ASUS K009 clears FCC, looks like refreshed Nexus 7 with 5MP camera


asus k009 nexus fcc listing

A refreshed Nexus 7 is pretty much guaranteed to drop sometime in the next few months, and it may have just cleared the FCC. Actually, it’s looking fairly certain the the ASUS K009 is the next Google Experience tablet. How can I be so sure? How about that “nexus” listed under the device’s branding, specifically “for marketing purposes.”

OK, so we can’t put all of our faith in the description of an FCC filing, but the specs detailed certainly seem to line up. A Qualcomm S4 Pro quad-core CPU clocked at 1.5GHz and touting Adreno graphics, a 4,000mAh battery that would click with a 7-inch display (though that is one hardware detail we are missing), a front-facing camera, and LTE support. New is a 5MP rear camera, which would be a nice addition to Google’s budget slate.

The latest rumors point toward a July launch, so the timing works out pretty well. If the details of the listing pan out, this would be a modest yet welcome update to last year’s Nexus 7. The big difference maker could be a higher resolution display, but unfortunately that has yet to be confirmed.

[via NotebookItalia]

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  1. IF 199 I WOULD BUY.

    1. There’s a rumor that it’ll be $229… Either way, that’s still a great price for a great tablet

      1. Sell my 1st gen N7 for $150-230=~$80 out of pocket …still doable..

        1. You think you will be able to get that, though? I mean I would NOT by a Nexus device for $230. LoL!! I don’t think you realize how much resale value this device loses.

          1. Yes I see 16gb nexus 7s going for 140-175 in my area on CL…trust me someone will buy it for 150 plus I’m throwing in a barely used case and screen protector…and if the new one comes with otg, then I’ll sell my SD card set up too..You, my friend don’t realize that I do this for a living….

          2. You lose money for a living? I thought the objective was to buy low sell high 0_o

          3. i sell things i dont need at a reasonable price to get what i want. been following this model since my tmobile sidekick days. i have had every single sidekick that has ever came out as well as every blackberry that has came out. did this to move from a G1 to the mytouch 4g to the EVO 4g LTE to my GS3 i have now, simply by selling at a reasonable price..not trying to make an empire, just get what i want…….d!ck -_-

          4. Sounds like a comfortableliving, how noble

          5. You keep using that word Nexus, I don’t think you know what it means.

            You’d have to spend 600 dollars on a device normally and generally you’d get 200-300 dollars out of it for resale. If my Nexus 7 or 4 was worth nothing now, I wouldn’t be disappointed. Reality check: it’s worth more than nothing still.

          6. Amen.

          7. Your math is wrong.

        2. get about 140-150 im guessing.

  2. Nice.

  3. I was so looking forward to getting the refreshed N7 but after reading this “Qualcomm APQ8064” might as well just forget about it.

    I am happy with my N4, no need to buy a oversize one.

    1. Why? the N4 and N7 are two different devices, and most people use them in two different ways. I have a N4, N10, and I still plan on buying this because I would use it as a portable version of my N10 when I want to watch some videos or something that I can’t do on my N4.

      1. Well like you said “most people”,but not all….

      2. I think he was focusing on the processor.

    2. As if anyone can really tell a difference between the snapdragon pro, and 600 anyway… Who friggen cares? The one and s4 don’t seem any faster than my nexus 4, and by the time they do, the 600 will be long outdated anyway

      1. I can easily tell a difference, maybe if you had both devices then you could test it out like I can. My N4 sits on a shelf most of the time considering my dis-appointment in it’s performance and battery life being due to the S4 pro chipset, there is a noticeable improvement in both those aspects on the One and S4 (which I have to backup my Note 2). Preferably even though battery life is poor, I rather have a Tegra 4 inside since my general usage of my tablets are for gaming and would like to have the enhanced graphics in some games.

        1. Disappointment with the performance of your N4? How so? I have an N4 and haven’t seen anything wrong with performance, it handles anything I can throw at it with no lag. What are you doing to your phones? The only thing I would say about the N4 is battery life if you are a heavy user, but if you do other things besides stare at your phone all day it will last a normal day.

          1. Only time I’ve had lag on my Nexus 4 is dealing with beta apps that tend to eat up the memory so I have to agree, what are you doing to your phone? My Nexus 4 is ridiculously stupid fast, no lag whatsoever and I came from a snapdragon s3 powered htc vivid, and couldn’t believe the speed difference!

            Looking at the specs on the 600, it’s really just minor tweaking, not a whole lot different. Mainly faster ram and higher clock speeds. So over clock your n4 and you got a snapdragon 600! BOOM HEADSHOT!

          2. ya performance on nexus 4 is great but I would add camera to the disappointment category along with Battery life

        2. if you don’t want the N4… you know where to find me

        3. I’ve held my nexus 4 and a buddies htc one side by side and I’ll say that there isn’t really a noticeable difference. That being said I don’t know if the s4 pro would be able to handle sense or touch whiz the way the s600 can even though it handles the lg skin like a pro. I’m hoping the s800 finally brings that iphone level of ui smoothness to most skinned devices.

  4. Looking forward to the 2nd generation of the Nexus 7.

  5. IDC what price this is I’m getting it if it comes with KLP

  6. Ill be buying that day ONE

  7. Would be nice if Google had a trade-in program..

    1. While it would be nice, I don’t see the need. They already subsidize stuff like this so hard that a trade in program would probably end up being more of a hassle than it’s worth for them. If they keep that price tag around $200 for a 7″ tablet and $300 for a phone, I’ll be a buyer every single time.

      1. Agreed. The lower price point has commoditized these devices. The low price undercuts any rationale for a sizable secondhand market system.

        The $200 I spent on my Nexus 7 about one year ago means the data and app universe is my only concern. I’ll buy another device for another $200 or so and leave the old one sitting on the living room table for more limited use — or give it to my wife or nephew and just set it up with a new account for them. They’ll probably do likewise in another year or two. By then the battery will need replacing and it will be a decision as to whether or not it is worth it — or if it needs to be dumped into a recycling bin.

    2. Craigslist is an excellent way to recoup some losses when buying new devices.

  8. If this has a 1080p screen, the most I’d pay for a 16GB model is $249.

    1. It’s rumored to be 1920×1200, so it’s 16×10, but it’s more than 1080p.

    2. Of course it will….Google wouldn’t shoot themselves in the foot like that. I hope not at least

      1. Exactly. To get a higher resolution screen they should charge a little bit more.

        1. Why, 1080p is the new standard. 720p was the standard when we bought the original Nexus 7.

          1. Sadly 1024×600 is still the standard. Tablets with screens even as nice as the nexus 7 are few and far between

          2. Standard for phones and a 10 inch tablet yes, but for 7 inch tablets it will be new.

        2. Why? I just got a Nook HD+ 16GB 8.9″ 1080p screen tablet for $149. A 7″ tablet isn’t worth over $199 as far as I’m concerned, even with a snapdragon s4 pro chipset.

          1. I have the Infinity from Asus and I want a 7 inch tablet.

  9. Why a rear camera? Rear cameras on tablets are useless. My flyer I had previously that I sold to get my Nexus 7 had one and I don’t miss it. Hell 9 times out of 10 the cameras they put on tabs are crap anyway, my flyer was no exception and thats from htc who usually has stellar cameras!

    1. There’s some great uses of a rear camera on a tablet for apps, I’ve seen a few cool concepts on iPads but not so much Android, possibly due to it not being a standard feature. In these cases the quality doesn’t matter so much as it’s just being used for reading the surroundings more so than snapping photos.

    2. It’s useful for scanning checks for mobile banking. I need this for USAA.

    3. Quite frequently I need to make pdf files, annotate on them, and send them from a paper source. It is nice to be able to do this with a camera. I could use my phone, send it to my tablet, edit on there, then send but it would be easier for me to do it on a tablet. If I wasn’t a student, I wouldn’t need/want a camera on the tablet since I don’t plan on being one of those clowns you see walking around with a 7-10inch screened crap cameras.

    4. Augmented reality apps use the “rear camera” (hate the name, btw. it’s ambiguous*; “away” (or “main”) camera and “facing” camera would be better names…) “Away” cameras don’t need to be very good to be useful for augmented reality apps.

      This 5MP “away” camera on this N7 will keep it from competing with most phone’s main cameras for any kind of photography, but there is nothing to prevent a better “away” camera and workable LED flash from being put into a near-entry level 7″ tablet. Barring low-light use, a decent camera on a 7″ tablet would be very useful, as useful as one on a phone. It is only on 10″ tablets that it becomes awkward, and looks a little strange still. And even then, if it doesn’t add much to the cost of a 10″ tablet, a good camera would be occasionally useful, especially for video.**

      * The “away” camera on a tablet points away from the user — period. The “facing” camera faces us, it even faces our face.

      A “rear” camera either points to my rear or to the tablet’s rear; these are opposite directions, and neither perspective can claim to be the privileged one. Ditto for “front” camera: my front or the tablet’s front?

      ** To those whose primary problem with using tablets to take a photo is how you look while holding a ten-inch tablet to take a photo, I’d say you’re being a conformist coward who likes to laugh at other people and never wants to be laughed at. It is a pathetic argument.

    5. better to have one and not need it than need it and not have one… Also, it would put them at disadvantage because it is a standard in almost all devices now.

    6. You know how many people I see taking photos with their iPads? Hell my mom does it. But in all honesty, anytime I’m at the dz there are 3 types of photographers in the crowd – phones, SLRs and Tablets.

    7. Clearly you don’t have kids. As it’s the end of the school year, I’ve been many recitals and graduations and there are tons of parents taking pictures and video with their tablets. Just because you don’t have a use for it, don’t assume others don’t.

      1. Isn’t that what a phones for? A camera with a 7 inch viewfinder seems rather large don’t you think?

  10. This or Transformer Pad Infinity!? Decision.. decision..

    1. Easy! Nexus.

      1. ^this. Developer support on the Nexus 7 >> Transformer pad.

    2. I just bought an N10 over a tpad because of the ability to get the newest version of android, and no bloatware

    3. In the same predicament. I like the keyboard and size of the transformer but I like the portability of the Nexus. Developer community is also a slight concern but as long as there is one good ROM and kernel, I think I’ll be fine.

  11. I am actually pulling for an 8″ display on this. Been needing to replace my SGTab 7.7 that the wife water soaked…

  12. Nope its Asus

  13. Will it have HDMI-out support? I’d love to use this as my gaming system. And be able to take my games on the go and stuff. LoL!! I need to finish N.O.V.A 3 but the HTC One doesn’t have natural PS3 support. Grr!!

  14. Murphy’s law = I just bought a nexus 7. The nice thing, after ganderin’ the specs…my “old” nexus still kicketh butt…and considering I purchased the “7” for e-reading above all else (form factor), there isn’t any reason to upgrade…at all.

    1. That’s what you get for buying any tablet that is a year old :)

  15. Hey, thanks bro, but I actually make money legitimately, and I have a job. Also, you write like a more than slightly retarded teenage girl.

    Additionally, I would like some fries with that shake.

  16. But if they add a 5MP camera on the back people won’t be able to take video clips of themselves on Vine for android………

  17. Kevin Krause, thought you quit writing Android articles? Got bored of your iphone??

  18. I’d rather have a Snapdragon 800 than a rear camera…

  19. I will be happy to let my current 16GB nexus 7 go for 99
    & buy @ the 230 price. Love my N7! So much for so little. Great deal!

    1. I’ll give you $98

  20. I just hope they didn’t change the form factor enough that it won’t fit in my pogo plug dock for my original Nexus 7.

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