HTC One MAX tipped as 6-inch Snapdragon 800-based Galaxy Note 3 competitor


It isn’t the first time we’ve heard of an “HTC One Max” before. As the rumored HTC One Mini would be smaller than the original HTC One, the MAX is said to be an enlarged version of the Taiwanese company’s 2013 flagship smartphone. Some new rumors regarding the device have swirled in courtesy of our friends over at MobileGeeks.


According to them, HTC’s One Max will launch this September with a 6-inch full HD display, a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage, a 3,200mAh battery and more. This is a fair bit smaller than the 6.3 inches we’ve heard of before, though it’s not small enough that we wouldn’t notice.

With that, it would seem HTC is going right after the heart of the phablet market Samsung is continuing with the Galaxy Note 3. HTC wouldn’t be the sole company to challenge this space, of course, with big offerings from LG and Sony already out and about.

Still, considering HTC is looking to unveil its first sizable phone the same month Samsung usually unveils each Galaxy Note iteration we can’t help but to highlight the timing. If you want some sort of an idea as to how big this phone would be, take a look at the mock-up size comparison in the image above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. now that is a phone that i want!!!

  2. Take my money now!!!
    Wish Moto & Google would do the same for the next Razr Maxx variant.

  3. I can barely even press the power button on the One with one hand (and I have huge hands). I can only imagine how impossible it would be on a larger version!

    1. Ah, that reminds me of a time in high school (which has nothing to do with phones and everything to do with big hands).

      A little entertainment for everyone’s Monday morning…

      It was 10th grade and my school was on a field trip to Chicago. It was late as we headed back to MI and most everyone was asleep on the bus but I was facing backwards in my seat talking to my friend in the row behind me when I jokingly said (in reference to Planet Hollywood), “And did you see Keanu Reeves’s handprints? They’re HUGE! And you know what they say about guys with big hands…” I intended to let it trail off at the joke, but then I felt a firm grip on my shoulder and I hear my science teacher say, “And what is that Ms. Evans?” and I’m like, “Um….they have big hands?” I was mortified, because I was a good kid. I bet he went home and relayed the story to his wife of how he thoroughly embarrassed one of his best students. I’m friends with him on Facebook now…I should totally bring it up. Or not.

      1. Big … gloves?

        1. …and lots of lotion? I digress.

    2. That’s because the home button for the One is at a terrible spot to begin with.

      1. He said the POWER button, not the HOME button.

    3. I don’t knock big phones. I completely understand why people love phablets. But I’m with you. HTC put the power button in such a crappy location. Add in a 6″ display and those front facing speakers and you’ll have to do one crazy phone shift to lock the screen.

  4. I am all over this, provided the rumors are true. I was waiting for the Note 3 so for my upgrade, ole Sammy has some competition.

  5. This will be my next phone for sure. HTC could easily make the phone size like the Note 2 and still make it 6 inches. And I’m not a big baby when it comes to having an SD card. I loved not having to worry about it on my Gnex. I have the Note 2 now, and it would be nice to just have a 64g version and try and at least keep the phone longer than….6 months :p

    1. I think a memory card slot would rock…but I am not going from 32 gigs internal to 16 gigs to add an SD card slot.
      I wish I had access to a 64 gig as well…. I am alot like you…If i am going to “move in to” a phone long term… I need space…i produce more then 16 gigs worth of pics and video per year…I want it to all live on the phone for My Convience.
      Samsung has done a GREAT job getting its users 50 gigs of space on Dropbox…that was Win Win Win for Samsung users and MUCH more important then an SD card slot ( poke poke HTC 25 gigs on dropbox is better then nothing…but come one get us 50 gigs.)

      1. Hold up. I am the space king. I got that Box deal for 50GB of space and I got the 20GB of space from the HTC One.


  6. competition = good thing

    1. Fo sho.

  7. HTC needs to release this before note 3 to get a jump on sales and not screw it up like they did with the one launch

    1. in The States, the Note 3 will probably be a late October or Early November if they release it during the same time period that they released the Note 2 in last year. … wonder if VZW will have a delayed release for both the One Maxx and the Note 3 like they seem to be having with all of HTC and Samsung devices lately.

  8. I would LOVE to go back to HTC, but the fact that they don’t support their phones like the One S situation makes me want to avoid them right now.

    1. If you buy some kind of lower end Samsung, it results the same. Not to mention other manufacturers are even worse, such as LG and Sony.

      1. Lower end yes but the One isnt lower end so you cant compare….

    2. One S wasn’t a flagship, the One X was.

      1. It was for T-Mobile. They never got the One X.

        1. that still doesn’t make it a flagship. Virgin mobile only got the One V… does that make the One V a flagship? Verizon never got the Optimus G, does that make the LG L7 their flagship? HTC even advertised it as their 2nd tier phone with the One X as “THE” device.

  9. I have the one and the gs4, there’s something about the features that bring me back to the gs4. The one is nice but the small things that Samsung did with it’s software make all the difference. Looks like the note 3 will be in my future but there’s nothing wrong with a little competition.

  10. I keep seeing how the power button is in a terrible place….
    I dissagree…. strongly dissagree…
    Its out the way…exactly where I want the power button….
    I am spoiled in my job, I get all the phones…
    I hit the power key on the Galaxy 3 and 4 all the darn time by accident.
    The worst…is you get spoiled by BoomSound, and when I go back to the Galaxy 4…I constantly hit the vol up keep hoping there is more volume to be had…and I seem to always turn the device off by accident by griping the phone on both the vol UP and power key every time I hold the phone in landscape ( 50% of the time)

  11. The problem with a 6″ One is that the One series has massive top and bottom bezels to support the front facing speakers. After putting a 6″ display in there, this phone will just be too long.

    1. Would still take it over plastic Note 3, if it still comes in plastic.

  12. Finally, a phone with 64GB internal storage. Someone listened. 6-months too late as 96gb or 128gb will be the new norm very soon.

  13. The power button doubles as the IR blaster. Just sayin’.

  14. i hope they fix their button layout. i hate the annoying separate on-screen button for menu instead of capacitive. pick one. either go with on-screen buttons or capacitive. i hope they don’t mix it like on the One.

  15. Dear HTC,
    Make it a Google Edition and you have my money.

    Lol, but on a serious note, I’m glad that the Note 3 is finally getting some good competition:)

  16. Google Play version please

  17. This is my next phone

  18. Can’t wait!

  19. The Note 3 will most likely have better specs (hinted at octacore and 3GB ram), so I’ll be waiting to see. If the 6” had better specs, I would of been tempted.

  20. Oh my… Everything is coming out at the end of the year. PKMN X and Y is coming out. I’m going to be so busy!! I guess I need to get on that Tmo Jump so I can upgrade just in time. LoL!!

  21. Instead of making a massive htc one max why can’t they make the normal htc one 5 inches???

  22. I agree with @domatau:disqus they need to release this wayy before the Note 3… honestly, if I had the choice between the Note 3 and a giant HTC One… I’d go with the Note 3 every time. We all know the OS will have some rockin stuff that the Giant HTC One (Max) won’t have like the Wacom stylus, airview etc. Besides, with all that talk about the Note 3 possibly having a mechanical shutter/zoom…. common.

    However, for phone size classification, I gladly took the HTC One over the S4 (which I got the wife).

    IMHO :)


  23. I wish Google would start pushing info on a new Nexus.

  24. If this ends up with a microSD slot I’ll seriously consider it, though I’m not that hopeful.

  25. HTC should have named these the Little One, the One, and the Big One.

  26. Let me guess, even with the increase in size, there’s still not enough room for a micro sd card.

  27. Will it come with a stylus? It would be even a stronger competition if it does, as hTC released first android tablet with a stylus (Flyer). It wasn’t popular though, hehe.

    1. I read from other websites it will


  29. Note 3 all the way. Keep you al shell I use Otterbox anyway?? I do want Gorilla glass 4 though. You can see it in the bright sun and stronger than Sephira glass, finally a phone you can keep for more than a year,

  30. Its nice and all but i hope it has some special features to take advantage of that size and maybe some king of S pen otherwise itll be just a bigger htc one.

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