Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes coming soon to Google Play


Probably the best news I’ve read all night, one of my all-time favorite puzzle RPG’s will be finally making its way to Android. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes was released for the Nintendo DS back in 2009, and a few years later, was given an HD remake for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

Only a few days ago, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes was officially announced as coming to iOS devices (lucky bastards) on the 24th of this month and before you get up in arms over the absence of Android version in their announcement, M&M:CH publisher TagGames confirmed to Pocketgamer that the game would, in fact, be coming to Android devices at a date “to be announced.”

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is a puzzle RPG (weirdly, one of my new favorite genres) similar to titles like Puzzle Quest. Players face off against computer controlled opponents in a game of match-3, to execute powerful attacks and summon powerful allies to aid you in battle. Seriously — it’s loads of fun and looks beautiful on an HD television.

We’ll tell you more about the game once it’s finally released into the Google Play Store, for now, check out the release trailer for the iOS version.

[via DroidGamers]

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  1. about time. that game is perfect for the smart phone medium.

  2. awesome game. super addicting. end is OK. but gameplay is definitely touch screen friendly. wonder whats the deal on multiplayer

    1. I think multiplayer would make this game so awesome. Would love to play against my friends :D

      1. dude it would put this game on the map. i feel like the pc version may have had it but i don’t recall. so addicting tho. i almost failed a few college classes senior year because of this game haha :X

  3. The question now is….how much will it cost?

    1. Unless TagGames injects it full of ads, it should be about $5.

      1. I guess that seems fair for what sounds like an entertaining game.

  4. very exciting game. i think it will make us addict to it once we start to play. I want to know that where it is available. Whether it is free or paid. If it paid how much it costs?

    1. More than likely $3 to $5.

  5. I just want a heroes of might and magic game, even if it was just a port of the second 1.

  6. Puzzle quest was fun, but I resisted paying for each character I wanted to play…

  7. They need to port kingdom rush to android already smh

  8. Although this is cool to hear. But I have a PS3 and I’ll buy the PS3 version unless they can make one for the Vita.

    1. Why not buy the Android version? Not only will it be cheaper, you’ll always have it on you.

      1. Sorry, I like to play the game on PS3 and I have no desire to play it on the go. What happen if Fallout 3 got a Android port but the problem is it’s been dumb down from it’s console and PC version, will you buy a dumb down Fallout 3.

  9. Has anyone already played this?

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