Jul 9th, 2013

With smartphones and handheld devices seemingly reaching a plateau in terms of specs and size, it’s sometimes hard to imagine exactly where the future of these devices are headed. Well, perhaps Samsung can help with that.

During the MobileBeat conference in San Francisco, Sammy showed off a concept video where a woman was able to use a disposable sensor to read information in her body, then send off that data to her doctor. According to Samsung strategy chief Young Sohn, “We think the health area is a really key area of innovation,” and sees wearable computing devices as a huge growth opportunity as sensors and chips become embedded in watches, glasses, and even woven into our clothing.

When it comes to our smartphones, Samsung’s new concept display uses and entirely new way of displaying colors using self emitting “protonic crystal actuators” that can display colors without the use of backlighting. With one of the largest battery draws coming from big, brightly lit displays, this could definitely help in the battery life department. You can check out the video below.

[via AllThingsD]

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