Google: 1.5 million Android activations a day, reminds us just how popular Android is


Google has been doing nothing but growing since it was founded, less than 15 years ago. The company just had its Q2 2013 earnings call and things are looking very bright. The Search Giant reported $14 billion in revenue, a 19% increase from last year. What is going on with our beloved Android OS specifically, though?


Android activations continue to boom with a whopping 1.5 million activations per day! This is the same number we saw back at Google IO. Even the total number of activations since Android’s 2008 launch is the same – 900 million.

As mentioned above, this is nothing new but it is a nice reminder of how far Android has come. We are sure Google will hit 1 billion activations by the next big announcement.

Let’s hope things pick up. Many believe Android has reached a plateau. Earlier, we talked about iPhone sales beating Android on Verizon. Could it be that we are truly stalling? We certainly believe there is huge room for growth and Android will continue to dominate for a long time.

[Google Earnings Call]

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  1. I’m sure people will eventually see the iPhone for the outdated over priced POS that it is soon enough…Android isn’t going anywhere!

    1. Don’t underestimate the POOOOWWERR of the dark Koolaid.

      1. What??

        1. Apple flavored Koolaid. It’s strong.

          1. Huh.

          2. man you are basic.

          3. /s

          4. Why.. you.. little! BART!

    2. I wouldn’t say it’s a POS. I do think it’s wayyyyy over priced. It’s essentially a smartphone for beginners. Apple will start to feel the bite more and more though as people get exposure to better phones like the One and S4

    3. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

      Android hasn’t even hit its peak
      yet. Apple hasn’t changed anything to much. Yea, iOS 7 but it’s nothing
      we haven’t seen already. I mean it’s good for them, but Android is
      always evolving. Just wait.

      1. Hey! if you don’t like America the you can git out!

  2. Android hasn’t even hit its peak yet. Apple hasn’t changed anything to much. Yea, iOS 7 but it’s nothing we haven’t seen already. I mean it’s good for them, but Android is always evolving. Just wait.

  3. More and more frequently my friends who have owned nearly every generation of the iPhone are taking notice of Android flagships and switching over…there’s no sweeter sight to behold. :)

  4. Android plateau? This is Google we are talking about. They always are surprising us with something.

  5. Too much fermentaion wont stop us!

  6. Just convert iZombies!!!!!! Lots of them!!!!

  7. Google?…the next Microsoft? hmmmmm

  8. I don’t understand how Android is so popular but yet so few apps get downloaded compared to iOS =0(

    1. Because a lot of people find that the stock set of apps on their phone when they get it are perfectly fine.

      My Dad hasn’t downloaded but like 2 apps on his RAZR since he’s owned it. My mother didn’t even know she COULD download apps on her phone until I showed her.. (then she loaded it up with crap)

    2. Where do you get that info? ABI Research reports that Android accounts for 58% of downloaded Smartphone apps while Apple is at 33%.

  9. I hate how every time I go to pay my bill online on the Verizon site I get bombarded with ads asking to “upgrade” (lol) to the Apple phone. Never gonna happen, but I think this kind of thing is what keeps more people from converting to Android.

    1. VZW is 14 million in the hole because of Apple, don’t blame them for trying to push the iPhone now.

      1. Why are they 14 million in the hole because of Apple?

        1. I think it has to do with a contract to purchase a minimum number (in Verizon’s case a HUGE quantity) of iPhones. Look at it as sort of a quota, if you don’t sell all you’re stuck with buying that minimum number.

  10. Things do look bright. I sold my 100 shares of GOOG, bought at $580 last year, for $920 a few days ago. Earnings were actually off the estimates so GOOG dropped 5% in after hours. So I bought back in at $880. Won’t be long and it’ll crack a grand.

  11. hmmm…reminds us or reminds nokia?

  12. Great information. some more stuff about Android Phones Trend to share

  13. it could be interesting to see how many of thise activation are samsung compared to the rest

  14. At this run rate 1 billion day is August 26th. Hopefully the lucky billionth activator will get a prize of some kind – free apps for life, or maybe his own android robot?

  15. Market share of smartphones and tablets Q1 2013:

    Android: 75,4% of smartphones and 56,5% of tablets.

    Only media pundits are still talking about “Apple dominating”. :)

    1. media only cares about money, and apple makes the most money smartphone-wise. but apple’s stock has tanked, and they noticed (and are probably to blame as well, or inflating it to begin with)

  16. I love ANDROOOOOOOOOOOOID!!!!!!!!!!!!

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