Jun 11th, 2013

oppo find 5 mini

It seems every time we’re introduced to a “Mini” variant of new phones we’re taken aback by the fact that the phones were once considered to be quite large. Such is the case with the 4.3-inch Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the rumored HTC One Mini. That’s why Oppo caught my eye rather quickly with its 3.7-inch Oppo Find 5 Mini.

Even this was considered quite large “back in the day,” with Mini phones often being minted in 2.8-inch variety as 3.2 inches and 3.5 inches were the norm. MyDrivers is suggesting this device might even be 720p, which would produce an astounding Pixel density of 396.92. This thing would look rather sharp at that size, and we would be quite surprised to see that this turns out to be true (though, considering Oppo’s impressive track record as of late we have no reason to doubt them).

This phone also differs from today’s typical “mini” variants in that it might actually come with a decent processor. While everyone is putting 1GHz dual-core chipsets into their handsets Oppo might be considering making this a quad-core beast.

The breadth of our knowledge stops there, unfortunately, aside from the obvious fact that it will come in a variety of different colors. We’re hoping to hear more about this little guy at some point this summer, but for now just take a look at the size comparison and see how it stacks up to the original Oppo find 5.

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