LG G2 caught in the wild in new hands-on video


LG G2 video leak

After getting a good look at the upcoming LG G2 (LG-D803) in a few really clear images, the leaks just keep on coming. This time, we have a full HD 1080p video from someone calling themselves “4Leakz” (an @evleaks rival, perhaps?) showing off the device in a quick hands-on.

You’ll notice that although the back of the device appears to be a matte black, that’s only some kind of sticker as this is only a test unit. In the video we only get a short look at the new lockscreen animation, launcher, and settings. But enough of my jibber-jabberin’, let’s get to the video.

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  1. Volume rocker AND power button on the back. Very interesting.

    1. Is that what that was? I can’t hear the video since I’m at work. I don’t know how I feel about that. I can imagine too many accidental presses when playing my games in landscape.

      1. Really? Hold you phone in landscape. Your middle fingers touch the middle of the phone, while your index fingers and thumb braces it. Should be alright in this configuration.

        Is it pointless? Maybe. Different? Definitely.

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        Phone looks awesome, icons look
        like Google’s and the on screen buttons are transparent and blend with
        the back ground this phone looks awesome and the person taking this
        video say the phone is very comfortable in the hand and similar size to
        the nexus 4 but larger display just less bezel.

        1. Your cousin is a whore.

  2. The screen looks pristine. The back looks blah.

    1. I think that was grey instead of black. No way it was that bad.

      1. It just looks too much like an old iPhone 3GS with its rounded edges is all.

        1. It does have a bland look to it. I want a phone that stands out. That’s why I love those not-coming-to-the-USA phones. They always look nice.

          1. In the video, the back had some kind of matte black sticker on it. Expect the sparkles of their other LG devices (like what was leaked in today’s earlier images).

        2. Really??? Do you work for apple’s lawsuit Department?

          1. Mate that was so original and funny and unheard of.

  3. Looks pretty speedy. Love the unlock animation.

    1. LG’s lockscreen animations have always been my favorite. So satisfying in action. Apparently AOKP was even using them for awhile there..

      1. I still have a bad taste in my mouth of LG from the G2x on tmobile. But maybe it’s time to give them a second chance.

        1. A LOT of people were burned by that phone. But a lot has changed, Toasted. They’re all chummy with Google these days :)

          1. Bad experience with my Optimus 3D as well. I mean, the hardware was good but their updates were terrible.
            The best exp that I had so far was with Sony and Samsung in regards to updates.
            Now i’m happy with my Nexus 4, which is LG, but as I said their hardware are good in general…

        2. me too, hahaha, but this looks good though.

        3. LG used to have a really bad name with phones. Even before the smart phone era. Things have changed now. For the better.

  4. Tried the Optimus G Pro…took it back, newbie design just not up to par with Note 2.

    No thanks to this one either.

    1. You like the Note 2’s design over this?

    2. I have the Optimus G pro and I think it bests the Note 2. It’s actually my favorite android device to date (I’ve had OG droid, Droid X2, Galaxy nexus, S3, Nexus 7). 1080p screen, great battery life, and the text overlay is fantastic. You never leave an app to handle text messages. I’ve played with the Note 2 a lot (took me ahwile to make my decision) and I like the build quality more for LG phones. I had the S3 for awhile and I liked it a lot, but their phones are very plasticky. I know the G Pro is plastic as well, but it feels better in my hand (imho) than the note. I bought the Optimus G for my girlfriend and that phone is amazing, this new G2 looks awesome and a great evolution of the G.

      1. Well said. I may just see what this phone holds on release. I’ll have to check out some reviews first of course. There are so many phablets due out this season! It’s insanely hard to pick one these days.

  5. Touchwiz Much LG? Lol! But so far so good other than that & very responsive, just add the proverbial carrier bloat & you got a US version haha

    1. IKR!? It does look like TouchWiz.

      1. A lil too similar imo but not bad though as it seems less sluggish. Seriously LG, come on guys lol

        1. It’s similar for sure but it’s less “cartoony” (imho) and you have more options to change the look (themes and icons). Plus this new UI looks to be more flat and holoish than the previous Optimus UI.

          1. Agreed…..well said. Finally looks crisp

  6. Oh my gosh!! Someone port that unlock animation RIGHT NOW. =.S

  7. the launcher kinda looks alot like touchwiz…..I don’t like that at all! but i kinda like how the volume and home buttons are on the back….unique for sure! Ill have to wait and see how it actally feels before i can really juge.

    1. That’s not the home button on back. It’s the power/lock button. The home button is still in nav bar. I assume that’s what u meant tho.

  8. Can’t deny the sex appeal…

  9. Phone looks awesome, icons look like Google’s and the on screen buttons are transparent and blend with the back ground this phone looks awesome and the person taking this video say the phone is very comfortable in the hand and similar size to the nexus 4 but larger display just less bezel.

  10. What size screen does this beaut have?

  11. damn the skin is a straight rip of touchwiz

  12. The UI looks to be more flat in design, I like that.

  13. The (lg spectrum) burn still hurts bad!

  14. So how do you keep from getting fingerprints, et c. on the camera lens when you’re turning the volume up / down?

  15. Sitting here holding my GS3 and was imagining pushing the volume buttons or power button on the back of my phone and its DEFINITELY a BAD idea. It feels awkward and you can’t get as much pressure with your pointer finger on the back of the phone as you can your thumb on the right of the phone and you pointer on the left of the phone. Other than than it appears to have a nice display, and lockscreen. ;) go ahead people if you don’t believe me a about the buttons try it “You Know you want to”

    1. My only concern with the buttons on the back is when the phone is docked in my car. I feel like it won’t sit as flat in the dock and changing the volume would be a little more difficult. However, I use nfc tags and would just change my car tag to turn volume all the way up when I get in the car.

  16. That unlock animation is absolutely gorgeous. An absolute improvement over the already awesome original. The diamond look it gives is amazing!


  18. This would make a good Google Play Edtion

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