Jul 29th, 2013

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The tablet market was struggling during its early stages, but momentum has picked up as we move into a mobile world. PC sales are plummeting while tablets are on the rise. Many of you may think this is thanks to Apple’s iPad, but such is not the case. In fact, Android is dominating the market according to this year’s Q2 results.

tim-cook-ipad-miniStrategy Analytics’ latest research shows a significant increase in Android tablet shipments, while iOS continues to decline. iOS tablets account for 28.3% of Q2’s (2013) shipments, which is a significant drop from last year’s 47.2% marketshare in the same quarter.

Meanwhile, Android has gone up to 67% from last year’s 51.4%. This accounts for 34.6 million Android tablets shipped during the quarter, which is a lot when you consider Apple’s 14.6 million shipments. Android was close to doubling it’s Q2 2012 shipments, which accounted for just 18.5 million shipments.

Android took the smartphone market by surprise when it started rising out of control. No one believed Android could really take on iOS, but the numbers quickly piled up. Could it be the same is happening with tablets?


Android has been able to beat Apple, even with less tablet apps and the iPad’s insane popularity. It seems fame is not enough when you have Google and Android manufacturers giving you deals you can’t refuse.

The most popular Android tablets are much more affordable than Apple’s cheapest alternatives (iPad Mini). Not to mention they have equal or similar performance. And Android tablets that match the full-sized iPad’s price tend to have much higher specs and trending/new features.

What will Apple do to get back in the game? We aren’t sure, but popularity and their “it just works” mentality doesn’t seem to be enough. Is it?

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