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htc one blue

The HTC One launched in Black and White, and a red version came along shortly afterward (despite HTC trying to convince us that they weren’t working on it). Now, another color option has been introduced. The folks @evleaks have tipped us all off with another rather official render of an HTC One, only this time it’s clad in Blue metal armor.

This bright device is likely to be pretty much identical everywhere else, but if for whatever reason you feel like having your phone match the color of the sky (or just a nice pair of jeans) this should do. The leakster noted that the device will arrive in 2013, though there’s no telling where you’ll be able to snap one up once it’s available.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That actually looks better than the red one @evleaks shared on twitter a little while back. The red one was destined for Sprint, they said, so we’ll see where this one goes.

  2. Look away, I’m hideous…

  3. How about working on updating your devices operating systems instead of their paintjobs

    1. Assuming their OS is bad now?

    2. I say its the carriers not HTC because they have already pushed 4.2.2 to the HTC One.

  4. I don’t understand.. I don’t even understand why it is that they decide to release different colors months after release?! Is it like extremely hard to change the dye in the phone making machine? Just release all colors at once!? Not that I like this color on this phone.. I don’t care really. If they plan on releasing different colors for the same phone.. do it on release day? lol

    1. Yea. Motorola has created a new standard in my eyes. (Even though Moto Maker is only available for AT&T right now.)

      1. Oh, but it wasn’t Motorola first. Feature phones used to have plenty of colors from the start (Nokia). And Sony makes their smartphones in colors other than just black and white. It’s all about carriers, who only order the top 2 or 3 by popularity, because they don’t want to stock other colors.
        EDIT: What would also be good if Moto’s could bring back the agreements with fashion industry. My wife used her D&G RAZR in gold for such a long time, before it literally fell apart.

        1. Inventory management is a very big deal in business. Every day product sits on the shelf has a cost involved. There are very expensive applications designed to keep inventory at appropriate levels to fulfill orders, but not sit idle.

          At its height, Dell was able to negotiate a system where they didn’t buy the parts until the the PCs were being built. Essentially, their suppliers had “stores” located within Dell assembly facilities.

          1. Really?! Oh my, how after working on Oracle Apps implementations for 15 years I didn’t manage to know that. And what exactly Dell has to do with all of the above? You’re mixing up discrete manufacturing and retail. Big difference.

            I was talking about every phone variant, which is not black or white being ignored by carriers.

    2. They probably hope some poor saps will sell their current phone and buy another to get the color

  5. I like the black plastic… The white plastic on my One got stained the first week from a new pair of jeans, and nothing is getting it clean.

  6. I like the blue. I also agree that it is sheisty of them to release new colors after the original release. Moto is definitely on to something with their Moto Maker program.

  7. I like the blue, now fix the radio so it fully supports T-Mobile’s radio bands and I’ll take one!

    1. “…so it fully supports T-Mobile’s radio bands…”? Yea… I’m lost. What bands doesn’t it support? Or are you talking about the non-Tmobile one? (I couldn’t avoid the pun)

      1. The Developer/Unlocked/Google Editions of the ONE aren’t 100% compatible w/T-MOBILE, depending on coverage in your area. Kinda weak for HTC to cheap out on this, probably could have sold a few more otherwise.

        Unlike the G.E. edition of the GS4,which I believe has both AT&T & T-MOBILE bands.

        1. Yea. I know the Google Edition doesn’t. I just didn’t jump to the conclusion that these different colors wouldn’t be made carrier specific. Gotta have hope. LoL!!

          But if it’s straight from the HTC store, then yea. It won’t have full support. I know about the reframed (spell check) network-issue-thingy-with-the-radios. =.S
          Sorry. =.P

          1. The Blue actually looks pretty cool.Too bad the mfgs play these games w/the colors,as by the time the alternate colors are introduced,there’s a new model on the block that looks like a better option…

            Wash,lather,rinse,repeat……… :-(

  8. Horrible color, and that’s coming from someone that likes blue.

    1. Maybe it’ll look better in person.

    2. Can’t agree more, it’s a washed out horrible blue!

  9. The only color I like for a phone is purple. While there have been a few beauties, they weren’t high caliber. So, my (free) DNA is in an amethyst Seidio Active case with all sorts of purple theming on the phone. Quite cool…

    1. Purple is an amazing color. Did you know that it technically doesn’t exist? Our minds essentially make purple up, it’s awesome. :)

      1. Since you brought it up, I’ll say that I believe that our minds actually make EVERYTHING up, but that’s a whole other story…

  10. Looks awesome, would love to get one.

  11. would look great with that blue megaman wallpaper lol

  12. I love this color, I want the blue so bad, I wish they hurry the hell up and release the phones, the red one was shown awhile ago and still hasnt been released and now they show a blue one, RELEASE THE DAMN PHONES ALREADY.

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      Really?! Oh my, how after working on Oracle Apps implementations for
      15 years I didn’t manage to know that. And what exactly Dell has to do
      with all of the above? You’re mixing up discrete manufacturing and
      retail. Big difference.

    2. Learn to be patient.

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