Motorola Droid Ultra leaked, front and back of the device revealed



It was only this morning we showed you guys a glimpse at the front of the upcoming Motorola Droid Maxx for Verizon Wireless, and now @evleaks is back with its slimmer sibling, the Motorola Droid Ultra. The sequel to last year’s Motorola Droid Razr, the Droid Ultra (XT1080) features a super slim frame, the trademark carbon fiber looking backplate, and thankfully, Verizon branding only on the back of the device (we’re looking at you, Verizon Galaxy Note 2).

While not many of the device’s specs have been confirmed, Motorola’s alleged new camera tech will be a big focus for the Ultra. Using a 10MP RBGC sensor, that extra “C” is said to help the Ultra handle white balance and exposure more efficiently, for more dynamic and quicker shots. Of course, we’ve heard promises like these before and so please understand if we remain… skeptical.

For those still interested in the Moto X, this same camera tech is rumored to be coming inside that device as well, but if those early leaked test shots of the camera’s jpegs were any indication, doesn’t appear to help much.

We expect to learn more about the Motorola Droid Ultra, Motorola Droid Maxx, and the Motorola Droid Mini during Motorola’s unveiling event, rumored to take place on July 11th, just don’t expect the Moto X to make an appearance.

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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Not really a fan of Motorola’s design of phones. I hope this changes with the X. I don’t know why I dislike them so much, but I think it has to do with the carbon fiber and Kevlar that they use. It just gives it too much of an industrial look and isn’t clean and aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. That’s just me though…

    1. I’m not a fan either. I don’t like the way the camera is displayed on the back. Is that a giant speaker or something? I see the speaker holes on the bottom there but not sure I like it. I also don’t like how the power and volume toggles are on the same side. I imagine that would feel awkward in recovery mode in CWM when flashing etc. Just me though.

      Also, it’s no Nexus :P bring it on haters! lol jk but seriously..

      1. Your pro.pic always creeps me out. I just thought you should know.

        1. I’m actually really drunk in this picture.. which helps I think when trying to pull off a zombie 0_o

          1. Yes. Yes it does. Now everything has been explained and it all makes sense.

      2. The power and volume buttons are on the same side on my DROID RAZR which is 1.5 yrs old, so that’s nothing new. As far as the camera, I like that it is centered at the top, I don’t like it in a corner. Oh yeah, I am also a fan of the kevlar.

        Depending on the specs, this may be my next phone in January when my upgrade is due.

        1. Oh no it’s not the position that bothers me it’s the rectangle thing that is surrounding the camera I don’t like.

          As far as the kevlar look.. It doesn’t bother me nor do I dislike it. Overall to me its.. Meh/10

    2. I’ll take an industrial look over a plasticy-looking build anyday

    3. I like the industrial look and the phone made with kevlar. I am a former Marine, I have a fond appreciation of kevlar.

    4. Having had both the Galaxy II and RAZR, that Kevlar carbon fiber feel makes the RAZR line of phones the best build quality of any android phones. Build quality was probably the only thing I love about the Iphone and the RAZR line is about the only one that is close (haven’t touched a Nexus4 or HTC One though). I will be getting the Maxx version of this as my one complaint was battery life on the RAZR.

  2. Just another incremental update to the Razr/Razr HD line. Sure it’s a solid phone, but I see no reason why anyone would choose this over the GS4.

    1. Well you technically dont really know the full specs of this particular device so you cant really say now can you?

      1. Exactly, that any Moto’s UI is waaaaay better and close to stock than Touchwiz.

    2. i’d say a 3,200 mah battery is more than enough reason

    3. I heard it will have the Snapdragon 800. If that’s true, it will scream with its almost stock UI. That’s a good enough reason for me.

    4. Because the GS4 feels like a plastic toy. I need a solid phone.

  3. I just don’t get it – why have all these different versions of a slab from the same manufacturer? VZW will have 3 phones only slightly different hardware-wise, and most-likely identical software-wise, in addition to the Moto X. Why couldn’t they make just one of them really different by giving it a hardware keyboard?! Tired of having nothing to upgrade my Droid 4 to.

    1. Doesn’t Samsung have like 4 different models G4’s now? Mini, Rugged, etec….

    2. I completely agree. I’ve got the same phone and same problem

    3. Moto had contract obligations to uphold. I’m sure Moto just wants to get them out and get on with their lives post sleeping with big red.

    4. as Alfred implied I didn’t even know that a mother can profit $8475 in 4 weeks on the computer. have you read this link w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

  4. I would buy a Motorola device if they weren’t such Verizon whores

    1. I’ll sell you an Atrix 2… Cheap!

  5. Im probably the minority but, I actually like the way this looks and I prefer the hardware buttons.

    1. like the home button and his friends? If it had a built in menu button, I’d agree with you. but since it only has the 3, it would be better of as a virtual button

    2. Yeah, I was mad that the N4 had so much bottom bezel and still had onscreen buttons. That’s google for you though. I don’t understand the attraction to the onscreen’s myself.

    3. Well, I’m currently a Galaxy Nexus user. Leading up to the Galaxy Nexus, I thought that the screen-based buttons were a great idea. But now… well… the buttons just seem kind of static to be using up screen space. My opinion is kind of mixed now, but I don’t think I would mind all of the screen space being used for content.

      I can only think of two things that bother be about hardware buttons. First, on older Android apps that expect a menu button, it creates an awkward effect of a new bar being created that only shows the menu button. And second, can we count on these three buttons to stay the same in newer versions of Android? If you remember between Droid 1 and Droid 2, the order of the buttons was rearranged.

      1. I like the soft buttons but it would be even better if Google or the OEMs would make them customizable out the box. That’s one of my top reason why I rooted and flashed AOKP on my G-Nexus. Instead of 3 large soft buttons I have 5 small ones. I’ve been switching back and forth between the soft buttons and LMT Launcher.

  6. Atrocious.

  7. I like the minimal bezel.

  8. After using a phone with on screen only buttons, I couldn’t go back to hardware buttons.
    I’m used to the software button set up now and much prefer it.

  9. Why go back to capacitive buttons o_0

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