50% off all AT&T phones, HTC One and Galaxy S4 only $100 w/ free shipping


HTC One unboxed top down

If you were thinking about making the switch to AT&T, now might be a good time to act. Right now until June 30th, you can get 50% off AT&T’s entire line of smartphones — like the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, or LG Optimus G Pro — with a qualifying 2-year agreement. From what we understand, this should also work fine for upgrades.

While AT&T isn’t one of the most affordable wireless providers in the US, they do offer some of the best coverage, and and ever expanding LTE network that most likely already covers your area. Loosely translated: you get what you pay for. Couple this with the ability to buy unlocked/international devices like the HTC One Developer Edition off-contract, and you have the perfect network to fuel your crazed Android addiction (and the reason I recently made the switch).

Of course, the best way to get the most bang for your buck is to opt for some of the more expensive new devices. Scoring 50% off an HTC First doesn’t make much sense, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Those of you that recently purchased a device from another retailer like Best Buy, might want to check with them about price matching (we hear they’ll be happy to oblige). Cheers, everyone!

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  1. Just drove from los Angeles to Vegas and I must day had an lte or hspa+ signal the whole time with decent speeds to boot. Got as much as 65mb dl on lte. Kept signal throughout casinos deep inside. Very impressed with att lately man.

    1. Yeah, they’ve been doing great. In my experience (in my area), they have near as good coverage as Verizon, with a little over double the data speeds. It’s great. Plus, they’re GSM.

    2. That’s crazy! I didn’t realize their LTE was any good yet.

  2. So, if a person is a power user and wants a Galaxy S4 32GB, they still have to pay $249? That stinks. :-(

  3. I confirm that the 50% off applies to upgrades. I will be purchasing an HTC One once HTC (or someone over at XDA) makes the Google Edition software available.

    1. 2 more days until they’re available on Google Play. Let’s hope HTCDev will be quick to issue out the stock Android RUU :D

      And by quick…. I mean the second it launches on Google Play :p

      1. Ooo!! It’s just 2 more days!? I heard the Google Edition will still have beats and the camera software. That was my main woe with using AOSP. Now I’ll be able to use my PS3 controller again!! =.D

        1. Beats, yes. Camera software — no. It will still take advantage of the phone’s big camera sensor, but not the tweaks that HTC’s software provides (which for some people, could be a good thing).

    2. GAWD… that camera is going to be horrible in Stock Android. The 4 MP camera works as well as it does because it works in conjunction with HTC’s camera SOFTWARE.

  4. I made the switch AWAY from AT&T a few days ago, mainly because they ended their 20-month early upgrade so I had no incentive to stick around overpaying every month for a subsidized phone that was already paid off. 50% off “deals” like this aren’t really deals either when you realize you have to pay your monthly an additional 4 months before you can upgrade again, nullifying any savings.

    Hack-unlocked my ATT SGS3, got a free sim, and ported my number over to T-Mobile’s $30 prepaid. Wish I had done so much earlier, as I’m paying less than half of was on ATT and getting way more in return: 5GB of 4G; unlim TXT; and, 100min voice/mo (which I rarely go over anyway)

    1. Half the bill, half the coverage.

      1. ‘Cept in cities like NYC, where it’s great. I don’t get out to the boonies much.

      2. Alas, this is true. Tmo need to hurry and buy Metro PCS. LoL!!

        1. They completed the sale and soon metroPCS will soon offer SIM cards (working off of T-Mob service)

        2. You don’t live in a major city? Coverage should be good, and has been as good as ATT for me. Apps like Sensorly and CarrierCoverage (phandroid app?) bare this out.

          1. I live in San Jose, One of 7 initial T Mobile LTE cities. T mobile works just as good as any LTE. Don”t listen to trolls. Just try out what works for you personally. I had Sprint and it worked good every where I go in Norcal but I was just missing the LTE speeds. I switched last month and it is unbelievable speeds. 15- to 60 mbps up and 8-20 mbps depending on how many bars you are getting. Heck my co-worker has ATT iphone 5 and he is always me if he can tether but some places ATT has great signal, I have seen his iphone pull 70 mbps in Willow Glen area of San Jose but he only has 2 or 3 GB data

  5. I pulled the trigger on a GS4 Active last night for $100. Hopefully the dev community will get behind this phone.

    1. I thought the Active just had a different outer shell, but still was the same as the regular GS4.

      1. GS4 = 13 MP camera & AMOLED Screen
        GS4A = 8 MP Camera & TFT LCD Screen

        It is very unlikely that ROMS will be interchangeable. Even current GS4 root methods do not work on GS4A.

  6. Can you combine this offer with the trade in your 3 year old or newer smartphone offer?

    1. No. It’s either this or that.

  7. is it also possible that we can avail that promo here in the philippines??,.and wat do u mean about the 2 year contract???

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