Google gives us a peek into the lives of 5 real life interns right before The Internship hits theaters this Friday



The Internship — starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson — is set to hit theaters this Friday, June 7th. The movie stars 2 struggling salesmen who, after they find themselves out of jobs, compete with fellow Google interns (also known as Nooglers) for a chance at earning a coveted job within the company. Hilarity will no doubt ensue, and for those unfamiliar with the movie, you can check out a brief clip from the movie below.

Probably not the most realistic portrayal of what goes on behind the scenes at Mountain View, Google is making sure students know what it’s really like to be an intern, without any of the Hollywood fluff. Google’s uploaded a quick, 4 minute video to their YouTube channel today giving us a sort of week-in-the-life of 5 of their real life interns. You can watch it below while sobbing into a tub of ice cream after realizing your job will never be this cool.

To learn more about summer internships at Google, you can visit their site here:

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  1. Fine, you got me with the cute girl click bait. Now get an article up about Samsung winning a court case today against Apple and the ITC’s limited import ban.

      1. Chris delivers! Thanks. :)

      2. *hugz*

      3. I love you Chris…..Huh…What…Wait….. o.O

  2. So why not make a movie with actual interns? Why the wedding crashers?

    1. I’d watch a movie with that chick in it but I don’t think Google would go for the plot I have in mind. :-P

      1. You are so bad Hawkeyes :p

    2. One time that I will agree with you, though I imagine not a lot of people would want to watch an actual documentary of this caliber in theaters… What they have right now is a comedy. Which is obviously why they hired the wedding crashers as you put it

  3. I can’t wait to go see this just to spot all the Android references. :D

  4. Anyone else notice the cute chick using an Apple laptop?

    1. More than half of Google staff use MBP’s

    2. So? Apple isn’t their only competition. Just primarily in the mobile space. Even then, iOS users still use Google for search, maps, etc. Google doesn’t really make hardware, and their only “desktop” platform right now is Chrome OS, which is nowhere near OSX, let alone Windows right now.

  5. Can we have a movie with men who aren’t fat and/or ugly?

  6. Nothing like paying to watch a commercial for a couple hours. I thought product placement was bad, this market placement.

    Next will be the 3D extravaganza from J.J. Abrams and written by Kyle from the basement. “Google Androidpocalypse,” where evil iPhone transformers are defeated by Google’s Super Andy. “Toys available with all kids meals at Burger King.”

  7. The one chick needs to stop blinking so hard…

  8. Paula is fine AF.

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