Verizon ditches iconic “DROID” sound in marketing campaign for latest phones [VIDEO]


Earlier today, Verizon introduced three new DROID phones — all made by Motorola — to the family. I’m speaking about the Motorola DROID MAXX, Motorola DROID Ultra, and the Motorola DROID Mini, all of which we’ve had a chance to go hands-on with already. You can find those here, here, and here, respectively.

You’re probably wondering how Verizon plans to market what they believe are their most important smartphones. Well, thankfully they have already taken to YouTube with four interesting videos.

The theme is “DROID Matters,” with people faintly speaking about how thinness, a beautiful display, and more “matter” to them. Right away you can tell Verizon isn’t shying away from the DROID line’s more “masculine” routes, with the ad taking viewers deep within the smartphones with quick glances at the device’s internals as they talk about the different components.

One thing that’s worthy to note is that Verizon seems to have ditched the whole “DROID” sound that scared the crap out of everyone over the age of 40 whenever they heard it. Some people hated it, while others — like myself — will be sad to see it go. I was such a huge fan of that sound that I’d make it my ringtone for phones that weren’t even DROIDs. Hell, I wasn’t even on Verizon at one point and I was still using it.

This isn’t all we can expect from Verizon, though. We’re definitely expecting to see some longer sports as we lead up to the devices’ late August launch, but for now these 15 second teaser clips should do enough to get most of you DROID fans excited.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yes. Let it die.

  2. I’ll miss it. I remember the first text I received on the OG Droid. I was in a room with a group of people and everyone stopped and looked at me, they all wanted to know where they could get theirs.

    1. These ARE the droids you’re looking for……

  3. Why aren’t boot animations/audio customizable on stock ANDROID?

    Ya’d think the BIG 4 would have monetized this feature by now…………….

  4. Thank God. I wince whenever I am in a public place like a store and out of the blue from 4 aisles away the silence is broken by a loud and drawn out, “DRRRROOOOIIIIIDDDDD.”

    1. p u s s y

      1. Any guy who puts “420” in his user name has to know if someone’s a “p u s s y” for sho.

        1. Lol my aol screename from when i was a kid i use it for all my online junk… Don’t take it so seriously there guy

  5. That was the one cool thing about DROID

  6. I hated that sound. I never heard it on anything other than max volume. My exboyfriend used it specifically because so many people would glare when he got texts. Anyway, I won’t be getting any of this new line of Droids, but I really like the ads.

  7. Thank goodness. They should have stopped with that after the first or second droid phone.

  8. I will also miss it. Being a verizon customer, the OG Droid was my first step into the world of Android, and I haven’t looked back. That DROID sound was something that always gave me an internal smile when I heard it, and it grabbed the attention of those around me in a positive way. Many an iPhone user first took notice of my phone because of that ringtone, and after seeing the possibilities with an open UI (and this was clear back on froyo!), made the switch from iOS to Android.

    RIP Droid sound. You will be missed, but never forgotten.


  9. It will be missed, yet never forgotten. I can still hear its sweet, soft cries in the back of my mind…


  10. Those commercials suck, they don’t explain anything. And being a SMARTphone don’t you think that BRAIN MATTER(s)?

  11. Heck! I am in the UK and used it. It came pre-loaded on my OG Milestone (GSM Droid). Never heard anyone else with it. Sorry to see it go…

  12. You can download the DROOOOIIIIDD sms tone off Zedge. ;)

  13. I put it on my S4. Even after nearly 4 years of using Android phones, I still smile every time I hear it.

  14. I still rock the droid sound for my texts…and will for as long as i have android phones…no matter what phone…i fell in love and have not fallin out ever since my og droid lol had it on all phones including my gnex and now my razr hd(obviously)

  15. I’m one of the people that’ll miss it, I remember adding it to my Droid Incredible because it didn’t ship with that sound, at least initially it didn’t. I still have the sound file though and it moves with me to every phone I’ve had since the OG DInc so I at least always have the option for nostalgia sake.

  16. you could take it off if you didnt like it…get over the hate like u wanna hate a phone bc it had this under its notification sounds

    1. and on power up, that was my killer

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