Samsung implements apps to SD feature in latest Galaxy S4 update


One of the biggest complaints users had when they got their Samsung Galaxy S4 is that there just wasn’t enough user accessible internal storage. Some people might go “but there’s a microSD card slot,” but remember that you can’t use the microSD card slot for storing apps and games, or app cache. This is especially troublesome for folks who like to download their Google Play Music tracks for offline use.

That particular app downloads tracks into the app’s permanent data, which is only stored on internal storage. You can see, then, why having just over 9GB of internal storage could quickly pose problems from any download-heavy user. Yours truly has had similar problems on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, for what it’s worth. Samsung took note and promised to try and address these issues in a software update, and so they have.


Thankfully, Samsung has decided to address that for Samsung Galaxy S4 owners in its latest upgrade for the device. Users will be able to move apps to their microSD card, a feature that was once supported in Android but Google decided to take out after some apps broke down after being transferred. Specifically, some apps’ widgets wouldn’t work correctly if the app was installed to the SD card.

We’re not sure of Samsung’s exact implementation so we can’t say whether or not these limitations will persist, but the feature is there for anyone who absolutely needs it. That’s not the only thing this update will bring, either. Take a look at the rest of the changes going out:

  • New Camera firmware with HDR video
  • Smearing issue has been fixed (Purple effect while scrolling)
  • Smart Pause Toggle
  • Move Apps to SD Card
  • Semi-transparent status bar
  • New Icons in Settings
  • Secure boot status in “About Phone”
  • Increased display legibility

It looks like the upgrade is only going out to the Snapdragon Galaxy S4s right now, and only those in Germany have a shot at this one for the time being. It shouldn’t take long before more people are let in on the fun, though, so sit tight and look forward to Samsung addressing some of the device’s biggest issues in the weeks and months to come.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. > This is especially troublesome for folks who like to
    > download their Google Play Music tracks for offline use.

    As we speak, I have over 850 MP3s on my SD card. Not sure why anyone would pick a format (Google Play Music Tracks) that cannot be put on an SD card… and then complain “Gee, I can’t put those types of files on my SD card”.

    Just use a format that CAN go on the SD card: MP3.


    1. That is great for any music you own outright. But the new Google Play Music service “All Access” also allows you to download and store any song in its database locally on your phone. I am not sure if they have a limit as to how many songs you can download and listen to offline, but I am sure it is alot. Really helpful if you are on a limited data plan and don’t want to constantly stream music.

    2. Well what’s the use of Google Play Music then? It’s easy to say “well do it another way.” And what happens when you start getting into the territory of games? Should I just ditch Android gaming and download nothing but PC games since my phone can’t hold many big ones? Come on, man, it isn’t as black and white as you’re making it out to be.

      1. in these situations I usually suggest Link2SD ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buak.Link2SD )
        needs root, but should solve your problems.
        it does not use the traditional “move to SD” methods.

        How it works:
        Link2SD mounts the second partition of your SD card and makes OS mounts it at boot time.

        you press “Create Link” button Link2SD moves apk file, dalvik-cache
        (.dex) file and lib files (.so) to SD card’s 2nd partition and creates
        symbolic links in original directories.
        Link2SD does not move application’s private data files;

    3. Because Google all access let’s you store the songs


  2. Someone please help..why does the ringer sound so low on the sg4..i have to max it,is there a cure for this?

    1. Has it always been that way? If not take a look at recent apps that you’ve downloaded. I had an app that actually muted my ringtone until I figured it out.

      If that isn’t it check out the S4 forums on xda…I seem to remember there being something about this over there.

      1. Thanks.ill give it a shot

      2. Ty.but couldn’t find it.

    2. Use the app called Volume +.

      1. Sorry volume+ (without a space)

        1. It only controls my volume but doesn’t boost them.ty you though.

      2. I’ll try this if other doesn’t work.ty

  3. Note 2 running app2sd script on my phone :P B)

    1. Oh if anyone is having trouble with the script not working like I’m running a different kernal “perseus” I rewrote the script to work :D So its all simple math
      for me no and I’ll be happy to help :)

      1. Hello, could you send me a link for the script? Thanks.

    2. I run this script on my Note 2 as well. The only issue I have is that it does not run when I reboot my phone, which thankfully is not very often. I am on stock rooted so I am not able to take advantage of it being built into the ROM. I use Script Manager to run it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=os.tools.scriptmanager&hl=en. Any known fix for this?

      1. Wolf when you open the script did you click on SU and boot?

        1. Yes.

          1. What about busybox do you have that installed?

          2. Yes.

          3. Um well I don’t really have a answer for ya sorry try downloading the link I replied to the other guy and use that script? Make sure you have stop and deleted the old script first tho

          4. I am already running the script from Zedomax’s site that you linked. That’s all I’ve ever used. I suspect it’s because I’m not on a custom rom and/or kernel. I wish I could figure out if there’s a way around this issue.

      2. Also are you running a different kernal or custom ROM?

        1. Nope full stock, rooted.

  4. Hopefully this should keep the moaners who don’t even have an s4 quite

    1. <–This guy doesn't have an S4, he has a HTC One, he doesn't moan and can spell QUIET :)

      I am glad to see Samsung doing this, 8 GB for Apps in this day and age is just not enough.

      1. Lol blame Google swipe keyboard… 8gb for apps is fine but for games is a big no especially with games now easily more than a gig in size.

      2. +ONE!

  5. That will probably going to end up problems with some apps is my guess. Will the app have to support the feature or will it just work for any app.

    1. Am guessing the app will have to support just like pre jb days… Shouldn’t be an issue hopefully the developers will support knowing how many Samsung devices are out there.

  6. The best way to solve the limited internal storage issue is simple. Sell the phone and buy an HTC One.

    1. And lose SD card support? LOL nah you’re alright

    2. a downgrade? no thanks.

    3. Yeah, I’ll go ahead and lose SD card support, replaceable battery and swap that for shitty metal, limited storage, and 1/10 repair rate. Down vote me all you want, this is the internet, I say what I want.

    4. And get crappy support AND gaps between the speaker plates and the body (so much for zero gap design) AND non-responsive capacitive buttons AND no SD Card AND No removable battery in a phone design that scored 1 in iFixit teardown test (meaning you might as well junk the phone once the battery goes bad, especially one or two year down the road when it is out of warranty) AND a low resolution camera that performed great in low light and close up shot but nothing else AND a so called “premium” metal body made of cheap and weak aluminium that dents easily? No thanks.

      AS for bloatware, know that HTC One’s Operating system took up around 6-7 GB as well.

  7. Wait a minute. I’m using App Manager Pro III. I use that to move apps to the SD. It works great. Are you saying it shouldn’t work? Like Google disabled the option altogether, or just removed the option from the settings in the phone, but you can still move app via an app?

    1. No way Jose. Does not work. Google has disabled that feature and app manager pro 3 agrees that it can’t do it.

      1. Maybe because I’m rooted, and running some custom stuff? I don’t know. It works that’s all I care about.

  8. Bobby app manager 3 pro does not work on the gs4 as Google os prevents this function.

  9. While I am glad that Samsung is doing something to fix this issue, it would be nice to just remove some of the bloat or allow it to be removed. Especially when it’s available in the Play Store?

    More importantly, not sure this would technically solve the Google Music issue as Google doesn’t technically store Google Offline Music on Internal Storage. A big issue that really annoys me. Instead it is stored under /data/data/com.google.android.music/files/music. Not sure this new Samsung option will address this? If it does, that would be nice!

    1. it’s still internal storage.
      the the entire /data partition is internal storage, and your “internal SDcard” is just a folder in /data (even though it looks as if it’s in another location)

      1. Wipe your phone and those files are gone, while if I offline sync Rdio or Spotify on Internal Storage, files remain after a wipe as do other things like pictures. So I would disagree, not the same.

  10. Hope they also update the galaxy s3 with apps to sd software

    1. Me too!!!!

  11. Samsung, Please bring it to the Galaxy Note 10.1. Not having it is kind of a killer.

  12. People buy a crap class 2 SD card, then complain about lag. That’s why I think android did away with the option. I welcome it back though.

    1. There are mods now were you can speed up the SD card to as fast as the internal

  13. They need to add it for ALL Samsung devices. With the Note 8.0, it’s a similar situation as the S4 (only 9.5gb of usable space). Note 2 had a little more room, but not by much (a little over 10gb). Since they didn’t offer a 32gb or higher version of either the Note 2 or Note 8.0 in the US, then Samsung seriously needs to start offering the higher capacity versions (and not in some kind of crappy staggered release). OR at the VERY least allow for warranty to stay in tact, even if people root their devices to get their storage areas swapped!

    Samsung, if you’re reading, stop f’ing around. Pay attention to the trend in SOFTWARE (e.g. Apps taking up 1gb+ or big download files, like videos, not being identified if moved to somewhere on the SD) and realize that just offering a microSD slot isn’t enough. It’s great and I love having the microSD slot, but having 64gb internal and 64gb external would be such an ideal scenario.

    1. That’s a great idea, if they can do it for the S4, why not all the other devices. The Note II, the S3, and the Note 8.0 and 10.1.

  14. Don’t believe the folks saying app to sd 3 works it doesn’t even the program itself says it can’t move the apps to the SD card on the galaxy s4 save your time and wait for the real solution from Sammy.

  15. What the hell is “Increased display legibility”?

    1. Either a new font or font renderer.

  16. Yes! ! ! Taking away the ability to put apps on the SD card was one of Androids biggest missteps ever ever.

    1. Then why was it done… and continues to be done?

      1. Because everyone makes stupid decisions I’m assuming. ;)

  17. Felps wrong thread.

  18. Thank God, I only have a 16 GB version (which is really only 8GB) so I can FINALLY put my music app on it. Thanks for listening, Samsung!

  19. I wish we could get this feature on the S3, my sd card is pretty much useless without being able to transfer apps to it.

  20. awesome phone S4

  21. So happy about this. I have a 32GB SD card with 14 GB free, but my phone only has 450MB and won’t let me update my apps. I have a few games that take a lot of memory (Asphalt 7, N.O.V.A., Modern Combat 4, Dungeon Defenders), so I hope this comes soon. But..I have Verizon. I hope it doesn’t take months =/

  22. I’m thankful for this update as I’m tired of waiting for the 32 gig version to be released and I might just bite on the 16 gig version now. However, I wonder… Just how much extra per phone would it have cost Samsung to just build in 32 or 64 gigs in from the get go? 10 bucks? 20 bucks? Why not just do it right & have plenty of built-in storage to begin with Samsung?

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