Jul 2nd, 2013 publishUpdated   Jul 3rd, 2013, 12:10 am

Moto X leak

While Verizon’s long built brand of Android handsets dubbed “DROID” have largely been a hit with the mainstream consumer, the use of the moniker has never sat very well within the Android community. Where not every Android device on Verizon Wireless is considered a “Droid,” the term soon became synonymous — even to this day — with all Android handsets, regardless of carrier affiliation.

It sounds like a pretty nerdy thing to get your bifocals steamed up over, but we may have some good news for Verizon Wireless Android fans. It seems the boys at The Verge have it on good authority from “multiple sources” that when the Moto X is released in the US across all major carriers, when it comes to Verizon, it wont carry the typical Motorola/Verizon DROID branding (whew!).

But just because the Moto X will be free of the Lucas Arts trademark doesn’t mean this is the end of Motorola and Verizon’s strong relationship. Motorola still plans continuing the tradition of Droid devices with Verizon, look no further than the Droid Ultra and Ultra Maxx rumored to be hitting Big Red later this year. No matter, you can still expect your friends to call your Moto X a “Droid.” It’s inevitable.

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