Sprint finally gets the LTE wheel turning again with 41 new cities



It’s no secret Sprint has been a bit slower than the big boys when it comes to bringing LTE to its customers. The network got off to a decent start, but hasn’t quite hit the rollout pace that competitors AT&T and Verizon have. That might be changing, though, as Sprint’s latest round of launches have gone live… and the list is huge. There are 41 cities being drenched in coverage.

Big names like Brooklyn / the Bronx, Oakland, Nashville, Philadelphia, Grand Rapids, Fort Lauderdale, Greenville, Daytona Beach, Tulsa, and more are all included. You can find the entire list at the source link. Some of these markets have had coverage for a while, but the official announcement means Sprint is done with the testing phases and is comfortable enough with coverage to add them to the map.

This brings Sprint to about 150 markets, and the company is expected to be able to reach 200 million by the end of this year. There are several phones on Sprint now available with LTE, so if you live in one of these cities and have a phone that can hop onto blazing fast wireless data, be sure to boot it up and give it a try.

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  1. How is Sprints building penetration with LTE?

    1. Should be getting better with the 800 spectrum freed up.

      1. I hope so. At my work no one can pick up a sprint signal what so ever inside the building. Where as I’m on tmobile and I get to bars of LTE. Go figure?

        I’d consider switching if that go fixed. But nothing has been announced for the Greenville SC area yet.

        1. Two* bars of LTE. I wish the phandroid app allowed editing of comments.

        2. It’s likely that the T-Mobile site is closer. AWS tends to have worse building penetration than PCS.

      2. No current devices on Sprint’s network are 800 LTE capable, so nobody will notice a difference yet.

      3. No one can get on 800 yet except those new hotspot devices that are 800. I’m hoping the new note 3 will be 800. If it is that alone is worth the upgrade.

    2. I’ve actually had pretty good luck with Sprint LTE penetrating buildings. My office has all steel roofing and steel girders where AT&T signal has trouble even with 3G my Sprint LTE is running usually on two bars and about 3-4Mbps. Verizon 4G is a little spotty in the same building but does tend to pickup as well. T-Mobile HSPA+ usually doesn’t pickup, though.

      Same goes for the building I go to school in.

  2. Hmmm…wonder what parts of brooklyn.

    1. It’s pretty spread out, but Downtown Brooklyn isn’t covered well because there is a lot of zoning and junk. I live in Northern Crown Heights near where Bed Stuy and Prospect Heights meet and I have LTE. I also have LTE in Mill Basin, parts of Canarsie and Coney Island… I’d say about 75% of the borough is covered.

  3. Sprint still sucks deer nuts in West Texas. Hell just give me a gaddamn signal so I don’t have to piggy back Verizon’s crappy 3G

    1. Maybe you should do your research when you pick a phone company and not cry about it.

      1. I did do my homework genius, which is why I also have at&t. I get great service back home in Houston but it sucks out here where I work (West Texas)

  4. Still no Providence, RI? F you Sprint.

  5. Still none in Rochester, NY. Sprint is the only one of the big 4 without it here, which is atrocious.

  6. Still no Phoenix. Amazing. I am leaving Sprint this fall after being a 10 year customer. I just can’t justify paying for a service I am not getting. Even my 3G speeds in Phoenix (when I can get a signal) are abysmal. (I’m talking 56k speeds or lower.)

    Ask anyone in Arizona and Sprint is a running joke here. If your friend can’t get signal to make a phone call or can’t open a web-page, people here joke: “You have Sprint, don’t you?”

    1. I’m leaving Sprint too.. and I’m not alone, all my friends have left recently.. I am not sure why Sprint is not listening to this..

      1. Same here. My entire family and all my friends have left Sprint. By the time Sprint actually puts up their LTE network they will have lost so many customers that it’ll be too late for them.

  7. Coolio…Bronx and Brooklyn!..and somewhere around downtown manhattan they’ve got a 4G signal running. Since I’m in the NJ side of the Hudson river this means they are doing improvements in the metro area and we are probably a good 6 to 7 months from 4G LTE being activated over here….I can wait for now, I was highly tempted with T-Mo but ill hold off…

    1. Don’t. You’ll appreciate the GSM and freedom of swapping phones painlessly if you need to. (e.g.. flip phone for a smart phone if you play sports) I paid ETF on 2 lines and couldn’t be happier. I hit 26k bps and I’m constantly over 15k and 9k upload.

  8. They list Nashville, but they still don’t have it working there.

    1. It works (barely) in a few areas. Left Sprint in May due to the slow LTE deployment.

  9. When their “4g wimax”, a sorry excuse for 4g, hit denver, it was spotty at best. I dont expect their LTE to be any better.
    “It works great if you are on the 17th floor of the denver trade center downtown, only”.

    1. Maybe not right away, but you will be surprised on this count.

      The LTE coverage will be absolutely nothing like the wimax coverage.

      1. Wimax over here in the Jersey City and Union City, NJ area is widespread but its horrible indoors and the signal fluctuates outside from poor to excellent on a consistent basis . If you can catch the signal indoors or live close to a wimax tower your in for some fast speeds….well, at least in my experience

    2. I understand what you mean by wimax. In orlando where I was able to use as soon as I walked close to a building it would go away. On the other hand with lte I’m able to use it all the time. Sometimes in walmart once I get very inside the store I lose it but when I have it and signal is good my speeds are good. I think with the money they get from softbank and the spectrum from uscellular and iden network shutdown they have a really good chance of being really good. I’m giving them til december.

  10. I’m getting LTE out here in Pearl, Mississippi I’m surprisingly SHOCKED but happy also

    1. Nice, Got it on I-10 down near Moss Point, MS for about a 10 to 15 mile stretch.

  11. Can’t get over how Sprint had Boise, ID as the 4th city they turned WiMax on, but we’re still waiting for LTE, 151+ cities and growing. Shocking the disparity of West vs. East coast on the Sprint LTE map!

    1. I’m hoping now that the Clearwire issue is behind them, we will see it soon.

  12. Surprisingly enough, and I really can’t believe I’m saying this, but, LTE is popping up in Cincinnati. It’s been seen in the Mt healthy, North college hill, and forest park areas. I’ll be glad when they get it on and announce it. Would be better if they got it at my workplace, which is in Florence. I’m on wifi at home so I’m not really in a rush for it there.

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      No one can get on 800 yet except
      those new hotspot devices that are 800. I’m hoping the new note 3 will
      be 800. If it is that alone is worth the upgrade.


  14. lolol brooklyn is on the list and I never consistent 4g speeds but in three parts of the city.

  15. Still no sf #fuckthis

  16. Mobile AL (nor Montgomery AL, I don’t think) has yet to be mentioned, BUT, I have found several places around Mobile AL with Sprint LTE. Even took screen shots of Maps with the 4G logo above :) Also, had LTE for about 10 to 15 miles along I-10 near Moss Point, MS.. and I did get it in Montgomery AL.

    And, someone needs to proof their lists in the future and decide on one format for listing the state… either abbreviate properly or not at all. Not both and then something in the middle.

    Anyway, point is, it’s rolling out slowly here in Mobile AL, a city that hasn’t been announced.

  17. Avoiding ventura county CA Again!!! So tired of being left out of the 4g light. Sprint sucks!! T mobile has done more with lte in 6 months than sprint has on two years. D
    Sad. Waiting for wimax shutdown to end my contract with no ETF. Oh yrah we neber got to use wimax either. Sadder. Lte implememted in the boonies before populated cities n countiesmakes no sense. T mobile, att and verizon are gonna gain alot of former sprint customers soon.

    1. You can end your contract now without an ETF, they fixed the terms so they can allow you to cancel or update free to LTE without extending your contract, re-read the latest contract on sprint.com.

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