live press event. Oh but what if I forget it’s in my back pocket and sit on it you say? Well I’ve yet to break a phone after sitting on it if it was in my back pocket but then again I guess a person’s weight combined with the object being sat on would also have to be considered. Either way, the phone will be very portable without the need for a purse is my point.

        1. Calling a 6″ screen phone ‘very portable’ is a stretch… come on… I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m just saying its freaking huge and cumbersome to carry. I live an active life and it just doesn’t work for me.

      2. You too, Walter! :)

    2. Well, then I guess you’d have no problem…what with all of your purses :)

      Note 2 – Love it.

  5. This or the Note 3 will be the ultimate decision……

  6. I’m still strongly favoring the Note 3 but will interested to see the specs of this phone first before committing. Removable battery and MicroSD card are big desires for me though, so I’m not holding out too much hope considering how the HTC One is. We’ll see though.

  7. What does it offer in comparison to the s-pen functionality of the Note? I think this will he the main deciding factor for most people. Otherwise it’s just a huge ass phone.

    1. As a Note 2 user for about a year I feel the stylus is gimmicky and impractical. i rarely use it. I cherish my note 2 for the battery life and screen size but I would trade out its stylus at the drop of a hat for front facing speakers and 1080p.

      1. For HTC to sway me back it would have to have a removable battery and micro SD card. Also a little less bezel would be nice. I think they could afford to trim sum off even with the front facing speakers.

    2. I’ve never used my stylus in the almost 2yrs I had my note which is why I went for the LG Pro..

      I buy a phablet for the screen size and battery life.

  8. Too much wasted space on the bottom for a 5.9 inch phone. Wish Sammy or HTC would go on screen buttons for these massive phones especially if HTC is putting the front to speakers.

  9. I really don’t care for the stylus, but I only buy phones with removable battery and micro sd, so I probably not gonna buy this or any other phone from HTC , Apple or Sony.
    My phone now is a Galaxy Note GTN 7000 and he is begging for an upgrade but I am waiting for the note 3. I can only do that (wait) cause I bought another battery.

    I am ideologically against planned obsolescence. I will buy a new equipment when I feel the need, the idea of throwing away a good smartphone (notebook, etc) cause the battery cannot hold a charge is absolutely ridiculous.
    Before the galaxy note my phone was a htc desire z, I used it for years overclocked to 1.4 and then donate it for a friend who uses it till today, I intend to donate my note too cause he is still a decent phone in my opinion.
    Sorry for my crappy english, I’m doing my best here, I just feel that I have to share my opinion cause any manufacturer who practices that should be banned from market in my radical opinion.

    1. Your English is just fine, as are all your points about removable media and batteries. I also won’t buy a phone unless I can change the battery.

      1. I’d sacrifice removable battery for waterproofness. As you can see from the S4 Active, both don’t go together.

    2. I’m ok if there is no micro sd but a removable battery is a “must have” — especially given HTC’s horrendous battery choices in their previous models.

      1. microSD slot is also a must when the only option available from htc is the 16GB version, like it happens with the One in my country…

    3. Your English is better than 80% of Americans

  10. Maybe it’s just me but how are we supposed to differentiate this phone from the HTC One itself?

    1. It’s bigger… and faster, kind of like the ONE, but max.

      1. And you can tell it’s faster by looking at the pic? You’re better than me! I was referring to the pic, I should have been more specific because I can’t tell from looking at the pic. Like I said, it could be just me but I’m not able to say whether this is the HTC ONE vs the Max. In reading the other comments, I guess people can tell from the bezels.

        1. Then the appropriate question would have been, “How do we know this is the Max? It looks just like the ONE.” Your question was, “What is the difference between them?” With no reference to the pic itself, it just sounds like a dumb question.

          1. LOL….no, kind sir, I just should have added to my question which by the way wasn’t “What is the deference between them?” ; if you’re going to quote me then correctly quote me. My question should have been “How are we supposed to differentiate this phone [in the pic] from the HTC One itself?” That makes sense or should I say makes better sense than my original question. I took the assumption that those reading my question would know I was referring to the picture since the Max isn’t even out yet for physical comparison but you’ve proven that my question isn’t at all idiot proof.

          2. Well, everyone knows what happens when you assume…

    2. I hope it isn’t like super long. That’s what it looks like in this picture.

  11. HTC ONE MAX specifications Leaked…check out more at..http://windroidblog.blogspot.in/2013/08/htc-one-max-specifications-leaked.html

    1. scammer

  12. I’m not interested in the One Max VS Note 3, for a few reasons:
    1) No stylus (even if rarely used)
    2) Button layout still sucks (software buttons would mean they’d be infinitely configurable and wouldn’t waste bezel space)
    3) HTC has a crappy record wrt to updates, bootloader, and dev interest
    4) It’s probably made of metal to appeal to the snobs who only care about the singularly subjective “premium feel”, instead of the multiple objective benefits of polycarbonate. I’m really hoping that the Note3 doesn’t get ruined by this current metal-is-somehow-premium trend.

    1. you don’t know anything about all the specs so shut up and wait for it to come out

    2. Software button sucks besides until they start making phones with a screen edge to edge what’s the point.

      1. Less wasted top/bottom bezel and more configurability is the point.

        1. Funny how no one complains about the capacitive buttons and one hard button on the S4, Note II…js.

        2. Even on phones that only have software buttons there is still enough bezel to fit actual buttons so how does it waste less space?

          If anything having software buttons with a bezel big enough to fit actual hardware buttons which is pretty much all software button only phones its more wasted space.

    3. The metal just looks cool. But I don’t really care what phones are made out of. If the phone has a bland design, I throw a case on it. My HTC One, I have this clear case because I like the way the phone looks, but I don’t want to break it when I drop it like always. =.P

      And I agree with the 1st one. Even though I’d probably rarely use it to. It’s just for those times.

      Number 2 couldn’t be more accurate. I’m SO glad I’m able to use Logo To Menu. Like WTF!? The button layout is horrible. I had to relearn how to use my phone. =.P

      I don’t care about the 3rd one since I root.

      I’m also quite inconsistent with my order. LoL!!

    4. yes you QQ in every HTC One post about the metal “snobs”. Whose the snob now?

      1. Hah. Knowing that plastic is objectively better doesn’t make me a snob, it makes me right.

  13. HTC ONE MAX SPECS released


  14. give it a decent camera and I’m in

  15. Only way I’m going back to HTC is if they bring back removable batteries and expandable external storage. I’m now using a N2 and never plug my phone to a charger except when on my car dock. I always have a spare battery in my pocket and another charging on my spare battery desk charger.

    Though I have to agree that forward facing speakers is a step in the right direction.

  16. why not just call it the HTC One “Limo” edition?

  17. I prefer the XPERIA Z ULTRA over this tihng

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