Jun 25th, 2013

Google Glass enables a lot of different folks to do a lot of different things. For tennis star Bethanie Mattek-Sands, it helps her stay on task throughout her busy day-to-day life, allowing her a more clear approach to mental and physical preparation for big events like Wimbledon. It’s a very quick and interesting video to take in — about two and a half minutes’ worth — so be sure to check it out when you have time and see how life is helping Mrs. Mattek-Sands stay on track.

For others, like Dr. Rafael Grossmann of the Eastern Maine Medical Center, it has its purpose in documenting an operation from the surgeon’s point of view from start to finish, as well as allowing colleagues to sit in on a surgery from afar through the advent of Hangouts.

Imagine making a wrong turn at an artery and having your medical peers immediately be able to tell you where you went wrong. Imagine a group of students being able to take in the experience of a surgery from the surgeon’s point of view, something that could be very valuable in developing their own talents and confidence. And imagine just being able to go over the surgery again to evaluate your performance and improve for the next time you have to perform one.

rafael grossmann

Those are all situations Rafael Grossmann are excited to be able to facilitate through Glass (or #throughglass, for you “hip” folks out there). Says Grossman:

I was able to show not just the patient’s abdomen, but also the endoscopic view, in a very clever, simple and inexpensive way.

Grossmann mentioned that his setup was a poor man’s job, and that he’d wished his endoscopic camera feed could be delivered directly to the Hangout. Luckily for him, some of the ingenious folks with Glass in-hand — such as those on the @Droiders team — are already working on making that a reality.

While us common folk might not ever be able to view a medical procedure performed through Google Glass, we’re still quite excited at the possibilities it could help enable in a field that could always use a dash of new technology to help improve the health and lives of everyone.

[via PCMag]

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