Jul 24th, 2013

Earlier today, Verizon introduced three new DROID phones — all made by Motorola — to the family. I’m speaking about the Motorola DROID Maxx, Motorola DROID Ultra, and the Motorola DROID Mini, all of which we’ve had a chance to go hands-on with already. You can find those here, here, and here, respectively.

You’re probably wondering how Verizon plans to market what they believe are their most important smartphones. Well, thankfully they have already taken to YouTube with four interesting videos.

The theme is “DROID Matters,” with people faintly speaking about how thinness, a beautiful display, and more “matter” to them. Right away you can tell Verizon isn’t shying away from the DROID line’s more “masculine” routes, with the ad taking viewers deep within the smartphones with quick glances at the device’s internals as they talk about the different components.

One thing that’s worthy to note is that Verizon seems to have ditched the whole “DROID” sound that scared the crap out of everyone over the age of 40 whenever they heard it. Some people hated it, while others — like myself — will be sad to see it go. I was such a huge fan of that sound that I’d make it my ringtone for phones that weren’t even DROIDs. Hell, I wasn’t even on Verizon at one point and I was still using it.

This isn’t all we can expect from Verizon, though. We’re definitely expecting to see some longer sports as we lead up to the devices’ late August launch, but for now these 15 second teaser clips should do enough to get most of you DROID fans excited.