CyanogenMod hits 10.1.0, general release arrives tonight for multiple devices


CyanogenMod Blue Android

Great news for those that love to tweak their Android device’s software with custom ROMs — the CyanogenMod team have officially announced — via their newly redesigned site — that they’re all set to begin pushing their latest CM 10.1.0 general release to their servers tonight (meaning, any minute now). As far as the lucky recipients go, CyanogenMod mentions that if your device has already received a recent RC build (release candidate), you can expect CM 10.10 for your device. Well, aside from Android devices powered by the NVIDIA  Tegra 2 or Samsung Exynos processors. Sorry, guys. It looks like those are being left out.

Looking ahead, you can expect CyanogenMod team plan to continue with their current M-release cycle, sprinkling experimental new features into their nightlies like their recently announced Privacy Guard feature that allows users to protect their privacy from apps by spoofing data on their device. That, and the quick settings camera (see video above), complete with live preview tile. Just when you thought Android couldn’t get any better, CM happens. Great work, guys!

Chris Chavez
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  1. I’ve been running it for two hours now. ^_^ runs flawlessly.

  2. Glad my First gen 16gb Nook Tablet is covered by this.

  3. Just because it’s an official release doesn’t mean it’s bug-free, but at least it shouldn’t randomly reboot on you. :) I’m a little sad-faced, though, that the stretched 720p video preview bug is still present on the S3… … :( … but overall it’s the best ROM available.

    1. Exynos is not officially supported

      1. I know. Got a US S3 here (qualcomm) running CM10.1.0, which is officially supported (and not bug-free)

        1. That does suck then! Sorry :-(

  4. Holy Lance!! That quick settings camera is JUST what I need!! Now I can catch EVERY moment with my friends and make them into memes. Oh my gosh!! I can’t believe someone ACTUALLY thought of that. How ingenious!! So much approval.

    You all have no idea how amazing that is to me.

  5. Install. Wipe. “Process blah blah has stopped” before I even enter Google credentials after first boot. Sheesh. Nexus 4.

  6. any word on when galaxy nexus can get it?

  7. not available for my Note 2 :(

  8. Aww they didn’t add Halo, guess it’ll be on the next release?


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