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So here we go, guys. The specs to the long awaited Nexus 7 refresh as starting to come into focus. While the main thing we care about is a slightly higher-res display, we get no confirmation of that. But we do get an idea of how the rest of the tablet will shape up. Here’s the rundown:

  • 1.5GHz quad-core CPU
  • 7-inch display (duh)
  • 5MP rear camera
  • 1.2MP front-facing camera
  • Slim port connectivity
  • Wireless charging
  • Android 4.3

So again we see mention of dual cameras (as seen in a leak from earlier in the week), a bumped up processor, and Android 4.3. The latter will likely be announced alongside the new Nexus 7 next week. What we haven’t seen mentioned explicitly before is Slim Port connectivity for 1080p video output to TV and built-in wireless charging. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that it actually comes out of the box and not via expensive accessories.

That add-ons do come at a cost, though. Rumors put this version of the Nexus 7 at $269.99 for a 32GB model. The price is $20 more than you would pay for a current-gen 32GB Nexus 7, and there is no indication Google will rollout the upgrades to a 16GB version.

Are the extra greenbacks worth it? The tablet will still fall squarely in the budget category, and for what it offers it seems like a small price to pay. We’ll have to wait until we get the new unit in our hands to make a final decision, however.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Is there only going to be a WiFi edition available? What about HSPA+ and LTE?

    1. All will be told next week, be patient.

  2. I need that cellular

    1. is more cost effective to wifi tether (hotspot) from phone if you can.

  3. “Duh” but what about the resolution?

    1. screen size bro, screen size.

      1. 7″

        1. Haha, funny guy.

      2. Careful what you ask for ;)

    2. “”Duh” but what about the resolution?”


      1. where did you get that? I’m also interested in knowing the resolution and DPI

  4. For that price I hope it has 2GB of RAM.

    1. I’ve seen 4GB of RAM rumoured. From a sticker on a device spotted in the wild.

      1. Nah, 2GB for sure.

    2. 4GB of RAM. See the site in my name for details and proof.

      1. advertiser

  5. These are not specs. We don’t know the SoC, RAM, screen resolution, battery size.

    1. Screen resolution: 1080p, SoC: Krait S4 Pro, RAM: 2 GB DDR3 1600, battery size speculated to be 4000 mAH.

      1. that would be great for the price

      2. no, the screen resolution is not 1080p…that is the output resolution. In the past android could only output resolution to the max the device has, but things may have changed with 4.3…no way this is going to have a 1080p screen…if it does, it will be revolutionary..I sure hope it does

    2. This is all that has leaked. Relax bro, there is an event next week.

    3. Display is 1920 x 1200, processor S4 Pro at 1.5 GHz. See my site for the rest of the detailed specs.

  6. its running the same processor as the nexus 4 in my opinion.

    1. Most likely it is, maybe with an upgraded GPU.

  7. No upgrade for the 16GB version? This speculation is just plain stupid. They will refresh the entire line with the same specs and add 4G LTE support. Some pretty lousy reporting.

    1. Some pretty lousy commenting

    2. Dude, rumors are rumors, speculations are speculations. Stop taking them so seriously. It will all be told next week. You are whining and complaining for something that you shouldn’t have found out until next week, really?

      1. Unless someone’s pretty good with photoshop, the leaked Best Buy ad pretty much confirms the 16GB model is going to be available for the price of $229.

  8. Is it ASUS made again? Then possibly a no for me.

    1. Why not? ASUS has a good rep when it comes to their tablets…

      1. They had a number of QC issues reported with N7s. Although mine was mostly fine aside from the weak battery connector which resulted in my DIY fix attempt that quickly fixed the issue but I accidentally cracked the screen. In ASUS defense though, no single manufacturer released a perfect product line.

        1. Hmm I see… But it’s to be expected for ASUS to skimp out on quality of the parts used to make the Nexus 7, especially for its $200 price point.

          Hopefully with the higher price point ($220/$270?) of the next gen Nexus 7, ASUS will have some room to put better quality parts in it. Either that, or they continue with the sub-par quality parts and a bigger profit for them.
          I guess time will tell.

          1. Doesn’t matter which way you slice it, you do get the bang for your buck with N7 and some.
            I’m personally buying a couple units day one.

          2. Heck yeah. That is, if Google can keep up with the demand

      2. RussianDroid said it. N7 launch was real bad. First shipments almost all had screen lift issue. They only fixed it in the second wave.
        And when I bought Note 10.1 last Christmas, I also had Transformer Infinity in mind, but was REALLY disappointed with lags and overall sucky experience. No, to me, ASUS is PC component vendor of choice, but not tablets.

  9. Nothing bigger than 32gb?

    1. You will find out next week.

      1. They’ll likely keep it at 32… *sigh* SD Card support aint hurt nobody yo…

        1. Google is done with expandable memory. Just something folks need to start accepting as a fact.

          1. I suppose. Sucks that Samsung and Sony’s the only ones releasing ‘flagship’ devices with expandable memory though. I don’t keep buying Samsung products for their name..

          2. LG Optimus Pro has expandable memory as well.

          3. Yeah, my last HTC had expandable memory. Not sure what my next phone will be since they got off of that bandwagon. I guess I can always put Cyanogen on another Samsung device…

          4. Google needs to accept that Cloud isn’t the answer for everyone.

          5. It’s a decent option for SOME not all. I agree with ya. They seem to be quite aggressive with their push to cloud storage. It’s just not as practical as having media stored locally on your device.

          6. no,

            Consumers are done with fixed memory. Just something Google needs to start accepting as a fact.

          7. That would be a great statement… except that the Nexus 7 was a commercial success, as is every iDevice in existence. I’d personally LOVE an SD card slot, but good luck getting Google to see that light.

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            It didn’t really decrease in
            price. They killed the 8GB version and rolled the 32 to take over for
            the 16GB. I think it was like 3 months after or so. I honestly don’t
            remember exactly.

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  10. slimport!!!!!

  11. How does this work? I mean, how do some specs get leaked and not others? Like the person doing the leak says, “I’ll give you CPU specs, and a couple of other things, but not the resolution of the device.”

  12. It’s worth it if the screen is 1900×1200.

    1. It is.

  13. Ger ready next week to have major slowdown with the buying process and half finished orders.

  14. 16 GB version will be $229.99. On Sale July 31st.

  15. looks promising

  16. Please have a micro SD slot.. Please.. If so I cant wait. HDMI out is nice but.. expansion memory is WAY more of what I want.

    1. Google hates SD. Don’t hold your breath

  17. How quickly did the first price drop happen with the original? If I recall was rather fast.

    1. It didn’t really decrease in price. They killed the 8GB version and rolled the 32 to take over for the 16GB. I think it was like 3 months after or so. I honestly don’t remember exactly.

  18. Honestly, I think I’m going to wait for the first wave to come and go before I even bother. I want to see that this thing actually has decent io throughput unlike the N7 which is absolutely horrible. Plus, if I wait, I don’t have to be butthurt when I don’t get it for a month and a half even though I ordered it and everyone else is getting theirs. If there is no ~$230 16gb version, I might actually pass.

  19. Wireless charging is nice on my nexus 4 with the orb because it props it up. But for my n7 I’d much rather have pogo pins and a dock with charging AND audio output. Totally bummed, I was so looking forward to this tablet. But without docking capabilities it’s not worth replacing my old one. Damn, and Google was doing so good with the nexus line. Oh well, nothing lasts forever.

    1. WUXGA = 1900×1200.

  20. The TV Out is huge, that was a glaring omission of the last gen N7.

  21. S4 Pro? What happened to the Snapdragon 600?

    1. Yeah, I was really hoping for the 600 too :/

      1. Well, I am disappointed too, but I have an iPad 4 at this point, so I cannot complain really. My iPad serves its purpose, but that’s disappointing for future Nexus 7 purchasers.

  22. Everyone has dropped the price of the current gen N7 32GB to $199 or lower. With that being said I went ahead and purchased one, I just don’t see $70 worth of improvement in the 2nd gen model…at least for what I use one for.

    1. you can get it for $170 at staples after a $30 coupon. scored one Friday

  23. Does it still have microUSB charging in addition to wireless charging? Much more universal if you could still charge with microUSB anywhere, including the well as being able to use an external battery pack. Wireless charging is convenient but if you’re low on power on the road, you’re probably out of luck.

  24. I think I’ll just stick with my original nexus 7. It performs wonderfully.

  25. I’ll think about it if it comes to Verizon.

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