Sony Xperia ZU leaks ahead of official announcement, shows off advanced pencil recognition


Sony Xperia ZU Togari screenshots

Sony’s got themselves a press event scheduled for tomorrow (today, depending on where you live) in Munich, Germany and where we’re pretty a new smartwatch is in the cards, we’re also willing to bet a slew of shiny new, full sized Androids will be in attendance. One such device we might be able to check off that list is the Sony Xperia ZU (possibly Z Ultra, codnamed Togari), a 6.44-inch phablet that could be one of the largest yet.


The fellas at ePrice were able to secure what appears to be an official promo image for the Sony Xperia ZU, showing what’s sure to be the device’s biggest feature — pencil support. Okay, we know that sounds a bit odd but stay with us. Judging from the promo image, it might be possible to place paper on top of the display, and when writing, translate the writing digitally to the ZU. Pretty advanced, right?

Of course, it’s also entirely possible that Sony is telling us the device is so large, it makes the perfect flat, solid surface for writing on top of. We wont have to wait much longer to find out, with an official announcement coming in the next few hours. Stay tuned.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. “Of course, it’s also entirely possible that Sony is telling us the device is so large, it makes the perfect flat, solid surface for writing on top of.”

    Indeed, that would be a real disappointment.

  2. damn, even the screenshot looks huge!

    1. Is that the tablet version of android? because if it is, this is a absolute must have. screw the note 3.

      1. I’m with you on this one.

  3. At what point is a phablet no longer considered a phablet but a tablet. I mean a lot of people online have dubbed Android tablets with a phone feature a phablet no matter what size of a tablet, but in reality any tablet with a mic can make phone calls so does that mean that every tablet including the ipad is a phablet ? The Sony ZU is like .56 inches smaller than a Nexus 7, I think Sony went to the extreme instead of hitting that sweet spot, they either under do-it or over do-it, why can they just put out something that’s just right.

    1. please don’t call it a phablet. its such a stupid word.

      1. I personally think its more of a tablet lol

      2. Got a better word?

    2. Well, if it can make calls and use your “minutes” then its a phone first and foremost…. duh.

    3. Screen size it isn’t much smaller than Nexus 7, but the N7 had than ungodly huge bezel!

      1. true but at the same time this device is as tall as a tablet in landscape, that’s got to raise some red flags to possible consumers lol

  4. Imagine running PAC ROM with DPI at 300 for each app!!! The amount of screen realestate would be unbelieveable!

  5. Writing on the screen through paper? That’s like removing thyroid gland through the anus.

  6. sign me up!

  7. Do Sony phones come yo the US?

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