Did an ASUS rep leak Nexus 7 refresh specs?


asus new nexus 7 specs

We wholly believe Google and ASUS are teaming up to provide a refreshed Nexus 7 sometime soon, and we may have just gotten our first look at the specs we expect this thing to rock once it launches. Speaking to an ASUS customer service representative via live chat, a user was able to extract details about what’s inside the thing. We’re taking this list with a grain of salt, but here’s what the ASUS rep says we can expect:

  • 7-inch LED display with 1980 x 1200 resolution
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 600
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • 5 megapixel rear, 1.2 megapixel front cameras
  • Android 4.3
  • 4,000 mAh battery
  • WiFi N, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC
  • LTE

The ASUS rep says the specs aren’t “confirmed,” but that it came from their internal documents. It isn’t often that a low-level representative has access to such information so far ahead of time, and it’s even less likely they’d just give that information out all willy-nilly, but we can’t help but ponder whether or not the next Nexus 7 is more powerful than we originally thought (as it was rumored to launch with an S4 Pro chipset). Are you buying it?

[via Google+]

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  1. With specs like that, how could I pass up a refresh? That would be pretty much everything I would hope for, and front facing speakers would be the cherry.

    1. Then HTC needs to be the one to make it. =.P

      1. Why? FFSpeakers are not only HTC. There have been Samsung tablets with them. (Galaxy Tab 2 10.1)

        1. Nexus 10 too. (Also Samsung)

  2. The screenshot mentions the screen being 1980×1200, but you mention it as being 1920×1080. Which is accurate at this point?

    1. Probably 1200 because most onscreen button devices from the nexus line have been doing 16:10 screen ratio’s.

  3. at $250 again I’m sold. I hope they surprise me with external storage options this time.

    1. Super unlikely to happen since it will be a Nexus device. Google has been really firm about this and all the problems SD cards can cause.

      1. But there was rumour that the Nexus 11 would sport external storage. So not “super” unlikely. More like “probably” unlikely…

        1. A rumor is at best a rumor. After the latest few iterations of the Nexus device, none have had expandable memory. People should stop sitting around and expecting it to come because it likely isn’t coming.

        2. Yes please, I like my stuff to go to 11.

      2. Yeah, all the problems I have with the 32GB micro-SD card in my Galaxy Note . . . Er, I don’t have any. When I first use apps, I sometimes have to choose which location to save to, and that is it. I don’t run apps from SD. I just use SD for media files and any other big files.

        1. Google’s “problems” revolved more around presentation and perception, rather than “it doesn’t work”.

          They stated that if they could find a way to include them and still meet their ideals of how it should work/look/perform, they’d be more than happy to include them.

          It was never a “we hate SDCards and will never include them”, more like a, “We don’t like the way it currently works and really have no idea how to make it work the way we want…if we ever figure it out, we’ll put it back in.”

          1. What do you mean how it works? There are files on a card, you put it in and read the data. That is what they do and they will never do anything different. If that is truly what google said then that is some BS right there.

          2. Until you plug in the phone to a computer, at which point the phone ceases to function properly as it can no longer access the SD card.(when using mass storage). SD card also requires royalty payments. Nexus are really cheap because of lesser license fees requured

          3. I’m pretty sure it had more to do with, “Hey, sorry about the limited storage space. Here, upload everything to Google Drive instead.”

          4. It’s OK. There are lots of folks out there who are “pretty sure” about all kinds of stuff they can’t even be bothered Google… at least you have loads of company. :-D

        2. Are you sure your apps are actually saving to your external SD card? On my E4GT (GS2) some of my apps are saved on the “SD card”. There is no external SD card in the phone.

          It has 16GB, and 2GB is used for apps. You can save app data on the USB storage of the phone.

          Saving apps on the external SD card is bad if the SD card has slow read and write functions.

          But me personally still needs 32GB on board. Those apps are large nowadays. LoL!! And 16GB just WON’T cut it anymore. =.P

          1. My apps aren’t themselves “saved” to the SD card. Instead they save to the SD; they save data to the SD. The camera app, for example, saves photos and videos to SD. No apps or even their cache is on my SD. Ditto for my voice recording apps and office apps and a few others.

            Like I said, other than initial setup, it is never even an issue. I use dropbox and dropsync to keep the various directories backed up elsewhere, FWIW.

          2. Yea, I know apps can save files to the external. My issue was apps wouldn’t actually save to the External SD card on my GS2. It was weird. But it also had something to do with the way Samsung had things set up.

            But yea, that’s the only thing I used my external SD card for as well. Media purposes. I like having that movie on my SD card. I could have watched it at any time. LoL!! I just like the convenience of being able to throw that space away. There was no reason for me to keep 3 updates of the same ROM on my SD card, but I didn’t need to delete it. LoL!!

            Since it was throw away space, I was also able to adapt to not having an external SD.

    2. I would be fine with 32GB internal.

      1. Yes, and some type of video out. I didn’t see that listed in the rumors. =./

    3. I don’t think they’d do this. These are almost smartphone specs – to have that in a nexus 7 would be pretty poor, actually.

  4. Its impossible for it not to have WiFi AC as its built into the snapdragon 600. He got that part wrong

    1. 1. Software/firmware.

      2. It’s REALLY in the Qualcomm WCN3660 BT/WiFi/FM combo chip, unless they use Broadcom BCM4335 or similar, which I think is more likely. There IS some stuff in the SOC, but only to connect to WCN3660.

  5. Likely will sell my Nexus 10 to pick up this new refresh of the Nexus 7. Lighter and easier to carry around. With the upped resolution to 1080p, I’ll have everything that I need.

  6. Not for me. Waiting for the Note 10.1 refresh. My Nexus 7 has been retired to irrelevance since the very first day my Note 10.1 arrived. Need to sell the relatively useless Nexus.

    1. Its all personal preference. I personally prefer a 7″ tablet over a 10″ and hate touchiz.

      1. Agreed.
        I also prefer the 7 over the 10. It fits in my pocket so I can carry it around without having to bring a bag and it’s much lighter to hold for hours on end watching streams or reading RSS at night.

        The only major advantage to the 10 for me personally are the front facing speakers. If the 7 refresh comes with front facing speakers I’ll be buying several of them.

        1. You must have some seriously large pockets…

          1. Rear pocket or jacket pocket.

          2. Dickies have pretty large pockets. My Nexus 7 fits in my pockets, alone. With the folding case it’s a tight fit, but with the regular TPU case it fits fine.

          3. I wear Wrangler jeans mostly, and the Nexus 7 with a minimal case fits in most of my pockets.

      2. I like the u u 7″ I just hate how cheap they made my current one feel. I was hoping they would have went with a different manufacture for this one

      3. My Nexus 7 was perfect while I had my E4GT (GS2), but ever since getting the HTC One, I barely use it anymore.

        I’m thinking about getting a 10 inch tablet again to replace my laptop and also invest in a desktop (or maybe build one). When I would need to use programs that are Windows only, I could just remote into it.

        1. I am currently using hTC ONE X and remotes into my desktop whenever I need it.

          1. Yea. I’d prefer to do that on a device with a keyboard (misses the HTC G2).

            I remote into my laptop when I need to move a file into my DropBox folder. DropBox SAVES my life from having to find the download links and re-download stuff. LoL!!

  7. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!

  8. Not Bad

    1. lmao!! Love it


      Don’t believe, just know.

      I won’t but Nexus 7 because I don’t need a 7″ tab, I’ve got a 229$ Chuwi V99 9.7″ retina and a 235$ Zopo C2 with 5″ Sharp screen for the job.

      I would expect Google to stop this hardware nosense and make Android and hardware makers a favor and introduce a common update system of the OS to be driven via Play Store just like Windows Update…

      And fragmentation and obsolescense would be gone forever.

      Hopefully that will be Android 5.0


      Fund me

      1. I didn’t know an Android tablet existed with a 4:3 screen. I feel that 16:10 is an awkward dimension for 10″ tablets. Seeing this gives me hope.

        1. Now that you embraced the knowledge you can begin your own way…

          Google should not push the hardware in any direction, thus I blame the Nexus concept now, it had a point in the past, but now hardware is just mature enough to follow its own paths.

          Ouya for ex. is a game changer, never best said… Android should be an upgradable core, with an specific place for manufacturers to implement their personalization and optimizations for all and each of their hardware, all under with the support and the control of Google via Play Store.

          The only thin Windows is great is for the WinUpdate thing…

  9. Google had a hit with the $199 price tag. Hearing that you can get a tablet for under $200 is a huge plus for people. If this is $249, the appeal of getting a tablet for less than $200 like the original may sway people away. If they can put the S4 Pro at 1.5gHz and 2GB of ram for under $200, that would be the best.

    1. True, but to find a tablet with the specs above and still get it for only $250 is an amazing deal in its self.

    2. But do people actually know about these devices? I mean, all too often when people ask me about what tablet to buy and what’s good they don’t know about the Nexus devices. I tell them that the tablet is cheap and powerful, and that they’d be getting more than what they paid for. LoL!!

  10. I was hoping it to have the Snapdragon 800 processor, but if they can keep the price point at. $200 with the 600, I’m all for it

    1. I’ll take $200 if its 32gb and so SD slot.

  11. please this time dont forget about MHL and USB OTG….

  12. That guy must be on the verge of getting fired

  13. Guess its time to retire my Nook tablet..

  14. With price drops all tablets and phones, across all carriers, I think there will be a new Nexus tablet and phone announced soon.

  15. Wish it has 802.11ac instead of N but I’m still sold. I’ll use my current N7 to run Ubuntu.

  16. Sooo.. All we had to do was just Ask what the specs where? Who woulda thunk..

  17. Aaaannnndddd… now we are back up to 300 bucks at least. Good bye $199 price point.

  18. IF this doesn’t have HDMI out i’ll be so disappoint.

  19. Or better yet, how about they just release the damn thing already.

  20. I was expecting also an 8 inches device….:(

    1. It’d be kinda funny to call it a Nexus 7, then… Wouldn’t it?

      1. Learn to read, I did not mentioned nexus 7 “I was expecting also an 8 inches device”

        1. Ease up, homie.

        2. Learn to write. You’re as clear as mud, hoss. I’ll give you a break though, because your grammar suggests English isn’t your first language. But listen to jim and ease up.

  21. I am sold in first sec lol

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