Warmly wants to wake you up to the sound of bacon and eggs in the morning [VIDEO]


Looking for a beautiful new alarm clock to wake you up in the mornings? Warmly wants to be that trusty companion. Warmly is a new alarm clock in the Google Play Store that employs some very nice design and has a very interesting way of waking you up. The gist of it? The sound of birds chirping gradually begin to play several minutes ahead of the designated time. If it’s raining in your area, the alarm will know this and will play raining sounds along with the birds (so you can know what kind of day it might be ahead of time).

The sound will ramp up, and it isn’t long until the secondary morning sounds are introduced. These could be anything from airplanes flying overhead, to ocean waves roaring, or to someone throwing a healthy helping of bacon and eggs into the pan.

Those sounds will gradually get louder as well, and if you’re still not up to turn the alarm off by the time the designated time hits the alarm will start playing more alerting bells to get you out of bed. The app is still in its infancy, though, and the lack of some important features shows it. For starters, there are no advanced recurring schedule features and snooze functionality doesn’t exist.

Beyond that, well, one of the only reasons I’d want to pay $2 for an under-featured alarm clock is for the sound of bacon and eggs in the morning, but if I wake up hearing all that goodness without the smell to go along with it I will be mighty disappointed. That said, we’re hopeful the developers behind the app will gradually introduce more useful and flexible features over time. You can find it in the Google Play Store if it interests you.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The breakfast cooking one sounded like someone taking a bong hit to me.


    1. It’s the best part of waking up.. O_o

      1. Note to self: create alarm app called ‘Wake & Bake’

      2. I thought folgers in my cup was the best part.

      3. That explains some things…. O.O

      4. I had two bowls for breakfast. One of them was cereal.

  2. Two dollars? Shiiiiid.

  3. Couldn’t you do the same thing for free with the normal android alarm just by using a sizzling bacon sound file?

    1. Yes but technically this one starts out quiet and gradually gets louder. Now, is that worth $2?… eh, not to me :-/

      1. You could easily edit the sound file to start quiet and gradually get louder.

      2. There are a number of alarm apps that have this feature.

        1. Give example

          1. Alarm Clock Xtreme (which i’ve been using for 2 years) and Alarm Droid to name a couple.

  4. I’ll just stick with stock alarm clock app, at least I can set it so it only wakes me up on weekdays

  5. Sound? I am waiting for an app that will wake me up with the smell of bacon and eggs!

    1. why would you want that mind fu*k man lol… waking up to the smell of cooked bacon and there not be any in the house = someone getting fu*ked up lol

  6. There are better (or equally as good) alarm apps that have had these features for years now and FREE. these guys are a bit late to the party. I’ve been using Alarm Clock Xtreme for over two years now and it’s got way more features than this app. Thanks but no thanks.

  7. Can Warmly make me eggs and bacon too or just play the sounds?

  8. Another contribution to Google Play store… Innovative and well-made application it is. It checks if you are wake enough before you are allowed to turn it off. There are a number of alarm applications we already have but I found this better.

    Samreen M

  9. The sound of bacon and eggs, call me when there is an alarm that gives out the smell of bacon and eggs cooking!

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