AT&T adding LTE to GoPhone plans starting June 21st


at&t gophone

AT&T will be the first carrier to offer a prepaid wireless plan with 4G LTE access. Starting June 21st, AT&T’ GoPhone plans will gain LTE data speeds as well as a few new service options. While those plans will start as low $25/month (plus $5 for 50MB of data), the most feasible for an LTE user will 2GB of data and unlimited talk and text for $60/month.

To go along with the new LTE offerings, AT&T will launch the Samsung Galaxy Express, an Android Jelly Bean smartphone featuring a dual-core processor, 4.5-inch Super AMOLED display, and 5MP camera. The phone will be priced at $249.99 sans contract requirements.

[via AT&T]

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  1. “AT&T will be the first carrier to offer a prepaid wireless plan with 4G LTE access.”
    You mean besides T-Mobile?

      1. …and Virgin Mobile

        1. And “Metro PCS”.

          1. AND for less money and More data.

          2. just came to sum this all up

        2. I thought they only had WiMax???

          1. They have both now same with boost sprint is now letting them use their lte network

    1. He meant the first carrier with decent coverage…thats all.

  2. AT&T LTE is actually available.

  3. I think he meant real LTE, like in the 20’s Mbps download. I know Metro never gets that high and Boost, Virgin or probably fine where LTE is available but 2.5 GB goes pretty fast. If Sprint wants to complete they need to step up their game on the roll out and stop dragging their feet

    1. So, you think Sprint should have already finished the roll out one year after they started?


    2. Metro does hit those speeds at times

  4. Wow this is BIG. Now I can use ANY phone on there network instead of only 3g/H+ devices. May have to leave Tmo for this deal….

    1. I believe that you still can only use specifically labeled “Go phones”.

      1. not really if u know the right people at the att u store like me they can activate any phone on go phone the girl i met at the att store activated a galaxy s4 on the 65 dollar go phone plan.

        1. Yea the problem lies when you try to use internet…..It doesnt work….

          1. mine does when they put the att go phone sim the apn settings updated automatically but i only got 1 freaking gig of data. And since theres lte in my area I’m sure im gonna go over the 1 gig really fast.

          2. Well before I had T-Mobile I had Note 2 on go plan and data didn’t work just as the store rep told me. I was hard headed said it should work and BAM lesson learned it doesn’t ended up selling and using difference for my Nexus which isn’t LTE and got with T mobile a bit later but H+ worked on art and now I’m with T-Mobile who’s H+ is faster than att

  5. I’ll never get the AT&T Go Phone plan again. It sucked.

  6. the only good thing from this i guess is thAT ATT lte is capable of reaching up to 50 mbps i know because my man has att on contract. and over here in san fransisco i seen my man get up to 50 mbps on his att galaxy s4. i had boost ,virgin.,metro pcs and even tho they also have lte over here in san fran i never gotten 50 mbps on them highest i gotten is 15 on boost n virgin since they use sprints lte ,highest i got on metro lte was 7 mbps lol , only thing i dnt like is that they offer 2 gigs of data but i mean 65 bucks for fast lte speeds faster than what metro,boost,virgin offer is an ok price only thing im not liking is the 2 gigs.

    1. Well boost and virgin only offer 2.5 then throttled metro depends on the plan so this is not to bad for a good lte network and if you need more they will sell you more but I’m sticking with my T-Mobile

  7. T-Mobile prepaid has 4G LTE access.

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