Retailers prep store shelves for new Nexus 7, 32GB version arrives next week for $270


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It’s been long overdue and we had our suspicions that Google was planning on revealing a refreshed version of their Nexus 7 during next week’s event. It seems we may have guessed right according to these leaked internal docs obtained by Engadget. Retailers like Office Max are already preparing their shelves for the incoming tablets — some arriving as early as July 20th.



While exact specs weren’t mentioned, we know there will be a 32GB model retailing for $270. It appears as if this will be a new, more higher-end model to be offered alongside current Nexus 7’s, but we’ll have to wait until next week’s announcement to be sure. Anyone planning on hitting up Best Buy on July 24th?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. About damn time. I need to replace my N7 with busted screen.

    Thanks Chris!

    1. I think I saw the full digitizer replacement for cheap at either Frys or on Amazon. Might be worth checking first

      1. Thanks, but digitizer alone is a pain in the neck to install. Preferably you should get digitizer with the the front frame assembly otherwise you will have to use heatgun (women read…hair dryer) to peel broken digitizer off, clean the frame from old adhesive get new one or double sided tape.

        Digitizer + front assembly is around $150 CAD or USD, and that’s why i’m waiting for N7.2.

    2. This 30th comment on how the Nexus 7’s screen breaking. Is it really that bad?

      1. I’m not gonna comment on the build quality of the product as i don’t think any product is perfect.

        So here’s what happened…N7 wouldn’t boot up one day when i unplugged it form the charger. When i tried powering it up it would get some snowing pixels on the screen and then would power down. I quickly found solution online on how to fix it (w/o extra parts). Apparently when assembled some N7s have battery that’s positioned too far from the power connector on the motherboard and with time connectors slide out therefor losing firm battery connection. Fix was simple, move the battery (held by adhesive) closer to the connector on the motherboard.

        Everything went smooth until i started to put the back cover back on the N7. Case assembly has not screws, instead plastic clips are used to hold everything together. So to get the clips to snap together i was pushing (with my big manly hands:) on back cover with N7 facing down…do i need to go on?

        When all the clips clicked in place i turned N7 up only to find out that a corner of the screen cracked. The good part was the N7 was powering up normally the bad part is the corner that cracked (top left) won’t accept touch input.

        Was fixing N7 battery issue, while closing pushed too hard (allegedly) on the back cover. Got a crack on the screen.

        I don’t think the N7 screen is much worse than other tablets (had Xoom and BB Play Book *hang head in shame*). N7 is a very very nice tablet for the size and especially the price.

  2. Waiting for the Nexus 10 refresh before I purchase my next tablet.

    1. Same. I want less bezel and better specs…
      screen is perfect. But maybe 3D?

    1. That is just….creepy. o_o

      1. Thank you. And it’s severely over-sized.

        1. it’s just right imo

        2. You are both right, but i tell you what. I was viewing this article at work with a million other windows open so the browser widow was a sliver of possibly 200px in height…and boy was it creepy seeing that meme while scrolling through comments.

      2. Just wait until you see what he is doing with his body.

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          I think everyone is due for a
          tablet refresh Google, Samsung, ASUS, etc it will be interesting to see
          what they all have. Google probably wont have a microsd or HDMI output
          which will leave me looking elsewhere. Bummer.. I could live without the
          HDMI but not the MicroSD.

    2. Yes my body as well as much I talk about the moto x I’d like to have this too as my first tablet cheaper model at 16 gigs tho

  3. I like it when prices come down, not up Apple!…err…umm… et tu Google ;)

    1. To be fair – we don’t know what is included in that price yet and its hardly a huge price increase.

  4. I think everyone is due for a tablet refresh Google, Samsung, ASUS, etc it will be interesting to see what they all have. Google probably wont have a microsd or HDMI output which will leave me looking elsewhere. Bummer.. I could live without the HDMI but not the MicroSD.

    1. I hate to say it, but unfortunately, it appears Google is reserving HDMI output for their future tv media console, whatever it may be called in the future.

  5. I’ll also be waiting for a nexus 10 update before my next tablet purchase. I hope it will have better audio quality thru headphones that the previous n10

    1. If you’re rooted you can use ViperAudio Mod. That’s an EXCELLENT equalizer.

  6. I knew wishing for Snapdragon 600 would be too good to be true :(

    Oh well.

  7. wow hoping for a $230 16GB…

    1. That version will likely only be available on The Play Store.

  8. Must update post with new photo.

  9. I thought I was the only one that would mention wanting to see a Nexus 10 refresh, glad to see it’s not just me.

  10. Is this going to have an SD slot? If so, how big is the max size?

    1. It won’t have an SD slot because it’s a Nexus device. That’s just not a thing anymore.

  11. for those complaining about Snapdragon S4 Pro, it will be a big jump in performance from Tegra 3.

  12. I wish they would release the Carrier based Nexus 7 on time. It’s always the wi-fi version first!

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