Acer rumored to launch $400 Android PC


acer aio pc with android

Android has yet to make a big splash in the PC market, but that could be changing soon. Rumors suggest that Google and others are working on Android-powered notebooks, and the latest says Acer could soon launch a PC based on the mobile OS. Said to be part of their AiO lineup, the “all-in-one’ computer would likely feature touchscreen support and balanced specs to provide appealing pricing.

Given the relatively lightweight Android OS, the new PC could launch with as little as 1GB of RAM, but it is also said to rock Intel’s Core i5 Haswell CPU clocked at 3GHz. That could make it one of the most blazing Android machines on the market.

While little else is known, the new AiO PC is said to be headed for a reveal next week with a price point of $400.

[via CNET]

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  1. If they upped the specs and made it able to dual boot Windows, this would be an amazing machine. Android just isn’t a full fledged desktop OS, yet. It would be awesome to see them create a desktop version of the OS one day. I would use it in place of Windows.

    1. yikes…let windows die, bro. (mac, chromebook and android user).

      1. Ew. Mac OS is terrible in my opinion.

        1. It’s a pretty elegant unix based OS. You should give it a shot.

          1. Well, I’m trying to do video editing as my career, and there are two major programs. One on Windows and one on Mac. So out of high school 2 years ago I got a Macbook. A few months later I got so tired of it I sold it lol. That’s why I said it was terrible xD

          2. I don’t use it because I think their desktop computers and laptops are way too expensive but it is a nice os

      2. Might as well just let mac die off as well, unless your a graphics design or music student/professional it’s worthless

        1. I am so it’s not.

    2. I don’t hardly use windows, I use ubuntu. and what makes android not able to do full desktop?

      1. Well, what I more mean is the ability to run a ton of games and programs that work on Windows, you know?

        1. Like Wine?

        2. It’s true, Android is terrible at running Windows programs. Probably because they’re different operating systems. On the other hand, you could make the same argument in reverse.

          1. Have you heard of BlueStacks? :P

    3. If it had to dual-boot Windows, it would need more RAM and more storage space, which would mean a higher price tag.

      1. Yep. It was just a neat thought I had though.

  2. I can handle that.

  3. Damn, Haswell on android is overkill!

  4. Very nice. This would be great for a kitchen type device. You could have your music play or have pics stream, etc… I think it’s a great idea. I just might pick one up.

  5. my 10 year old pc has 1gig of ram too, and my note 2 has 2 gigs of ram, note 3 rumored to have 3 gigs. Only one gig of ram for this device surely will be a bottleneck.

    1. And such a dumb place to cut costs, given how cheap memory is. You can buy 4GB of DDR3 for under $30 *retail*, only $15 more than the 1GB sticks. Let’s hope it’s expandable.

  6. HSN debuted Acer’s all in one Android PC (the one in the picture to be exact) and it was a fail. Dual core processor, 1GB of ram… It was a tablet in a 21.1 inch computer frame. Very crappy.

  7. Windows is dead

    1. “I’m not dead yet!”, says the thing limping around on bloody Blue stumps…

    2. way too early to say that

    3. How the hell is it dead? I hate the damned thing and do wish it would die but with like 90% of the market i don’t think it’s going anywhere for a long time.

  8. Android can’t do a lot of things PCs can’t. Windows will never die. We’ll always have Windows, Apple, Linux (and Unix of course), and now Google OSes around.

  9. Whirley. I have a graphic design degree and I earned it on a Sony VAIO laptop with an i7 and an nvidia geforce. Graphic design is better on PC.

    1. Exactly, no need for an overpriced table leveler when you can pay the same amount or less and get better hardware spected pc… None of my money is gonna contribute to the greedy rotten fruit

  10. BTW, i had the lapdock for a Motorola Razr. Without a touch screen, some apps are IMPOSSIBLE to navigate.

  11. I bought this like 2 weeks ago, comes with wireless keyboard and mouse( both not even work) the touchscreen is a joke, not worth the try.

  12. btw is already on sale on acer dot com

  13. If OEM’s move in this direction for hardware, do you think that would mean more likelihood that Google combines Chrome and Android eventually?

  14. where would the pc gaming take place? who would want to play WoW or other games on a tablet? not very good

    1. I don’t know under what rock you’ve been living under but there’s a little device by the name of the nvidia shield that can handle pc game graphics just fine with a mere tegra 4 processor, so I’m sure since we’re already pretty close in that respect and the latest andoid versions have mouse and keyboard support like the asus transformer tf300 does I’m sure gaming will be just fine, maybe not major gaming right away but i think we’re pretty close their buddy

      1. I may be mistaken but the Nvidia shield needs a PC with a GTX 650 or above (on wifi). The PC does the heavy lifting and streams the graphics to the Nvidia shield. The games that are native to Nvidia shield and that do not require a PC are pretty weak imo.

        1. If ur thinking in the same sense as like cloud gaming then no, cloud gaming ur still getting alot of latency and issues with laggy control input, to get smooth game play at high resolutions like the shield does, it would require a pretty beefy device to not become choppy and unstable, to perfectly describe the device is like ur playing on a wireless graphics card with extra ram and a screen built into it

        2. Just to be able to stream the high demanding games at such a hig quality via wireless streaming is already a pretty impressive feat on its own. Onlive i believe at best outputs at 720p i believe

        3. If it was just movie cinematics i could understand but ur also introducing the game play mechanics into the mix which is alot harder to stream over and still get that kinda quality minus all the issues cloud/network streaming come with

  15. Looks pretty nice if I can dual boot Linux Mint on it. I hate having to pay the windows tax with most new laptops or computers

  16. More RAM please.

  17. I’ll always own a Windows PC, but….I want this, too! I’d love an Android PC. If it could boot either Android OS or Windows I would most certainly start saving right away.

  18. This is nothing more than a Viewsonic VSD220 with a new coat of paint (Acer, not sure if that’s a plus..) Check out last year’s Viewsonic:

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