UK HTC One getting Android 4.2.2 rollout today


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Folks in the UK with the HTC One have a great morning to look forward to as their phone is now being blessed with the Android 4.2.2 update most have been waiting for. The unlocked version of the phone seems to be getting it, and at least one carrier — Three — is rolling it out to its users starting today.

This upgrade is being offered over-the-air, so the obligatory “get on WiFi and charge to 50%” message applies here. Once you’ve taken care of that, you can head to Settings > About > Software Updates > Check now. Let us know how it’s treating you if you happen to get your phone upgraded without a problem.

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  1. Just recieved my update on EE :-)

  2. had mine today :) UK

  3. Had mine, Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) a bit ago here in the US. Guess they are rolling them out today all over the place.

    1. What? The HTC one was never on ICS the one X was but not the one .

  4. updated mine this morning, my device is sim free.


  5. What does it mean, “over-the-air”? If the update comes through the Internet, then the phrase is meaningless. Or does it mean the update may be downloaded through mobile data connection without traffic charges? Please clarify the term.

    1. over the air meaning the update is prompted to your phone as something you can download online on your mobile device… vs something i suppose like downloading the update from a website or downloading it onto your computer and then installing it to your device through usb.

      1. So basically it’s just a normal push update and OTA is a misnomer?

        1. it is my understanding that they are synonyms

        2. How’s it a misnomer? It’s an update, that you can get over wifi/3g that you don’t need to download to a computer and copy over. Get out of the wrong side of bed today?

          1. It’s a term that is wrong in a number of ways. First, nearly all phone software installations and updates nowadays are done from the cloud, or “over the air” considering it’s usually Wi-Fi or mobile internet. Applying such term to vendor OS updates implies some difference, which there isn’t. Second, since it comes through the Internet, it may NOT be over the air at all, such as if your phone is connected to the Internet via USB connection to a PC.

  6. Glad its rolling out, now just make its way to the states and we can all experience the love

  7. I should know the answer to this, however, how do I update my rooted HTC ONE as once the update files have downloaded the phone boots into TWRP….HELP!!

    1. If your rooted and have a custom recovery, you can’t just do the ota it’s will fail. You have to find a zip file with the 4.2.2 rom and flash it in twrp. Should be able to find one on xda or rootzwiki.

      1. Brilliant, thank you!

  8. Still no update for my HTC One on Three…apparently there are no updates fir my device….nuts.

    1. same with me!!!! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED OFF!!!! :'(

      1. Same here too :( So annoying.

        1. Have you had it yet or do you have any idea when it’s coming?

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