Samsung shows us the future of display and wearable tech in new concept video


With smartphones and handheld devices seemingly reaching a plateau in terms of specs and size, it’s sometimes hard to imagine exactly where the future of these devices are headed. Well, perhaps Samsung can help with that.

During the MobileBeat conference in San Francisco, Sammy showed off a concept video where a woman was able to use a disposable sensor to read information in her body, then send off that data to her doctor. According to Samsung strategy chief Young Sohn, “We think the health area is a really key area of innovation,” and sees wearable computing devices as a huge growth opportunity as sensors and chips become embedded in watches, glasses, and even woven into our clothing.

When it comes to our smartphones, Samsung’s new concept display uses and entirely new way of displaying colors using self emitting “protonic crystal actuators” that can display colors without the use of backlighting. With one of the largest battery draws coming from big, brightly lit displays, this could definitely help in the battery life department. You can check out the video below.

[via AllThingsD]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. If you listen carefully you can actually hear Apple calling their lawyers getting ready to sue because they invented the square corners. They might even sue everyone because they are breathing and using light but then again they invented the dark as well.

    Looks like Samsung might be running away with the phone market.

    1. Apple submitted patents for flexible displays too shortly after CES, we probably won’t ever see this in America unless Samsung wants to pay licensing fees for their own inventions and work to bring this stuff to the market.

      1. Hey at least Apple are being innovative. They go to CES Shows and then file for patents. Hahaha Innovation!!!

        1. can we stop puttin are next to Apple… i understand it’s not singular but I think we can make an exception. just sounds odd. we make exceptions for an / a as well.

          1. We are singularity. -Apple

    2. When will you guys grow up, and stop using that tired old joke?

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        Whoa! I really dig that
        phone/device! It reminds me of the concept design from a couple of
        years ago where the phone was a 3-side device that could be folded down
        to look like a normal phone. It would scroll as you turned the device
        over. So cool…

        1. s…t….f…u

      2. when Apple grows up and stops using that tired old joke?

        1. They haven’t started any new lawsuits against Android in at least half a year…..

    3. Now, I hate the iPhone as much as the next guy but the, “suing because they invented square corners” joke is played out and YOU made it official. Let us not become tacky.

      commenting from my Galaxy Nexus

  2. Whoa! I really dig that phone/device! It reminds me of the concept design from a couple of years ago where the phone was a 3-side device that could be folded down to look like a normal phone. It would scroll as you turned the device over. So cool…

  3. This… is the power of Samsung. Other companies leech off sammy. cough apple cough, Sammy has the ability to bring these concepts to fruition.

  4. Samsung has had flexible screens for years! Apple saying there first? Wtf?

  5. It’s funny how these futurist concepts always involve people with way too much hair product, wearing turtle necks and drinking wine.

  6. I can see this being used against us in court.

    1. Heh, “With the new NSA share everything app, your phone will alert the authorities whenever your blood alcohol levels are too high and you’re in a car.”

  7. That’s freaking cool. Can’t wait to see what 10 more years of development will bring. Hopefully Graphene Supercapacitors will be readily available to utilize in something like that.

  8. Samsung needs to stop teasing and just finally get one of those bad boy convertible phones out to production! The flexible screen concept has been teased for the past 2.5-3 years already!

  9. Now, it’s HTC’s turn to serve. …………..crickets. …………….crickets. ……………crickets. …………….crickets. …………….crickets. ………………crickets. ………………

    1. thats just mean lol

  10. HI Chris, And Apple preparing to sue Samsung for that too. Because Apple own it.

  11. Now Apple will say “We invented this technology” and will sue Samsung for it. Thats the Apple’s logic,suing everyone who has innovative ideas and selling good products on the market.

  12. shut up and take my money!

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