T-Mobile offering white Nexus 4 for limited time (Play Store, too)


white nexus 4 4

Starting today, T-Mobile is offering the white Nexus 4 for a limited time online. You can snag the pale horse Nexus at one of the best rates you will find: $19.99 down and $17/month thereafter (plus the cost of service).

Google and LG recently announced the new paint job for the Nexus and availability via T-Mobile marks one of the first opportunities folks will have to get their hands on one. The phone is also now available via the Google Play Store for as low as $299 off contract.

Purchasing the phone up front from the carrier runs a bit a pricer at $427, still $50 cheaper than the black Nexus 4 sans contract. T-Mobile will continue to stock and sell that model online and in stores.


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  1. That is not a white phone. This is a white phone.

    1. it’s also a bloated lag fest. no thanks.

      1. The bloat can be disabled. If you root, you can remove it. It is not laggy. Try zooming on the N4. Nothing happens until your fingers are 2 inches apart.

        1. I think that’s a problem with the browsers. I can do a multitouch test and have my fingers right together and it still register the touches.

          1. It also does that in the gallery as well. I could not believe there were touch issues. I hear installing a certain kernel helps
            I didn’t keep it that long. The phone didn’t impress me, and t-mobile’s network just didn’t work for me.

          2. In the browser there is a small gap before it zooms but less then an inch, and in the gallery I can zoom right away. Maybe the 4.2.2 update has helped? I never really noticed or cared though… zooming even with a small gap isn’t an issue for me.

      2. spoken like a true fanboy. maybe when you can afford to actually buy an S4 or HTC one and try it, you’ll understand that all the cool aid you’ve been drinking has clouded your mind. If stock android is so great, why has the Nexus 4 sold only 3 million units in several months? Even the HTC one nearly doubled that figure in one month.

        1. because nexus devices aren’t heavily as advertised as flagships are on carriers?

        2. Nexus devices have never bee huge sellers, not to mention sales ≠ quality. With your logic, if stock android was so god awful why would samsung and htc release nexus experience versions of their flagship? As far as your comment about not being able to afford flagship devices please keep in mind most of us have been purchasing Nexus phones off contract long before Google began subsidizing them.

    2. That’s not a knife… THAT’S a knife

    3. well said. The “white” nexus 4 is a half breed

    4. Yup, this is not the white phone I was looking for. I wish google would go all the way with their white nexus phones.

    5. Now with more plastic!

  2. $17*24 months + $19.99 = $427.99. Remind me why I wouldn’t just buy it from the Play Store for a lot less?

    1. I don’t know.Maybe people don’t wanna risk shipping? I really don’t know

    2. Well perhaps not everyone has $300/350 to plunk down on a phone all at once. Can’t knock them for offering choices.

      1. not everyone, you are right but I know how to save

        1. well exactly,but to some people time is money. They don’t mind paying extra over time to have the phone they can’t fully afford right now. It’s part of the choice capitalism affords us. Not saying I agree with it, but at least there’s the option.

    3. Money upfront. Not everyone has it. Please don’t retort with if you can’t afford it you don’t need it..

    4. That’s about equal to a 15% APR on a $350 24 month loan. While I would never pay that, I am sure some people don’t mind.

    5. I agree. $350 is far too cheap to essentially ask for credit. But hell, there are so SOOOO many people in credit card debt it’s ridiculous. People buy what they can’t afford all the time. (and no, I am not concluding vehicle loans or house mortgages into this picture).

    6. I really wonder how many people actually do that math before they sign up for a 2 year contract.

    7. Not many. I saw a guy buying a Nexus 4 at T-Mobile when I went there on Thursday. I was just looking at the HTC One and S4 before I decide to go with a Nexus 4 or those flagship devices. I think I am going Nexus 4 and then hold out for the big boy of the next gen phones.

    8. The T-Mobile version of the black N4 has HSPA 42mbps radio, play store version has only 21. I have no idea if that is still the case for this version, but if it is, you technically are getting a little more if you buy from Tmo. Whether that is worth it or not is a different discussion altogether >_>

      1. Actually both versions are and have always had hspa+42.

        1. Thanks for pointing this out, apparently it was announced with 21 and then corrected, but I never got the memo smh

  3. I would never buy a LG even if it is from Google. The N4 still has issues. if you get it shipped and there’s a problem, you now have to send it back and wait on a new one.

    1. Plus there still is no LTE (well at least, proper functioning LTE)

      I don’t understand why anyone would bother with this, other than its cheap price of course.

      1. The LTE in my area sucks. I don’t get why people complain about LTE so much. This is a phone for people who don’t want to spend too much. I’m on T-Mobile, and they have barely even have any LTE coverage yet.

        Also, the HSPA+ in my area is consistently 22mbps almost always. It only occasionally drops down to 8 mbps. LTE isn’t THAT big of a deal. It just crushes your battery.

        1. While I agree somewhat, I have the opposite where I live, T-mobile & AT&T both have strong LTE (houston).

          That said I am running a Galaxy Nexus on T-Mo with HSPA+ speeds are decent but I’m not getting more than 8mb down, and 1up, usually less. There are times where I get slow speeds during peak times of day and certain areas, I’m not sure the same would be true if I had LTE but it might be a little better at these times/places.

          The only thing is the price, and the average smartphone user probably won’t care but for people like us it’s another story. I just can’t see anyone with good LTE coverage buying a phone that they will use for the next 2+ years that doesn’t have LTE.

          The battery issues aren’t really that horrible, the GS4 easily gets all day usage with LTE, most new phones do as well (bigger batteries).

          That said the price is what makes this phone an viable option, if you are contract free or prepaid, or want to switch to those two options this is the best bang for your buck. But if you are a contract type user why not just pay the 99 or 150 and get yourself a GS4 or HTC One…

          I was considering the Nexus 4 last year, as I never do contracts and buy my phones full price. I am on T-Mobile with a $40 plan that gives me unlimited text & data (5gb). So I’m planning on switching anytime soon lol. I will wait for the next gen nexus (with its cheaper price) that has LTE.

          1. The GNex only supports HSPA speeds up to 14mbps…not 42. Your phone is the reason you aren’t seeing faster hspa+ speeds on TMo.

          2. Galaxy nexus supports up to 21mbps, not 14

    2. You have issues… N4 is the best phone for it’s price, no argue. I spent hours comparing it with S4 and no doubt… the N4 feels faster, smoother and cleaner.

    3. are you spastic? they ship you one and if you don’t send it back the original one, they’ll charge you for it. The only issue LG has EVER had was their cheesy ui choices. Now take that out of the equation and you’re left with a quality built device with the latest version of android. please eff off if you’re going to talk out your a$$.

  4. assuming 427 is after tax which i doubt …it would be a bad idea to get unlocked from t mobile since it will be only 40 dollars more than getting from the party store…387 for the 16gb after taxes and shipping…

    1. thats before tax.

    2. LoL at party store, I think i will refer to it as that from now on. (where I live party stores is a nickname for liquor stores, with dollar store items, i can imagine someboy at a party store trying to sell a white nexus at google prices it just fits.

    3. $395.21 total shipped and taxed to NYC.

  5. You can not buy a phone with similar specs like Nexus 4 for $350 bucks unless you sign your organs over to AT&T or Verizon Wireless. Get real

    1. I can sign my organs to Sprint or US Cellular (who will likely handle them better)

  6. Finally!!! Now gotta cash my check, then deposit cash, because if i deposit check it has to be cleared….
    Please do not let this check bounce or i will have to kick your ass!

    1. direct deposit senor

      1. Job doesnt have it, but idc Bcuz my bank is across the street

  7. Nexus devices have never been huge sellers, not to mention sales ≠ quality. Some people just don’t get it, that’s why there are HTC Ones and GS4s.

  8. Ummmmm You guys need to update this article. T-Mobile says–> Pay today $427.99 Note:This item is not eligible for a monthly payment plan.

  9. Is anyone looking to get the Nexus 4 White in 8 GB? I might get it myself. I am just waiting for stupid Paypal to unfreeze my money from selling my S3.

  10. I just ordered a black Nexus 2 days ago. Needless to say I have remorse since I won’t be getting the free bumper which is coming with every order starting today. I called Google several times asking if they would send me one as a courtesy and they are not budging. They would rather have me return my device and reorder one to get the bumper. How crappy is that customer service?

    1. Will they remburse the shipping?

      1. Nope. I spoke with a CSR, he told me there’s nothing he could do. I ask to speak to his supervisor. He says there’s nothing he can do. The only way is if I return my device, pay shipping, pay 15% restocking despite being unopened, and then reorder device and pay shipping. Terrible customer service.

        1. Yeah, who ever they hire for customer service sucks. When the N4 first came out and there were problems with shipping and ordering the CSR’s would just give people the run around.

          1. I excepted more out of a company like Google, especially when they are trying to build a brand with Play. You start with customer loyalty. It’s making me seriously rethink things. I just had recent customer service related problems with Zappos, Amazon and even Verizon. They all resolved my problem without any issues or run-around.

        2. Yep. I ordered a Nexus 7 and had it for a month (8GB version, launch time.) I had ghosting a month after (when you see double the images on the screen) and they said we will send it out with an authorization charge on my debit card. I got charged but didn’t get a replacement for another month. I told them to give me Play Store credit as a means to show a sincere apology, but they did not budge. I got the replacement, sent it back along with the defective device and forced them to give me a refund. They handed me off like for 4 weeks straight. We will “escalate it” is a common phrase they like to use. I am getting a Nexus 4 even though my prior history with Google. I sold my S3 and it is either get the Nexus 4 or take a down payment for the HTC One, which I cannot afford to do long term since I am jobless. My parents don’t even want me to take that burden since I have other things to pay for in addition to car insurance, tuition for university, car repairs, etc. I will get a Galaxy Note III or Nexus 4 successor come October/November time though.

  11. We love you T-Mobile!

    Come to my area, I’m tired of the Man holding me down.

  12. Amazing!! I can get a Nexus 4 with a white back now instead of getting 4g LTE, expandable storage, or at least 32gb internal memory -_- I love google, I love Android, I just hate the thought process behind this phone. It is a solid device but the consumers demands must not have been that important to LG. Fingers crossed for Nexus 5 I guess (hopefully by Samsung, HTC, or even ZTE).

  13. i hate this glass pos ….broke in a week

  14. WOW only the back is white ,,,…… i just threw up a lil

  15. Went ahead and grabbed the white one from TMo. I already have a Nexus 4 16GB, but (since work pays my cell bill), it is only costing me $67, I went for it to compare. I can sell the one I don’t keep – perhaps to a friend who still has an Atrix.

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