Supposed Galaxy Note 3 prototype shown as Samsung is said to be entering limited production



It looks like Samsung is making steady progress on crafting the sequel to one of 2012’s biggest (no, literally, biggest) phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been in the rumor mill for a while now, with many different things being said to happen. At the beginning of the journey it was believed Samsung would go with an aluminum build for the device, but recent rumors have since suggested plastic would be making a return for this version. We’re also expecting the device to be at least 5.99 inches in size with a 1080p display. We’re also told to expect 2GB of RAM and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor or Samsung’s Octa-Core Exynos processor depending on region.

It’s easy to guess what else we might get based on the Galaxy S4, which features Air View without the need for the S Pen, a 13 megapixel camera, new camera software features, and a lot more. Whatever Samsung decides to do, it appears they have partially settled on a solid device as rumor has it they’re entering limited production with the current rounds of prototypes.

As for what those prototypes look like? Well, SamMobile is saying it’s what you see in the picture up above. It certainly seems Samsung-ish, with the usual configuration of navigation buttons below the display. You can also notice some of Samsung’s distinctive TouchWiz markups throughout the notification bar. The device is a tad boxy compared to what we’re used to seeing, but that doesn’t mean much — their curvature tends to change from product to product.

Of course, we’re still wondering when, exactly, we’ll be able to see this thing in action. Many are looking to the June 20th London event coming up, but we have a feeling that’s going to be a showcase event for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Mini (alongside various other Android and Windows products). We wouldn’t expect to see the Note 3 officially unveiled until August at the absolute earliest, with early September being our vote as the Note was announced at that time during IFA in Berlin.

[via TechTastic]

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks like the LG phablet

    1. Actually it looks like a Samsung Galaxy S II which LG copied first!

      1. I agree but both copy Apple so….

  2. I’m more interested in the HTC Phablet but this should be good as well

  3. old motorola droid x

  4. The ceo of samsung has already said the note 3 will have a 5.9 inch screen.

  5. LG Optimus G clone

    1. LG Optimus G is already a clone of Samsung devices, so how could this be a clone?

    2. exactly. i agree with ironHorse

  6. I’m really looking forward to this phone. My wife will be getting my HTC One once this phone comes out. BTW the One is awesome. I think I’ll enjoy the note more though.

  7. When is the “Google Edition” coming out? bwahaha

    1. Why would you want a Google Edition version of the phone? The unique features about it like the S-Pen, multi-window, and camera features will all be gone. Use it as is and if you don’t like Touchwiz, use NOVA or some other launcher to make it “Google Edition”

      1. or enter the magic world of custom roms :)

      2. First of all, I would never buy this gigantic phone, I already have a Nexus 7. Second, touchwiz goes much deeper than the launcher. Third, I was being sarcastic.

        1. Same words I said when I had the S3, now I have a Note 2. We babble things but not until we try it.

          1. First, I was making a joke about the Note being too big. Second, I’ll admit, don’t knock it until you try it, applies to screen size. Third, the Nexus line would have to include a Note type device for me to consider it.

  8. I can’t see the Note 3 being as square as that. Either way I think I’ll be picking up the One Max.

  9. GSM ARENA, has already dispelled this as the galaxy mega 6.3 this is not the note 3 prootype

  10. A. It looks exactly like the Note 1 and Note 2
    B. I’d be praying that is has the 800 in it instead of the “octa” core processor.

    1. Samsung uses their own exynos cpu for their gnote series. But using 2 quadcore cpu in smartphones are too much, quad core are good enough to run any task you throw at it. They better use 2 quad cpu’s on their tablets/computer.

      1. Maybe then touchwiz wont lag?

        1. If ui is well optimize… maybe!

    2. ahhh the note 1 and 2 other than size look nothing alike…. lol

  11. I don’t think this but the device is going to looks like its a prototype which means it’s just a device that has probably the same specs bells and whistles to move that first then think about the hardware and software and the design ect

    1. what did you just write?

      1. I think he was referring to the new “specs bells” feature in TouchWiz

  12. or you could just get the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

    1. Completely different leagues of specs, never saw the point of the Mega when it has a lower resolution screen than most current 4.7-5″ flagships, 1080p makes a large device like this much more worthwhile.

  13. If this is the phone I ain’t buying it. It looks ugly in my opinion.

  14. $190Billion-revenue SAMSUNG Electronics has technologies in its hands,
    needs amazing design to move itself and its TOP products like Galaxy S4 and NOTE III to the next level.

    made in China Apple finally has OS to compliment its manufacturing label.

    SAMSUNG can easily NOW buy pre-June10/2013 Android flat light minimal skin and turn its Android into exactly what ios has become! LOL.

  15. I had the first Note, and now carry the Note II, but “bigger is better” has a limit, and for me it’s the size of the Note II. The Note II is just barely pocketable so there’s no way I’m going any bigger than this. I feared that Samsung would treat screen size as a “feature” and just keep making it bigger in the way that we get more storage, better batter life, and more apps. Bigger is better. More is better. But in the case of the physical size of the phone, there’s a limit. If it’s possible to increase the screen size without increasing the physical size of the device, then I could go for that, maybe. But would that tiny bit extra make a difference for me. I don’t really think so. The other problem is that other manufacturers are probably thinking that in order to seem “better” than the Note, they have to be at least a hair bigger.

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