SanDisk announces new line of Extreme microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-1 products


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The folks at SanDisk have announced a refresh of their microSD lineup with the additions of new Extreme microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-1 chips that have been designed with the smartphone kept in mind.

Ranging in sizes from 16GB to 64GB and from $60 to $200 in price, the latest microSDXC cards allow up to 80 megabytes per second for reading speeds and 50 megabytes per second for writing speeds, which — if you know anything about cameras — you’ll know is quite nice for keeping up with fast-action photography and videography, and should be more than enough for contemporary and future smartphone usage.

SanDisk is also emphasizing protection against the elements with this line as they are designed to be waterproof, shock proof and resistant to x-ray technology. As usual, the cards will come with an adapter and will be guaranteed for a lifetime. SanDisk is also making them compatible with new recovery software that will be able to help you retrieve files if you’ve accidentally deleted them. The new chips are on sale today at participating retailers (Best Buy, Amazon, and the like) and over at SanDisk’s website.

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  1. I’m actually glad to see this, If they work as advertised i won’t have anymore sd cards acting up on me suddenly being corrupt and tossing my files into the Lost.Dir folder lol

  2. I like the waterproof part of it!! if your phone accidentally falls in the water, at least your data saved on the card would be safe

  3. This is only useful if your phone or tablet supports the new sizes and speeds. Meh until you have a device that supports it.

    1. Fun Fact: Just about every device that says it only supports “up to XX GB microSD[HX]C”, almost always supports more. The manufacturers just use the largest available & tested capacities at the time in their spec sheets.

  4. Sanddisk can keep their cards. I’ve got bad experience with 2 of their 32gb cards.crashing on me and loosing everything. I’m going for the Samsung 64gb next.

    1. Switched to PNY and haven’t looked back.

      1. Had two PNY cards fail on me, taking tons of pictures out with them. I know, I know, I should have backed it up. PNY support was entirely unsympathetic, and refused to honor any warranty without the receipt – despite the cards in question having been on the market for less than the warranty period, so I was surely within it. I would never buy PNY based on this customer service experience.

        1. Ouch. That’s not good. I suppose I’ve been quite fortunate over the years, several PNY cards on cameras, phones, tablets and never had problems.

          1. As always, not every thing comes out perfect from the assembly line. Seems like they’re just getting the bad bunch. LoL!!

            I just buy cards, I don’t focus on brand, I pay attention to Classes and Space. All my SD cards still work. I use them for different things and they’re going strong.

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            Check the placement of parts, and when your phone gets hot, turn it off,
            or put it on charge(low battery levels, in my case, heats my phone up).
            Also, the faster transfer, means the card won’t have to work as hard
            ,which will reduce heat issues. When a card gets too .
            hot, the material expands, and it will fail over time.

    2. I had that happen to me as well. It kept on crashing my phone. I tried getting replacement after replacement, not one of them would work. I finally gave up.

    3. I’ve reviewed a few of the threads over at xda dev forums and I’ve also picked the brains of a few of the guys who really know what they’re talking about. Seems like Samsung is the way to go. In particular, their class 6 32GB card seems to consistently be a top performer in random read writes (which is extremely important for snappy performance on a mobile device) and also plays way out of its league when it comes to actual continuous read-write speeds (in other words, it beats a number of class 10 cards in sequential read/write speeds – it could easily be rated a class 10 card).

      I just pulled the trigger on one for $22 bucks. I feel like it too advertises as being waterproof, but I’m too lazy to look right now.

  5. I want more than 64GB!

  6. No thanks. Four different times I’ve had them go bad on me, with no warning or symptoms beforehand. Sandisk can keep their products to themselves.

    1. That’s happened to me twice as well!

  7. Bring on the 128GB!!

    1. SanDisk promised 128GB microSDXC by summer 2013. We have a few months left for them not be proved liars. :)

      1. Oh that’s right. Can’t wait! I hope they work on my Note 2, even if unofficially.

        1. same here, I’m filling up my 64GB pretty easily :) With the Note 2’s screen, HD videos are great.

          1. Mine’s full with just music lol. I like to have a lot of full albums with me.

          2. Carry a micro-SD keychain, and you can have both music enough for a party and movies. Add in an HDMI cable and a big bluetooth speaker, and you are a one-man party (you just need a place with a big screen for the movies.)

  8. Never again. It finally took them this long to come out with a “new” line. After the fiasco that was their 32GB microSDHC card repeatedly die/fry on me, I’ve since moved on to Samsung branded microSDHC cards and no problems there.

  9. I’ve used sandisk, with no problems, pny too. What you should look at are heat issues. Some locations in some phones leave the sd card too close to the heat producing components( in my case, above the processor). Look into the design of your phone, any heat will kill parts, some tolerate it better than others, but the sd card can get damaged from that. Check the placement of parts, and when your phone gets hot, turn it off, or put it on charge(low battery levels, in my case, heats my phone up). Also, the faster transfer, means the card won’t have to work as hard ,which will reduce heat issues. When a card gets too .
    hot, the material expands, and it will fail over time.

  10. I’m more interested in larger capacity.

  11. nice, thought i don’t need that much speed, i normally get the ultra series, nice speed for a nice price (under $1 a GB now)

  12. I’ve had 8, 16, 32, and now 64 GB from them since the days of my g1 and never had a card nexus one and now note 2 are awesome because of it.

  13. bring on the 1TB !!!! :P

  14. I’ve had really good luck with Sandisk.This will be great for DSLR users like myself.

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