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Google Search field trial now supports Gmail contacts – get all your friends’ info straight from Search



Going through your contacts is not always the most convenient way to find someone. There is a sea of names and many steps to take, but now Google has given us a much easier way to find our friends’ information.

If you have signed up for Google Search field trial, you will start seeing info from your Gmail contacts in Search. Simply use Google Search and ask about your friends’ info. For example, you can search “what is Chris Chavez’ address?” and you will get the results straight from Google (if those details are in your contact info).

This is a great little feature I will definitely be using. It can be hard to use your contacts app when you are multi-tasking. This actually supports voice search so you can use it while driving and keep your eyes on the road.

You can go ahead and sign up for Google Search field trial at Google’s website, so go check it out! What other info would you like to see in Google Search? Google promises Google+ will be included soon, which is definitely in my wish list.


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  1. Pretty cool.

  2. This was so overdue. Finally!

  3. The *People* app has a search option you know. As does the *Dialer* app. They both work fine for me.

    For me personally the Google Search app has been pretty useless for searching ever since they added Google Now. It’s faster to load Chrome/Browser/Opera and search there, than it is to wait for the *Search* app to load.

    1. Odd, mine opens right away and give me good info in my experience.

    2. Yeah, but those have a couple extra steps. And using voice search will help.

      1. Oh I agree, I would love for it to actually work. I always used the search bar in Froyo/ICS, but maybe it’s simply my GNex starting to show its age :(

        For me those steps are faster because it doesn’t first have to load the cards.

    3. Dialer and People don’t search the same fields (Dialer is more limited). I’d be happy with some simple consistency. That said, I’ll sign up anyway.

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