Jul 15th, 2013

t-mobile hate2wait

Last week, T-Mobile unveiled some exciting news for users of its network. For starters, we were let in on T-Mobile JUMP, a new upgrade program that would allow customers to upgrade up to two times per calendar year. This program would see users paying a $10 per month fee, which required a minimum of six months of enrollment before users could enjoy their first upgrade. You can find more details about the program here. It’s a very good deal for those who find themselves wanting to upgrade their phones often.

T-Mobile also unveiled a new flat-rate family plan with unlimited talk, text and data (only up to 500MB is 4G) for 4 lines for just $100 per month. That’s quite the deal for an average-sized family.

Both of these new additions to T-Mobile’s suite of features are now available. You can head to your local T-Mobile store or sign into your T-Mobile account to get started, and enjoy some of the latest, greatest values in wireless right here in America. All the other carriers are great, but let’s hope T-Mobile’s aggressive new strategies will inspire some of the other carriers to fall in line with great features like these at some point in the near future.

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