Download this: Might & Magic Clash of Heroes is now finally available on Google Play


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How weird is it that I was just following up on Ubisoft’s Might & Magic Clash of Heroes — announced as “coming soon” to Android back in January — and “poof,” it’s now available on Google Play. Priced at $5, players get a near direct-port of a game currently available on Xbox Live Arcade for around $15 — and it looks great.

A mix between a fantasy RPG and puzzle game, it makes almost the perfect transition to touch devices. Without hesitation I’ve already downloaded it to my HTC One and will be following up with a hands-on later tonight. In the meantime, get to the Google Play Store (where it’s currently has a 4-star review) and download the game for yourself. If puzzles, demons, and elves sounds like a good time to you — you wont be sorry.

[Might & Magic Clash of Heroes on Google Play]

Chris Chavez
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  1. LoL!! That one review. “Please bring online skirmish, then it’s a five star game. And cross platform then six, million stars.”

    1. Google Play Store reviews can be so weird sometimes :p

      1. The best reviews are the ones with people complaining about why their 5 year old phone can’t run a powerhouse RPG game lol.

      2. Seriously Chris, do you really like this game? I know youre a game freak and all lol. I took your advice last time and installed the punch quest game and loved it. But this one cost 5 times more so i just wanted to ask you again lol.

        1. YES! If you like RPGs and games like Puzzle Quest, you’ll LOVE Clash of Heroes. It’s amazing :)

  2. Would love for heroes of might and magic to mobile instead.

  3. looks good, think I’ll get this :)

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