Reminder: T-Mobile JUMP, Simple Choice Family Plan now available


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Last week, T-Mobile unveiled some exciting news for users of its network. For starters, we were let in on T-Mobile JUMP, a new upgrade program that would allow customers to upgrade up to two times per calendar year. This program would see users paying a $10 per month fee, which required a minimum of six months of enrollment before users could enjoy their first upgrade. You can find more details about the program here. It’s a very good deal for those who find themselves wanting to upgrade their phones often.

T-Mobile also unveiled a new flat-rate family plan with unlimited talk, text and data (only up to 500MB is 4G) for 4 lines for just $100 per month. That’s quite the deal for an average-sized family.

Both of these new additions to T-Mobile’s suite of features are now available. You can head to your local T-Mobile store or sign into your T-Mobile account to get started, and enjoy some of the latest, greatest values in wireless right here in America. All the other carriers are great, but let’s hope T-Mobile’s aggressive new strategies will inspire some of the other carriers to fall in line with great features like these at some point in the near future.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. t-mobile has great coverage where i am living, so this plan seems to be a great deal for my family!!! (yells over shoulder “grandpa you’re getting a phone!!!”)

  2. First and foremost for any company to be successful and to retain customers,
    need to be ethical and honest. In my personal experience with all these
    carriers I think AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Virgin Mobile and cricket are some
    of the most ethical companies. I would rather pay little bit more and deal with
    honest organization.

    If an organization have corrupt directors (John), who are giving hard working
    employees job to his own buddies and senior leadership opt to close their eyes
    means that organization is extremely corrupt. These type of organizations can’t
    be successful in long run unless these organizations bring honest leaders. If
    an organization can’t take care of their honest hard working sincere employees,
    it will never take care of their customers.

    1. How is T-Mobile not being an ethical company? Unlike Verizon and at&t they are not nickle and dining their customers just to offer less. To me that is not ethical.

    2. You lost me when you said Verizon was ethical. And your comment seems a bit off topic from the article anyway.

    3. hate to break it to you but 99% of companies and organizations give job preference to the buddies and family members of ownership and management….

      Also, as a former sprint customer, sprint is far from “ethical” with its false promises dealing with two 4g roll outs, and sprint being sketchy about data speeds.

      The other big 2 don’t seem ethical because as their profits hit record numbers, they are consistently making the plans for their consumers worse yet charging more. Sooo I don’t know why you think they are ethical.

    4. It seems like you are a former disgruntled T-mobile worker because all your posts talk about how great every wireless company not named T-mobile is and how corrupt of an organization T-mobile is. Did I nail it on the head?

  3. I’m making the switch to T-Mobile when they get LTE/LTE-A in STL, until then I’ll be with AT&T

  4. at the same time they JUMPed the price of GS4 to $150

    1. I believe that was a promotional offer that has hinse expired.

  5. Yes!! I’ll upgrade to the Xperia Z. But I’ll need to finishing paying off my HTC One real quick so I can keep it instead of trading it in.

    I want a waterproof phone to show off. LoL!!

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