Does Pantech’s “Fablet” trademark mean they’re trying to enter the big phone arena?


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Trademarks can be a funny business. Sometimes they’re so vague that you can’t do much but express a big “WTF” in your mind, and other times they have a way of letting you know exactly how a company is thinking. Such is the case with Pantech, who has trademarked the “Fablet” character mark. This is quite interesting, as it’s a direct homophone of the “phablet” word that has been tossed around as of late. That’s interesting considering “phablet” is available, and is used much more commonly to describe the big phone market that many are targeting.

That said, it could be hinting at an apparent interest for Pantech to create a big phone of its own. That class of phone typically comes with high-end specs, which is notable as Pantech typically targets the entry level and mid-range with its smartphones. We’re not sure what kind of goods they could be thinking to cook up, or if this trademark means anything at all, but our interests are pretty much piqued.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Nice try Pantech… but I thought VEGA series already have its own phablet… I think 5.2″

  2. Maybe it’s supposed to mean “FABulous TabLET”.

    Bet you didn’t think of that one, huh? *smug look*

  3. Pantech rivals Coby for the title of “Worst Electronic Manufacturer.”

    1. No way, Pantech is awesome over-seas. The Pantech Vega’s were super high-end devices. It’s just too bad they only release entry-level devices here in the states :/

      1. I’d rate the devices they release here as subterranean level. “Oh boy, an Android tablet with a single core 800mhz processor. Sounds like a great deal for $59…”

  4. Does it refer to a “fabulous tablet”?

  5. I think pantech made some solid phones, why not.

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