Behind the scenes look at Moto X being assembled in US factory


Moto X leaked

The Moto X is coming. And while we still don’t have an official launch date or anything other than leaked images of the phone, Motorola seems to be having a good ‘ol time teasing the device on Twitter. Where we’ve seen quite a few pictures taken with a Moto X, this is the first time we’re seeing Motorola actually give us a sneak at the device, well… sort of.

Motorola Moto X US factory

What you’re looking at is Motorola’s Texas facility where the Moto X is currently being assembled by the skilled, yet gentle hands of an employee. We’re guessing it’s some kind of quality control area, given the color wheel pictured at every station. The announcement can’t come soon enough.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Decently made phone, decent specs which are being optimized for it and its cheap? I’m in

    1. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

      Its 28 nm, technically speaking
      it is puny, my point was that other S4 pro chips like that found in the
      Nexus 4 don’t score nearly as high, so whats different in this device
      that those other quad core s4 pro device don’t have.

  2. Maybe 4.3 is going to bring a huge change in how Android handles tasks or something, cause I have seen the benchmark leaks (probably by Motorola) where the device with its puny dual core SoC scores as high as the S600 >.> sooooo that’s pretty weird, its either that or Motorola is going to pull a Intel on us

    1. The S4 Pro is not very different at all from the S600, they are both built on the same architectures. The cores themselves are nearly identical and the GPU IS identical.

      The S600 does have 4 cores though, and the S4 Pro only has 2. The benchmark is likely just not taking advantage of the additional cores.

      Calling the S4 Pro “puny” makes you look like you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.

      1. Its 28 nm, technically speaking it is puny, my point was that other S4 pro chips like that found in the Nexus 4 don’t score nearly as high, so whats different in this device that those other quad core s4 pro device don’t have.

  3. I live in Texas it would be cool to work there, I wonder if it’s air conditioned

    1. Homeboy looks like he’s chillin’. O_o

      1. homeboy though?

    2. Why wouldn’t it have a/c? a/c is proven to increase worker productivity.

      1. Believe it or not i work in a warehouse.. In Florida… with no a/c and we are extremely productive. Now if we did have a/c I’d imagine it’d be a lot more productive.

        1. same here but in texas, I may be drowning in sweat but I get the job done

      2. One fan in the front and one in the back of a big warehouse, no problem with productivity. I guess some people can’t work like that but whateva it’s my hot bod I do what I want

        1. It’s exactly 100 degrees (realfeel) as I type this… and my hot NYC bod can’t take it.

          1. we can take an ice bath sardine style o.O

  4. I must admit I’m pretty excited about this phone. If the price is right, I’m going to be getting this as a companion to my Nexus 4. At least theres no glass back, and it has removable battery and LTE and stuff the N4 is missing.

    Edit: not that I mind the glass back so much, it really feels great. But I do find myself babying it more than I’d like to.

    1. Where did you read it has a removable battery?
      Other recent smartphones from Motorola haven’t
      had removable batteries.

      1. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I thought the back was interchangeable. Or are you really stuck with the color you first choose? That sucks, all those colors but we only get one?

        1. Yes, the back cover certainly appeared to be removable in earlier leaks

          1. Just because the back cover is removable doesn’t mean that the battery will be. It could just be a cover on the back cover that is interchangeable…

  5. Wait… If this picture was taken right here in the good old US of A, how come nobody is on break? :-P

    1. Texas ain’t got no unions.

  6. Not quality control, more likely camera calibration.

  7. This is ridiculous I want to see an official spec list now!

  8. I see a color wheel!!! Yay! Lots of Options!

  9. Unless its cutting edge specs, I’m not interested.

  10. “by the skilled, yet gentle hands of an employee” Sounds like you’re into assembly line workers, Chris? Do you like to watch cars being assembled?

  11. Creform!

  12. Is this the first superphone? Or is this just a warm up act for the superphone of the future?

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