It’s happening: HTC One for Verizon Wireless passes through FCC



Outside of a tweet from Verizon Wireless mentioning a vague summertime release, we still have no idea exactly when we can expect the HTC One to arrive on Big Red. While just about everyone else gets to enjoy the almost zero gap, Verizon Wireless customers will have to wait a little longer, but maybe this will provide some comfort.


The HTC One (PN07310) has just passed through the FCC with Verizon friendly 4G LTE and CDMA bands. Should be any day now, folks. While the red version has been announced for a July release exclusively for Phones4U in the UK, we’re hoping there’s still a chance HTC’s recent Vine post has something to do with the US release of the “Glamor Red” HTC One on Verizon. Damn, that red is sexy. In either case…. it’s happening!

[FCC | via Engadget]

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  1. I am so very very glad that I do not have to be on Verizon. :-P

  2. Every time I see “CDMA”, I get a little more happy that I left Sprint for Tmo. I like to play around with different ROMs and this is the 1st phone I got that’s the same across carriers. Well I keep reading something like “This ROM is compatible with all variants except Sprint” or something of that sort.

    My gosh. LoL!! My 1st bricked phone was a Sprint phone. Why? Because I was trying to flash a GSM ROM and soft bricked my phone. Odin didn’t work and I couldn’t select things in recovery. It was so sad. =.S

    1. Gotta read the details sir. I’ve been flashing ROMs for my Sprint devices for a while now, it’s worth spending the extra time reading the details.

      1. This happened a little over 2 years ago. That was my first mistake. I didn’t read it was international only. Ever since I spent $50 for that Jtag and not having my phone for a week, I made sure I read all the details. LoL!! I refuse to let that happen again.

        Sometimes lessons aren’t learnt unless you go through pain. And I went to a convention that weekend. Guess who couldn’t take photos? Oh no. Never again.

        1. Bricking my device was my biggest fear when I first started Jailbreaking back in my iPhone days, with Android the danger is still there but depending on the device it’s less or more.

          I hate LG devices because of how difficult it CAN be to root and unlock their bootloaders.

    2. Lol, of course they would be compatible except for Sprint. When 2 of the 3 carriers are GSM, what would you expect? Lol!

      Btw, I’ve rooted and flashed many many times over the last 4 years. I can’t say its been any harder to root and flash since I’ve been with Verizon than when I was with T-Mobile.

      Glad you got your phone fixed though. I’m sure many tears were shed when you bricked your phone. I know I would have.

  3. I’m not planning on buying this device but its good for those who have been waiting for it to come to vzw. I just hope that they don’t pull a D-Razr and D-Razr Maxx with this one. Release the HTC One in Aug/Sept and come Oct/Nov release the DNA 2 (Butterfly S) if they pick it up before at&t beats them to it.

  4. I’m at the end of my contract with Sprint. VZ needs to hurry up, or I’ll have to go with AT&T, which sucks… but has good phones.

  5. This is just sad. At the rate this is going by the time the HTC One arrives on Verizon it’ll have to compete with the Note 3, Optimus G2, iPhone 5s and who knows what else.

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