Jul 19th, 2013


A single snowflake may have fallen in Hell today. This after news that Samsung and Apple have been reportedly engaged in settlement talks involving their 2011 court case that (initially) ended with Apple laying claim to a $1 billion victory. We know from previous posts about this that when it came to settlement talks, there was a lot of “he said, she said,” most of the time ending with Apple refusing any deals and going straight for Samsung’s jugular (their Galaxy brand). But lately, it appears they’ve been much more cordial with each other.

According to The Wall Street Journal, since the well publicized ruling Apple has been regularly flying out to Samsung’s HQ in South Korea where they met behind closed doors to talk about a settlement. It’s being said that Samsung offered Apple a licensing deal for a handful of their patents — virtually settling all disagreements between the 2 companies — but it’s unclear whether or not Apple accepted, or rejected.

This was revealed in the newly published 161-page ITC court docs, where talks reportedly started back in June, and face-to-face meetings in December. At one point (February), an actual settlement was at hand. A “memorandum of understanding” was drafted up and sent to high-level officials at both companies, but things quickly fizzled out and it wasn’t until the end of March that Samsung once again reached out to Apple about reopening discussions. Once again, no word if Apple accepted, or is playing coy.

While there’s really nothing here to indicate that a real settlement is at hand (Apple and Samsung are still locked in ongoing legal battles where the 2 can’t see eye to eye on licensing deals), at least they’re talking again. And if I learned anything from Teen Mom’s Dr. Drew, it’s that communication is the key to restoration.

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