Jun 24th, 2013


RadioShack is offering up a sweet deal for anyone looking to buy an HTC One on the Now Network or good ol’ Ma Bell (that’s Sprint and AT&T if you aren’t hip to carrier nicknames). Buying HTC’s 2013 flagship on either carrier will net you $100 in Google Play credit if you sign away another two years of your wireless freedom.

That’s a ton of money to be spent on music, movies, apps, books, games, magazines and more. AT&T’s version is going for $150 at RadioShack, while Sprint is going for just $80. I’m sure folks would rather have a cash-back rebate that they could use however they please, but if you can’t find a better deal then you might as well take RadioShack up on their offer. It expires June 30th, so you only have a few more days to decide whether or not you want to go this route. Be sure to find more details here if you’re interested.

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