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If you were one of the eager souls who pre-ordered a Google Play edition of either the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the HTC One, you might like to know that orders are beginning to ship today. Tracking numbers are going out and trucks are being loaded up, so be sure to check your account and your inbox for the latest information on your order to see when, exactly, it will arrive.

Overnight and two-day orders should definitely arrive before the end of the week, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that things go off without an issue and that we won’t be facing another Nexus 4 debacle (although, at the price these things are being offered, I’d be surprised if they sold out quite as fast as that phone did).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. HTC One GP Edition FTW!

    1. Naw buddy! Galaxy s4 GP Edition FTW. Glad to see people so desperately wanting HTC to win. They were the first with a big android phone which was the Evo but face it numbers will never lie. I wonder what people will say when samsung stop using plastic! Will the HTC one even exist then?

      1. That’s implying he cares about sales numbers. He’s just excited about the HTC One.

        1. I’m happy for the HTC One. I’m happy for android in general. But sales matter. The best looking phone in the world could be popular to a few. But if sales doesn’t add up in the end. You will never see it again. I wish HTC well. But people stop hating on the s4 because its probably the most popular phone in world. Your choice is your choice but don’t be a hater!

          1. I never said sales don’t matter. You wrote a book about the S4 being a better seller when all he said was HTC One FTW. Of course, the S4 will sell more. Nobody’s hating on the S4, he was just showing his excitement for the phone. Not every statement should be taken as a comparison. Some Samsung owners are really starting to suffer from Apple-itis. Maybe you didn’t know what “FTW” means O.o

          2. Lol! Apple-itis. Good one. I get what your saying tho!

          3. I read that as “Apple tits” the first time.

          4. Yes!! I’m not the only one. LoL!!

          5. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

            It’s keeping its larger screen,
            smaller bezel with screen dominated front face, better button layout, SD
            card slot, removable battery, faster clocked CPU, better camera (for my
            use), and wireless charging, just to name a few. For me having really
            nice speakers on the front of a phone is a waste of screen space. Love
            them on the Nexus 10 though.

      2. I prefer plastic. It’s built just fine. Who rocks their phone without a case these days.

        1. Exactly!

          1. Just bought a GS4 and I have no earthly idea what this plasticky fuss is all about. When the back’s on, it feels just as solid as any other phone.

          2. I never understood either. Feels very solid.

          3. Maybe because of cars. Newer cars are mainly plastic. This means if they hit a shopping cart they get this huge dent that looks like they hit a tree.

            So people may have this idea that plastic sux. IDK… My E4GT (GS2) felt just fine. It was super light, but yea. And my friend’s GS3 feels fine. Though taking off the battery cover does scare me. LoL!!

        2. I haven’t cased my phone in nearly 3 years.

        3. i usually dont use cases, i’m only currently using one because the nexus 4 feels so fragile. :-/

        4. The moment I got my HTC One, I looked for a clear case. They seemed to be all the rage. I couldn’t find clear cases for my older phones.

          And I NEED a case because I do drop my phone, but I love the way it looks. Now I get the best of both worlds. =.D

      3. HTC makes beautiful phones. Don’t knock him.

        1. They do make nice looking phones and that’s it nothing more. But One X overS3 you had to must be a true HTC fan. Because like almost everyone had a S3. The S3 was great.

          1. You got the comment pre-edit. I was going to try to avoid Samsung vs. HTC argument. But yes I don’t regret my purchase at all. The S3 was a good phone, but the One X is better IMO. Better display. Better Camera. Looks Better. Feels Better. The only bad thing about the One X is that dev work has nearly come to a halt. HTC fumbled the release though. And Apple having the phones held at the border for a month two weeks after launch absolutely killed them. It allowed Samsung to just run with it. Plus, HTC didn’t market hard enough or consistently enough for many to even know about the phone outside of Android circles.

            And I wasn’t a true HTC fan. I went Palm Treo -> iPhone 3GS -> Some garbage LG temporarily -> SGS2 -> Moto Atrix -> One X.

          2. This is why I love android. Choices of phones. Like you said its was your opinion. So what u thought is all the matters.

          3. I think Samsung marketed the S3 great. Just like the Droid line, they got their name out there. I don’t even remember seeing an ad for any HTC phone last year except the Droid series.

            And with Samsung starting their one flagship, that helped a lot too. I remember telling my friend I had the GS2 (Sprint) and he had the GS2 (Tmo). He didn’t think I had the GS2 since my phone didn’t look like his.

            Average consumers don’t pay attention that deeply. They shouldn’t have to. So I think that’s why the S3 was such a great phone. Also, it came out when Android starting getting better as well.

            I didn’t even try to figure out HTC. They had SO many HTC One (Place letter here) phones. I was confused and just gave up.

      4. There’s this dude who ported the HTC One camera to the GE ROM. Soon all the camera features will work. So we’ll be able to have everything that made Sense, Sense with Stock Android.

        I think I like that a lot. Seeing as my main reason for keeping Sense is because of Zoe. Any S4 features you like? Like looking at the screen and scrolling?

        Used that and I hated it. I don’t move my head when I’m reading so yea. LoL!!

        1. I use multi window a lot. Also I use the gesture motions a lot when scrolling thru web pages, pics, and answering the phones simply waving my hand across the phone. I can Also take screen shots by simply swiping across the screen. Also it has alot of nice camera features!

          1. I had the GS2 and I do miss putting your head to your phone to call the person while viewing that person. Especially while texting and stuff.

            Even on my phone now, I struggle trying to call people because I don’t really know how since I don’t do it all too often. LoL!!

            And I love the flip over to mute. That was so useful. You don’t have time to be unlocking your phone and looking for stuff and pressing the wrong button playing some Explicit song or something.

        2. Can you even share Zoe’s without a computer? Can u just send them to other people so they can see them? You have to wait to show people your phone and say look at this?

          1. What? Seriously? Zoe’s are videos. =./

          2. So can you send them to any phone straight from your phone?

          3. Yes. They are regular videos. The 3 seconds is a 3 second video. It makes 10 stills of that video to use in the automatic video it creates.

  2. Sense 5 ftw

    1. Sense 5 is actually nice. Like really good. TouchWiz gives you a lot. But it’s like buying the premium app to use one feature when it gives you 20. I feel like I have so much and not getting my money’s worth because I’m not using it all.

      That’s what I like about Sense. No added stuff. They’re apps for that. If people want it, they’ll get it. Though having Stock support usually generates better results. But then Stock phones usually gives us stuff that Samsung brings out. So I think HTC is doing the right idea with slimming down Sense.

  3. GS4GE by a long shot!

    1. Please. The S4 is nothing without TouchWiz. If a Tmo employee tried to sway me from the HTC One by showing me that looking and scrolling feature, that means the S4 only sells because of it’s features. BTW, that feature wouldn’t work for me since I don’t move my head when I read. LoL!!

      The HTC One is keeping what makes it good. Those speakers and that camera. What’s the S4 keeping? It’s charming good looks? LoL!! Though the S4 does look good. =.3

      1. It’s keeping its larger screen, smaller bezel with screen dominated front face, better button layout, SD card slot, removable battery, faster clocked CPU, better camera (for my use), and wireless charging, just to name a few. For me having really nice speakers on the front of a phone is a waste of screen space. Love them on the Nexus 10 though.

  4. When I start seeing people on shows and movie using a HTC then it’s popular. All I see is iPhones and GS4 on shows, tv, and movies. Catch up HTC!

    1. Sony X-Play was in 21 Jump Street. Probably their worse phone ever too!!!!

      1. Your right. I think a saw a Sony phone a commercial or music video also just can’t remember the what it was.

      2. I stand corrected Sony Xperia.

    2. Maybe I don’t watch the right shows, but all I ever see is iPhones or Blackberry looking phones on TV.

      1. You must be because I have been seeing a lot of galaxy phones lately and of course the two u name.

    3. You arent really comparing the HTC One to the GS4 when you make comments like that… You sir are comparing Samsung mobile to HTC the company and their business approaches and their power and their capital to market and take advantage of product placement. Does Verizon need to catch up to sprint because sprint sponsors nascar and the NBA?

      It’s pretty much accepted that the HTC One is every bit the smartphone the GS4 is, which one is best for you depends entirely on preference and comes down to nit picking….

      1. HTC One Is a nice looking phone. I never said it was a bad phone. I said its good looking and thats it. To even it off with a phone that’s made out of plastic that people say is cheap and not good. There just even. Now take away the aluminum body and make it plastic and put the galaxy s4 in a aluminum. Then the galaxy s4 would be a super phone and it wouldn’t be even and the galaxy s4 would be on top by a lot more. That all I’m saying. People like the aluminum body. Nothing is wrong with that its true.

        1. you saying HTC needs to catch up because it isnt in TV shows as much, yes that means popularity to a certain extent, but that also means sponsorships and product placement which speaks to HTC’s lack of marketing tact.. not the quality of the product.

          As far as your aluminum body goes, you statement is pure subjective. Even without the aluminum body, which then you are going to take away the gs4’s removable battery and sd card? you still say the gs4 is a far superior device… thats pure subjectivity and baseless… especially since most reviews have stated that the One is their favorite device.

          What makes the Gs4 far superior to the One?

          1. You prove my point. They say that because of the aluminum body. They give it one extra point because of that. Most reviews are regular people. Nobody wants to HTC go down so they are hyping the phone up. I have both and trust me the HTC is super overrated. I try out almost every android phone. Everything about the galaxy s4 is better. Battery life. Button arrangement. SD card. I prefer amoled screens. But HTC Has nice speakers and and nice build and that its. People use headphones most of times.

          2. Hyping the phone up? Out of all the things you mentioned sd card was the only non disputable advantage the gs4 had. All reviews say battery life is fairly even between the devices, you prefer amoled yet most reviews thought HTC screens to be the best and most accurate, button arrangement I don’t like either. I own a nexus 4 and galaxy note 8 and my notes button lay out annoys me. HTC has nice speakers and also beats audio which I missed when I went from Evo lte to nexus 4. What’s overrated about the one that you can’t say the gs4 is overrated? All of the touch whiz features that rarely ever work?

          3. I don’t really care for touchwiz or Sense. The both suck. But both have a few nice features. My galaxy s4 Google play edition will be here tomorrow.

          4. The GE should be a beast. Hope the nexus 5 atleast has that size of a battery.

          5. The only features that doesn’t work right is scroll up and down crap while reading. Everything else works great!

          6. That’s great you’re lucky. Smart stay never works for me, I’m looking straight on right at the screen and it says it can’t find my eyes and it doesn’t pause a thing, plus the scroll as you mentioned, and all of my friends with gs3’s who try the wave over the screen to screen cap seems to work 1 out of 5 tries.

          7. Well I have the Octa Core A4. I don’t like carrier branding things. They mess up devices when they add crap. But for the screen capture you have to take the side of your palm and simply smoothly swipe it across your phone screen touching it!

          8. Your right about preferences tho. Its all choice so no one would never win this conversation. If you go into a place with 30 people. I say 3 people have a HTC One and 16 have Iphone and 11 have galaxy phones.

          9. Yes but again what I’m trying to tell you is that sales don’t mean one product is better then another… It means that one company is a better business than another. Samsung and Apple have huge marketing power… and no I’m not saying that in a negative way. Marketing = brand awareness. Brand awareness + solid product = sales. HTC has no marketing prowess and there for had very little brand awareness. Everyone knows what a galaxy is…. Not everyone knows what an htc one is our that is equal to the gs4 or that it won awards. Therefor it isn’t going to sell as much. It’ll take another year or two of a strong product and strong marketing before htc can not is Grove and really challenge the Galaxy brand… That’s if Samsung doesn’t come out with something crazy for the gs5.

  5. Why would anybody pay the extra for these? Surely, if you really, really want the vanilla version, you’d buy the cheaper T-Mobile version and install the Google rom on it?

    1. That’s what I’m hoping. BTW AT&T and Verizon locked the bootloader on on the SGS4 if anyone was shopping. There is a way to bypass the locked bootloader but it’s not unlocked.

  6. Personally, I bought the HTC because I’ve never owned an HTC, I wanted stereo speakers, a metal body and the highest density screen available running the latest Android OS.

    I’ve owned a Motorola Droid X (rooted, Verizon), iPhone 4 (jailbroken, Verizon), and Samsung Galaxy S2 (stock, Straight Talk). None have had cases, and the HTC (to be rooted, T-Mobile or AT&T) won’t.
    I also own a Nexus 7 (unlocked, rooted, WiFi) and iPod Touch 4 (jailbroken) and neither has a case.

    No hate; I just want something different.

    1. That’s why I got the HTC One, too. I wanted those speakers. =.P

      I get SO tired being in a loud place bored and can’t hear my phone because the background is too loud.

      I was at a park waiting for the fireworks to start playing Mario Kart. I was able to hear the game clearly. I was impressed.

  7. My GS4 GPe edition was delivered at 4:12 this afternoon and I only paid for the standard shipping!

  8. Actually the s4 GE can’t use the sd card Google software didn’t use it.

  9. No CDMA, if there was a CDMA version I know most the people I know would have opted for these phones.

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