Digitimes: Google building Android-powered notebook for late 2013 launch


The often hit-or-miss Digitimes is reporting that Google could be building a new laptop, but don’t expect it to be part of the Chrome lineup. The new notebook PC could have developed under direct influence of Sundar Pichai, the man who recently took over for Andy Rubin as Google’s Android chief. So what type of PC can we expect? One running Android.

Or that’s the rumor, anyway. Digitimes pegs the device for launch in late Q3/early Q4, and given Pichai’s experience the concept is at least feasible. An all-Android notebook doesn’t necessarily go against word from Google that there were no plans to unify the Chrome OS with the company’s popular mobile offering.

We have no idea what to expect, if such a device even comes to fruition. Would it utilize a modified version of the Android OS? Or act in a similar way to recent Android convertibles such as the ASUS Transformer line? Can we expect an official announcement at Google I/O? Will it be as expensive as the Chromebook Pixel? So many questions, so few answers.

[via Digitimes]

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  1. Will it be DOA? stay tuned!!

      1. I don’t fault you for posting this. if it’s price is anywhere near that of the Chromebook Pixel it definitely won’t sell.

        1. Really? at $199/249 it won’t sell? Or do you mean the Chromebook Pixel?

          1. I mean the Pixel.

  2. Three words key lime pie

  3. My transformer infinity works super well. I’d be OK with this.

  4. Why? Don’t we have well-built Android tablets and Windows laptops? What special niche is this trying to occupy?

    1. Why did windows jump into mobile? Same reason Android is jumping into desktop.

      1. I think it was always part of Google’s plan. All this stuff about chasing tiny Apple devices is cute but the real goal is to do something about the Windows monopoly.

        1. I think that’s wishful thinking since Google’s plan so far has just been to ignore Microsoft out of relevance (despite the best of Steve Ballmer’s efforts to dis Android and Google every chance he gets). But you know all us Android fanboys have been just waiting for that battle to start.

    2. Windows sucks that is why they should try occupy that niche.
      Secondly, the same comments they got when were introducing the Android…

      1. You can call it whatever you want, but Windows is a well-rounded platform, which I can use for both pleasure and to make ends meet. Android is just an app (apps != application) platform that’s good for communications and other small caliber stuff, but it’s far from the convenience and effectiveness of Windows. Don’t get me wrong, Android has made tremendous improvements since it’s inception, and I embrace it to the fullest. But even at it’s best in Note 10.1, with pen support and multi-window interface, it’s no contender to Windows if your computing life is beyond browsing internet and sharing pics of your lunch with billions of your “friends”.

  5. Slap android on the chrome book pixel and cut the price in half

  6. I hope they finally will introduce their own Linux. Polished, that could running Android apps and native web apps as well as support of the classic Linux applications.

    1. That would be the most awesome thing to happen in computing since Android.

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more! I was thinking a while back that if Google could make their own Linux distro then it could be the thing that finally fulfills the Linux prophecy that it will be the PC platform of the masses.

  7. I’m already using my Transformer Prime as my primary laptop. I’d buy this in a second.

  8. Want!

  9. Finally. A Google notebook that has apps

  10. Not going to happen with Chrome OS growing so rapidly this year in schools and retail outlets. Also it’s been discussed how credible the source for this article is.

    1. Except Chrome OS and Android will likely merge at some point. While Chrome OS is doing fine and dandy you know the minute Android hits the fan that Chrome OS will end up like Google Reader.

      1. With Chrome OS becoming implemented with schools and media outlets, I highly doubt you’ll see them end ANY time soon. Not to mention this will be the year of the Chromebook. They’re selling more now than they ever have. Look at the top selling notebooks on amazon, because one of the top selling ones currently is the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. With HP bringing theirs out last month and others to likely join the cause, I’d venture to say that there is more on the horizon. Plus if you use a Chromebook, you’ll see how much better it is. I have yet to use my Macbook Pro since getting my Samsung Series 3.

  11. Halelujah! It’s about time!! I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I never did like Chrome OS as it felt like a glorified browser, perhaps because it IS a glorified browser.

    I wasn’t sure what to think of Sundar Pichai taking over Android from Andy Rubin, but if this is where they’re going then I think I’m going to like having him helm Android.

    Android is pretty versatile and what with scalability from smartphones to tablets this is the obvious next step. Pixel-schmixel, give me an Android powered laptop!!

  12. Android with Dual-Boot Windows, maybe?

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