Jul 1st, 2013


Luxurious smartphones seem to have their place in the world as jewelers can’t seem to stop making them. The latest comes from Saveili, a Geneva-based company owned by Alessandro Saveili, and its first run is the Jardin Secret line of 11 smartphones, many of which run Android. The phones are crafted with fine leather, 18-carat gold and a variety of encrusted stones. We’re not sure what this smartphone has inside — which is what counts more for most of us here — but these don’t tend to be very powerful devices.

Regardless, this line aimed for women should satisfy anyone with finer tastes. Unfortunately, finer tastes come with the need to have bigger pockets. These phones may range anywhere from $9,000 all the way up to $120,000. I could find a whole lot more useful things to spend that much money on, but I suppose this is only for those who would see that much as a small drop in a big bucket. The brand’s launch party kicks off July 3rd. Find a photo of the Diamond Rain model above.

[via Luxury Launches]

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