Jun 6th, 2013

One of the biggest complaints users had when they got their Samsung Galaxy S4 is that there just wasn’t enough user accessible internal storage. Some people might go “but there’s a microSD card slot,” but remember that you can’t use the microSD card slot for storing apps and games, or app cache. This is especially troublesome for folks who like to download their Google Play Music tracks for offline use.

That particular app downloads tracks into the app’s permanent data, which is only stored on internal storage. You can see, then, why having just over 9GB of internal storage could quickly pose problems from any download-heavy user. Yours truly has had similar problems on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, for what it’s worth. Samsung took note and promised to try and address these issues in a software update, and so they have.


Thankfully, Samsung has decided to address that for Samsung Galaxy S4 owners in its latest upgrade for the device. Users will be able to move apps to their microSD card, a feature that was once supported in Android but Google decided to take out after some apps broke down after being transferred. Specifically, some apps’ widgets wouldn’t work correctly if the app was installed to the SD card.

We’re not sure of Samsung’s exact implementation so we can’t say whether or not these limitations will persist, but the feature is there for anyone who absolutely needs it. That’s not the only thing this update will bring, either. Take a look at the rest of the changes going out:

  • New Camera firmware with HDR video
  • Smearing issue has been fixed (Purple effect while scrolling)
  • Smart Pause Toggle
  • Move Apps to SD Card
  • Semi-transparent status bar
  • New Icons in Settings
  • Secure boot status in “About Phone”
  • Increased display legibility

It looks like the upgrade is only going out to the Snapdragon Galaxy S4s right now, and only those in Germany have a shot at this one for the time being. It shouldn’t take long before more people are let in on the fun, though, so sit tight and look forward to Samsung addressing some of the device’s biggest issues in the weeks and months to come.

[via SamMobile]

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