Jul 9th, 2013

sandisk logo

The folks at SanDisk have announced a refresh of their microSD lineup with the additions of new Extreme microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-1 chips that have been designed with the smartphone kept in mind.

Ranging in sizes from 16GB to 64GB and from $60 to $200 in price, the latest microSDXC cards allow up to 80 megabytes per second for reading speeds and 50 megabytes per second for writing speeds, which — if you know anything about cameras — you’ll know is quite nice for keeping up with fast-action photography and videography, and should be more than enough for contemporary and future smartphone usage.

SanDisk is also emphasizing protection against the elements with this line as they are designed to be waterproof, shock proof and resistant to x-ray technology. As usual, the cards will come with an adapter and will be guaranteed for a lifetime. SanDisk is also making them compatible with new recovery software that will be able to help you retrieve files if you’ve accidentally deleted them. The new chips are on sale today at participating retailers (Best Buy, Amazon, and the like) and over at SanDisk’s website.