Jun 4th, 2013


If there was any question that the HTC One has been a great success for HTC, look to none other than their earnings reports for the month of May. Fresh out of Taiwan, HTC is reporting an increase of 48.3% in revenue over the previous month, which is great, considering they were down -37.87% year-over-year in April. Despite HTC still down -3.35% over the same time last year, I think it’s safe to say things are certainly picking up for smartphone manufacturer. Well, for the most part.

HTC Revenue Earnings May 2013

Bloomberg is once again reporting the loss of another high-level senior executive. HTC’s Chief Operating Officer Matthew Castello has stepped down from his position after only 3 short years with the company, moving to Europe where he’ll stay on as an “executive adviser.” HTC President of Engineering and Operations Fred Liu will be filling his shoes as acting COO, taking on an “expanded role” that will cover sales operations, services and more.

HTC has also formed a new division that will deal with “quality assurance,” and “product lifecycle matters.” We’re hoping this new division — headed by Georges Boulloy — is somehow directly related to the company delivering Android updates in a more timely manner.

While the recent reshuffling of executives at HTC has its negative implications, at the same time it could be seen as the company simply getting rid of dead weight, and a better overall focus moving forward. HTC still has much more of the year ahead of them and with the release of the rumored HTC T6, and HTC One Mini coming fast down the pipeline, the best could be yet to come.

[HTC via TechCrunch]

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