24CT gold-plated HTC One goes on sale for £1895


gold htc one 1

Here we go again, folks. A company decides to slap some gold and diamonds onto a smartphone and ask you to pay a ridiculous price for it. This time, HTC’s pride and joy for 2013 — the HTC One — has found itself dipped in delicious gold plating, giving users a luxurious smartphone experience.. but not without cost. Goldgenie is the benefactor, and they’re asking you to cough up £1895 to walk away with one (£1995 and £2095 for Rose Gold and Platinum, respectively).

That price is definitely outrageous, but what if I told you that’s actually on the cheap side for what you’re getting here? Most phones of this sort tend to be priced disgustingly high, with some companies asking you to pay tens of thousands of dollars for similar treatment. We suppose that comes with the “this smartphone is only for the wealthy” territory.

That said, we’re not sure of the quality of work that has been put into plating the HTC One with gold. The smartphone comes in a nice wooden box and is packaged with a certificate of authenticity — you know, just in case dropping 3 months’ worth of rent on the smartphone didn’t quite feel authentic enough.

Goldgenie is a rather interesting company, though — they’ll take on orders to customize any phone with their gold, rose gold or platinum plating. You simply drop them a line with your smartphone and which service you want, and they”ll get back to you with a quote and further instructions for getting the job underway.

I’m not one who would need such luxuries in my life — I wouldn’t even want to touch my smartphone if I paid that much for it — but if you’re feeling the need to upgrade your mobile status symbol this might be a nice route to take. Take a look at the gold-plated HTC One above and below. You can head to Goldgenie’s site if you’re actually in for one of these.

gold htc one 2

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  1. looks like an actual DROID is in the box to protect it

    1. Seriously. What is that thing?

      1. Scorch3D just said it. It’s a DROID protecting it. LoL!!

    2. Wow, didn’t even see it that way. Headphones, charging cable and charging puck, but looking closely it does look like an evil robot with red eyes O.O

    3. There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s phones and gold plated cellular devices.

  2. I kinda like it lol bing bling~

    1. B.G. is that you?

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      Well at least you still have a
      great phone compared to the vertu line which charges an arm and a leg
      for a feature phone from 1999.

    3. go enjoy your laggy touch-wiz and 99 cent samsung s4 calculator. good news now you can get it at any dollar store. .

      1. way to go off topic hater, no one was talking about the s4

    4. Looks like a variant of an Iron Man edition… funny too, cause Robert Downey Jr is the new spokesman for HTC.

  3. now that is ugly, what a waste of a good looking phone..

  4. Well at least you still have a great phone compared to the vertu line which charges an arm and a leg for a feature phone from 1999.

    1. I still can’t believe Vertu’s business model apparantly works for them…who are these people overpaying for those crap specced phones?

      1. Apparently it’s trust fund douches who grew up huffing glue…

  5. Wow that is gonna be a theft waiting to happen.

  6. I just don’t get it.

  7. ugly and why


    1. I like the box though

  9. lol what happens if you need a warranty replacement? uh oh

  10. Persians will love this.

    1. But… you’re not allowed to use a phone while driving a taxi / tow truck … :)

      1. It will go marvellous with their gold curtain rods and purple carpet though.

  11. You know who would love that phone………………………………?

    1. “…I jump in it”

  12. Blech looks horrible and tacky. If I were to pay that much to bling my phone I’d get silver at least…but yeah pretty sure I wouldn’t do that to my phone no matter how rich I was.

    1. Well there is a Platinum option…

    2. Silver is worth less than gold? And there’s a platinum option there too. It definitely looks nicer than the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981, which cost £1250 standard.

  13. HTC ONE Rocks and f the rest baby

  14. That actually looks nice. Like real nice. I don’t know if it’s just my fanboynism talking, but I can see myself buying that.

    1. The front isn’t plated tough. :(

  15. I would order one without any hesitation. The trouble is that I want a gold-plated HTC First.

  16. I just ordered two of them…

  17. +1…A lady I work with bought a S4 the other day because she is on
    Verizon and couldn’t get a One. I’m being completely honest when I say
    the interface and even the touch screen feels clunky compared to my One.
    She admits she is disappointed when she uses my phone and has to go
    back to hers.

  18. I wonder if I can get my Nexus 4 trimmed in 14kt gold.

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