FYI: Black Nexus 4 being offered with free bumper on Google Play (while supplies last)


Black Nexus 4 free bumper promo banner

I’ll take this as Google’s admittance that the glass backing of the Nexus 4 wasn’t the best idea. Following the release of the white Nexus 4 on Google Play along with a complimentary free bumper case to match, the black version is also following suit. (Update: Yup, it was always there, just looks like Google is now advertising it on their front page).

Hop onto the Google Play Store and you’ll find the black Nexus 4 — complete with matching bumper case (a $20 value) — for the same low $350 16GB, or $300 8GB version. Google says while supplies last and if we know Google, they always seem to be light on supply.

[Nexus 4 16GB | Nexus 4 8GB]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I think this promo has been going on for awhile. Still pretty cool though.

  2. Yeah this isn’t a new deal – this has been going on since the white Nexus 4 launched…

  3. This promo has been going since the white nexus dropped.

  4. Yep, I ordered my black N4 the day after the white version came out and I got me a free black bumper. Very stoked about that.

  5. The double sided glass has actually grown on me. I love the feel. I love how aluminum looks but I hate the cold gritty feel of it. Plastic just feels like junk after holding glass or aluminum.

    1. But how can you tell it’s glass and not plastic? Feels the same to me..

      1. Really??? I can totally feel the difference. Especially when comparing it to a plastic back with cheap feeling texturing on it.

        1. Not talking about soft touch/plastic. Just glossy plastic.

          When the Optimus G first game out, nobody even knew the back was made of glass until Kellex was one of the first to crack his.

          Up until that point, everyone who got their hands on it assumed it was glossy, clear plastic.

          1. Plastic feels like a bit greasy for me while glass doesn’t. Glass also feels more cooler on the hand than plastic except when the device is warm where it’s warmer than plastic should be. I guess it’s easier to tell if you have wet heands

        2. I feel the difference too. Glass has a cool feel that differentiates it from plastic. At least IMHO.

      2. When you’re pulling the splinters out of your hand……. ;-)

  6. It means they have too many bumpers. nothing to do with the glass back.

  7. Nobody was buying them 20 dollar bumpers…

  8. I’m done with nexus, I thought it would be better than my other phones but alas, it is not. It’s a good phone, just not enough for me. Sometimes I question why I bought this phone when I don’t like going through ROM’s and all that jazz.

    1. It was $300 when it came out, which is half the price of any other phone that touched it when it came out. It’s still a good price. I don’t know how much more you could ask for personally.

      1. I’m with you on this one. What exactly are people wanting to do with their phones where the N4 can’t deliver? In my experience it’s buttery smooth, good build quality, size, etc. I guess some people are never happy…

        1. Well it can’t bring a dead hooker back to life.

  9. this is old. google offered the same deal when the white nexus came out. i ordered the black one for my brother and it came with the free bumper in the first week of June. yall just now noticing?

  10. I wish Google offered these things with reasonable memory amounts….. Memory is cheap, plus 8gb & even 16 is pathetically easy to fill up even with just apps. I know it has been said many times before, but still annoys me! Come on Google, at this point most people don’t have unlimited data where it’s practical to stream EVERYTHING from the cloud :(

    1. I hear this a lot, but I’m still sort of puzzled by it. So do you want to carry every song you own with you? Is that it? I mean, I have 2 Gb of music, 1.25 of apps, and some other stuff and have roughly 9 Gb left over. I guess there are different uses/expectations when it comes to phones.

      1. No, not every song I own but considering data caps, more than a gb or 2 would be nice. Can’t stream much music unless unlimited. As for apps, it depends what apps you have. Some are fairly large. I don’t have hundreds of apps or anything but I have around 5gb of apps…. Basically, with a data cap and small storage capacity a phone becomes a browsing device instead of a media device outside of wifi. You don’t see why data caps + companies wanting everything streamed from the cloud can butt heads for people who actually want to use media on their phones while not at home?

        1. My experience is a bit different, because it seems like I always have access to WiFi. (Work/school/home) The time I’m not at any one of these places is extremely limited, so I don’t have to worry about data caps or anything like that while streaming content. At any rate, I agree that they could easily upgrade the storage capacity for folks like you. Hopefully they will during the next go around.

  11. The butthurt is strong in this one.

    1. Are you sitting comfortably? I didn’t think so, seems like YOUR butt is hurting

      1. Oh, that’s adorable

  12. T-Mobile is rolling out their LTE like gangbusters. There have even been sightings in Lexington, KY where I work (T-Mo isn’t the best in KY; AT&T and Verizon are king). I really hope the next Nexus has LTE. Maybe Google is trying to clear inventory…

  13. You are interpreting this as Google’s ADMISSION (not ADMITTANCE) that the glass back on the phone was a bad idea.

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