May 30th, 2013

The big bombshell that most of you cared about was already dropped in Walt Mossberg’s onstage interview of Android chief Sundar Pichai at D: All Things Digital. There was a lot more talking to be done, though, and some interesting tidbits have come from the interview since then. Speaking on the Nexus program, Pichai assured us that we wouldn’t have to worry about that ending anytime soon.

He says the Nexus program has always been about wanting to shape the ecosystem. To Google’s credit, that was the line from day one and that will continue to be the focus throughout this endeavor (however long it may last).

sundar pichai atd


Indeed, Nexus devices have historically done their part in paving the way for bigger and better devices. Sales of Nexus handsets and tablets might not always be the greatest and the phones might not always be advertised like a high profile launch from Samsung or Apple, but they’re quite important to the Android world and Google realizes that.

We’re not sure what to expect from here on out aside from the obvious assumption that the Moto X will be billed as a Nexus Experience device, but we remain excited for the future of the Nexus program and can’t wait to see what else Google and friends have up their sleeves.

On a semi-related note, Pichai was asked about Samsung’s dominance in the world of Android. It’s true — Sammy has a very mean death grip on the market and it’s not willing to let go very easily. And it’s not just Android Samsung is dominating: the company is beginning to outrun even Apple, and they continue to be monumental in all facets of mobile. So is this an undesirable situation for Google?

According to Pichai, it isn’t. He was willing to pass a lot of credit for Android’s success over to Samsung despite Google-owned Motorola’s own important efforts in helping the platform skyrocket starting with the original DROID. Such credit is definitely warranted — Android grew very fast before Samsung, but many would argue that it was Samsung who made the OS mainstream and the reason why it’s kicking everyone in the teeth as hard as it is today.

sundar pichai

We’re sure Google doesn’t want Samsung to run everyone else out of business, but the company wasn’t shy about letting folks know that they were excited for the South Korean company’s success with Android. Of course, the company they own haven’t been doing too well in this space as of late, but Google believes Motorola is making some fantastic products (Moto X) and putting key emphasis on long-term goals (shifting manufacturing back to the United States).

They feel all those things will help Motorola pull through in the long run. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when you’re backed by the biggest technology company there is. Having that sort of safety net will allow Motorola to take a lot of much-needed risks to get back into the ring and go toe-to-toe with the likes of Samsung. Full video interview below.

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