$25 Nokia DT-900 wireless charging pad available for a limited time [DEALS]


DT-900 wireless charging mat

If you hurry, you guys might catch a pretty good deal on the Nokia DT-900, a wireless charging mat for your Qi-enabled devices. Daily Steals/Ice Monkey has the mat going for a cool $25, close to half the price as we could find it on Amazon. The DT-900 should work fine with your newly purchased Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 4, or any other device using the Qi standard. The stock meter is running a little low, so we don’t know how much longer this deal with last. Can anyone out there who currently owns the charging mat provide a little feedback?


Thanks, Nathan!

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  1. Gimmicky…

    1. Yeah but for $25 wh not. I wouldn’t spend much more on one.

      1. And gone…

        1. Yeah just noticed, for 25 bux I would have got one.

  2. Picked one up a while back as I had a VZW gift card. The power supply cable is relatively long. Charging pad isn’t very obstrusive. My Droid DNA fits on it just fine, no slipping or other issues. The notification light is a nice touch. The only downside to this is the fact that it lays flat, so it’s not that great as far as docking goes. Overall, I’d say it’s a good price for a very nice charger.

  3. i have this one as well. it’s slow at charging my DNA, but i think they’re all like that. the light is nice too, although i have to look under the phone to see it when placed on it. The DNA has a pathetic notification light.

    for the price, not sure what else people would want.

  4. I have one for my DNA. The light is nice, but i have to look under the DNA to see it during the day. (The DNA also has a pathetic notification light)

    it’s a slow charger, but i think all wireless chargers are. but it gets the job done. there are specific areas that have to make contact, but it’s not bad. not sure what else to expect from a non-dock wireless charger, it gets the job done, and for this price, it’s awesome.

    I’m tired of people saying wireless charging is a gimmick. to me, it’s one of the greatest things ever. Wait till the iPhone gets it, then it will be revolutionary.

  5. Its reported several places that with the nexus 4 it causes it to act like its being placed on the charger and removed very rapidly, effectively charging but causing the screen to flicker on and off out of control. Do note this highly possible issue before you buy if you plan on using it with a nexus 4, potentially with the new nexus 7 (although I haven’t read anything yet)

    1. It has been reported that there was a bugfix that addressed this issue in 4.2.2 (Improved heuristics for detecting wireless chargers.)

      Edit: Reported to work fine with new Nexus 7

      1. my friend’s nexus 4 as well as my brothers nexus 4 did not work with the charger on 4.2.2. The light on the charger would flash and the battery percentage would not change or would go up and back down again, even after being on the charger for an hour.

        1. Ok I did some more research and supposedly only rev 12/13 phones work with the Nokia charger without issue, rev 10/11 seem to be the ones with the issues ppl are reporting.

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  7. I have one, doesn’t work reliably with Nexus 4 (as in it’s hit or miss if it works at all) doesn’t work with either my brother’s or my friends Nexus 4.

    1. Here is a video on how to make it work. I do this and it works great.

    2. Does having a rubber case on the Nexus 4 make it even less reliable?

  8. Sold out! Damn it!

  9. Sold Out! :(

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