German court to rule 7 Samsung devices unlawfully copy Apple’s



Samsung just can’t catch a break, well, at least not in Germany. According to FOSSPatents who got word from an independent and reliable source, a German court — the same ones who banned the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 almost 2 years go to-the-day — is planning to rule in favor of Apple, over the allegations that 7 Samsung devices unlawfully imitate Apple’s iPhone and iPod.

Different from your typical design patent dispute, Apple is alleging that these devices (the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy R, Samsung Galaxy Wave M, and Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0) exploit Apple’s reputation by confusing consumes, creating “competitive harm.” These are just a few articles covered by Germany’s unfair competition laws.

We’ll have to wait to see how this pans out but it goes to show you that Apple isn’t about to run out of money (or lawyers) anytime soon to stop litigation like this. This almost seems personal. As you no doubt noticed, many of these devices are no longer even for sale, but for Apple, that might not be the point. This would be more of a psychological win for Apple, who would only benefit from the public perception that Samsung is a copycat.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Yawn…

    So uh.. Nice weather we’re having today…

  2. So much Competitive harm. Most people who buy apple garbage are brainwashed and wouldn’t look at another product anyway.

    1. You are so right!!! Including those two lawyers that could tell the difference between a samsung tablet and iPad when asked by a judge. You tell em!!

  3. Who cares? I don’t think Samsung even produce any of those devices anymore. Big win…Not.

  4. I can’t remember FOSSPatents being right on ANYTHING.

    1. Exactly. People discredit themselves when they quote that clown as their source.

  5. The boys at BGR are gonna cream their pants with this news.

  6. Waste of time. What does Apple expect? Samsung saw an important grow after been targeted by Apple and its copycat PR crap.

  7. I wonder how stock holders feel about #Apple stealing dividends through these ridiculous lawsuits. Those are liquid assets that should be going to the employees and stock holders.

    1. I’ve wondered the same thing, although the continuing lawsuits answer the question clearly enough. I believe, however, that if and when Apple’s vindictive litigation ever ends, it will be a result of stockholder backlash.

  8. Well I guess because the Apple minions are too stupid to tell the difference between a Samsung phone that operates on Android and the Iphone that operates on the most boring Os known to man then the court should rule in favor of Steve Jobs.

  9. Kevin… is that you?

    1. HAHAHAHA!

    2. At least he didn’t use the doctored picture of the scaled down GS with the app drawer open

  10. With seeing iOS7 I dont see how apple can be suing anyone? Even if all these companies “steal or copy” a feature here or there is one thing. But stealing the whole dam operating system the way apple did with there new iOS7. How the hell is that legal? I am confused why they stole a two year old OS? Why not steal the whole 4.2.2? Ics is 2 yrs old?

  11. I thought Germany just did away with software patents?

  12. i could care less. after my GS3, im done with Samsung products period. looking forward to a nexus device or LG…maybe even Sony….

    1. I hear ya…had a GS2 (Skyrocket) that I sent back to Rogers for a replacement as Bluetooth was unreliable and calls were “broken up” as I spoke to someone…still had the exact same issue with the replacement device they sent. Then bought my wife a GS2 as well (the version with the god-awful Home button)…same Bluetooth issue. Rooted and flashed CM1.0, then CM1.1RC2 RC3 (have yet to flash CM10.1 stable) on my Skyrocket and Bluetooth reception was better than when on stock Touchwiz but still had connection issues…sometimes it took rebooting the device 3-4 times before it finally connected or would randomly disconnect quite often. I even went back to stock Touchwiz and although Bluetooth connects somewhat better than when on CM roms, reception when I’m actually speaking to someone is still bad.

      I don’t know if they’re bad or just cheap Bluetooth radios used in the Samsungs or what, but when it comes to Bluetooth, I drive for a living so it just NEEDS to work…..ALL the time. Just to note, I only use top-of-the-line Bluetooth headsets. I have 2 x Blue Parrotts ( a B250-XT and recently purchased the XT+) which are probably the best headsets on the planet and awesome for driving a noisy truck as I do. Before that I used my Jawbone Era which is also very high-quality but not as good as the Blue Parrott (earpiece volume doesn’t go up high enough and people I speak to say it sounds a bit “tinny” compared to Blue Parrott).

      So, I finally picked up a Nexus 4 a couple weeks ago and all my problems have vanished…works absolutely perfect with Bluetooth. I love my N4 in every way..bye bye Samsung!

      1. How can you compare the gs2 to the nexus 4? PHones have issues all the time. My wifes iphone kept freezing on her constantly. I was going to upgrade her to the iphone 4s and got a gs3 through my business and let her try that out for a couple days. She then said she didn’t want the iphone due to all the stuff she could now do on her samsung gs3. Maybe your just a vanilla android kind of person which by no means is a bad thing. But comparing phones is a little difficult when they are several years apart.

        1. How can I compare? Well, is it not possible, being that one is a Samsung and the other LG, that they use different hardware?…Bluetooth radios?

          My experience is with using Bluetooth, just as I stated above and with 3 separate GS2 devices, 2 x Skyrocket and one i9100…all 3 have Bluetooth connection issues. You think that’s just a coincidence? I even ran different CM roms on my own GS2 and my experience was that Bluetooth had better call reception but still had connection/disconnection issues. My wife’s GS2 takes 2-3 attempts (every time) to connect to Bluetooth in her vehicle.

          I drive for a living everyday and my phones are connected to Bluetooth all the time for the 12-15 hours per day that I work…I’m NOT an occasional Bluetooth user as you or your wife may be ( I said “MAY BE”). While I’m wearing either one of my Blue Parrotts, they disconnect/reconnect every few seconds…I know this for sure now as my newest Blue Parrott actually speaks this to me, while my older one just beeps in my ear when connecting/disconnecting.

          Yes, my Nexus 4 is a newer device, I understand that but I’ve NOT had any Bluetooth issues with it and that is what I NEED in any device I choose. My Bluetooth experiences with the GS2 is enough for me to not trust Samsung devices in this particular area. Perhaps your GS3 has no Bluetooth issues (or GS4, Note 2, etc.), I don’t know…do you have Bluetooth connected all day/everyday?…if not, try it, I’d like to know. But I’m not interested in wasting my time trying another Sammy only to find out they may all have this same issue…receiving my daily phone calls when they come in is far too important to me.

          This post has nothing to with me being a “Vanilla” guy either….for now I’m an “LG” guy. IMO, LG just has better build quality than any of Samsung’s plastic devices.

    2. What was wrong with your gs3? My wife has owned a gs3 for a while with no issues. I also have a note 2 and still have original one I purchased with no issues.

      1. Troll, that’s why

  13. But Apple is right – I know BILLIONS of people who went into a store to get an iPhone and instead were duped, defrauded, cajoled, and confused into buying a Galaxy set. The copycat skills of Samsung are so convincing that buyers do not see the SAMSUNG logo on the front, the buttons under the screens, even the MONUMENTAL difference in pricing of the sets. There is also absolutely no way of knowing which phone is which without turning it on, right? So those evil store employees prevent people from testing their phones in the shop, instead waiting for them to get home and then getting the shock.

    1. That first line should read “But Apple is right – I know BILLIONS of people who went into an Apple store to get an iPhone and…”

    2. Honestly? If you get home with your shiny new iPhone only to realize you just bought a Samsung, then you’re an idiot…plus, you still have 15 days to take it back and trade for an iPhone :)

      1. Unless your German or American, apparently it would’ve taken three weeks or more to have noticed you got a Galaxy S

      2. I’m guessing your sarcasm radar isn’t working?

    3. and I’m pretty sure you don’t know BILLIONS of people…

  14. iOS7. Just iOS7

  15. Apple means that the people in this world is illiterate and lack of knowledge. That why we buying Samsung ?

    1. well they see how stupid the brain washed apple fans are, so they figured the world must be just as stupid.

  16. Oh well. It continues. I love my apple laptops but I will never buy an iphone if they continue these type of lawsuits that impede innovation. My wife had the iphone 4 till couple months ago. Was going to t get her the 4s and then I got my hands on an s3. She tried it for a week and didn’t want the s4 anymore. Seems to me that apple needs to focus on innovation like they used to instead of worrying that someone will outsell them.

  17. iOS 7 anyone?

  18. It’s called “lawfare” and it is pure evil.

  19. This just in: Apple will now prevent those devices from being recycled because who has these?!

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