HTC sees 48% revenue increase for May, loses COO in the process



If there was any question that the HTC One has been a great success for HTC, look to none other than their earnings reports for the month of May. Fresh out of Taiwan, HTC is reporting an increase of 48.3% in revenue over the previous month, which is great, considering they were down -37.87% year-over-year in April. Despite HTC still down -3.35% over the same time last year, I think it’s safe to say things are certainly picking up for smartphone manufacturer. Well, for the most part.

HTC Revenue Earnings May 2013

Bloomberg is once again reporting the loss of another high-level senior executive. HTC’s Chief Operating Officer Matthew Castello has stepped down from his position after only 3 short years with the company, moving to Europe where he’ll stay on as an “executive adviser.” HTC President of Engineering and Operations Fred Liu will be filling his shoes as acting COO, taking on an “expanded role” that will cover sales operations, services and more.

HTC has also formed a new division that will deal with “quality assurance,” and “product lifecycle matters.” We’re hoping this new division — headed by Georges Boulloy — is somehow directly related to the company delivering Android updates in a more timely manner.

While the recent reshuffling of executives at HTC has its negative implications, at the same time it could be seen as the company simply getting rid of dead weight, and a better overall focus moving forward. HTC still has much more of the year ahead of them and with the release of the rumored HTC T6, and HTC One Mini coming fast down the pipeline, the best could be yet to come.

[HTC via TechCrunch]

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  1. It’s best to drop the dead weight that made HTC a failing company in the first place… HTC nailed it on the head with the HTC One, and its sales, although not as much as the S4, have been doing well. If the H1 is any indication of where the company is moving towards, then I’m excited for HTC and their future devices.
    If other officers/executives want to leave as a result, by all means; don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    1. I hope they patented the hell out of the dual front facing speakers…that’s one of their major key features…if you could block that out from being used by other manufacturers, their return to greatness as a premium device manufacturer will be solid. That in combination with the beats by dre code on it, is a sure fire success……they need to move units hardcore, around the world and make devices with top of the line hardware and tech. The next phone needs to be a beast.

      1. Asus has already shown off a device with front facing speakers, and frankly, it isn’t anything new. Not sure if HTC can actually patent that, or they did at all…

        1. And Samsung has had the feature in tablets. Patenting “the exact same thing, but smaller” is just slimy.

        2. Any thing can be patented as long as lawyer is paid enough. The question is always can those patents stand court challenges? Look at Nokia suing HTC on hundreds of patents, just those patents were dropped by courts like dead flys.

        3. Do you know how many nonsense patent apple has? I don’t see why HTC can’t patent ffs.

          1. Why waste the money on a patent that you know wont stand in court?
            You just throw away money on the patent and on court fees.

          2. Two words: prior art.

        4. Asus showed it on a tablet, I don’t think phones unless I’m wrong

  2. This doesn’t mean anything! They are still about 30% down from last year and that is just revenue alone. Lets not forget that developing a new platform costs tons of cash which will increase expenditures. So higher expenditures + lower revenues = failed business!

    Time to let HTC die and let other, better companies build phones people actually want.

    1. i wouldn’t necessarily jump to the conclusion that they dont make phones that people want. Their last two phones (HTC One and HTC One X) have gotten rave reviews and even preferred choices on carriers that also carried the gs3/gs4. Marketing and perceptions from 3 years ago have A LOT to do with their situation.

      Now i’m not one of those people who say people only buy samsung phone because they fall for samsung marketing, quite the opposite. I applaud samsung, and HTC’s problem is brand recognition. No one knows their phones are as good as samsung’s. No one knows they can do everything the galaxy s series can do. Advertising is about awareness. No awareness = no sales.

      1. They should’ve hired you for marketing purposes, good explanation .

  3. Please stop releasing too much phones. focus on one product , you are not samsung.

    1. That’s what dropped their ability to stay as one of the top manufacturers…They did an 180 degree turn on they way they make money from one year to the next and released last years limited amount of phones. Samsung is on top because its pumping out phones like crazy and has a flagship.

  4. The HTC One is a beast. I hope they do nothing but go up for this point.

  5. HTC, make next year’s flagship phone with a kickstand like the EVO. I’ll come back to you. :)

    1. Dear god no, that’ll sign their death sentence all over again.

      1. I don’t think so.

        I used that kickstand every single day, multiple times, and I still miss it every day.

        1. I didn’t realize how useful the kickstand was until it is gone… :(

          1. Yeah I just can’t believe it didn’t seem to catch on… Otherwise wasn’t the EVO incredibly popular for sprint? I consume tons of media on my phone and it’s so nice not to have to do a balancing act or not have to hold it upright especially for a movie.

          2. Yeah the Evo line was pretty popular, even I had the OG Evo and the Evo LTE… They were great phones, and I was actually surprised that Sprint dropped the Evo line and moved on.. Verizon on the other hand… Still stuck on their “Droid” phones…

      2. I was actually considering buying the HTC Flip case for a kickstand-like ability.

  6. And vzw jumping aboard with the 1 ,looks to be a shoot out this year.

  7. While they’re now showing some progress, it’s a long way to dig out of their hole. They really need to up their marketing and continue with awesome phones like the One. Just stop skimping on updates. I think the thing HTC needs to do now what Samsung is doing. Market various phone sizes but with the same specs or slight variances. Cater to more of the market.

    1. I see HTC One commercials in the US. I haven’t seen an HTC commercial sense I don’t know when. LoL!!

      Also, there’s this commercial for a phone carrier, I think Sprint. It shows the iPhone 5, HTC One and GS4. They’re advertising their network. The fact that the phone is showing means marketing is there.

  8. HTC needs a Note 3 competitor, because I see a Note 3 possibly in my future otherwise…

  9. I think they are right. HTC almost fall when they focused in build windows phones.
    Some fires are right.

  10. I love the HTC One. Only reason i didnt get one is the camera. While its amazing in low light, its low resolution was a deal breaker.
    Im not one of those people that just takes pics and looks at them on the phone. I upload the full rez photos to facebook/google plus. I print them with photoprinter to put around the house, i use them as screen savers on my monitor and tv. So they get blown up a good bit..and that low rez..looks bad full size or greater.

    If they would increase the resolution, id def get the HTC..Two? lol

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