May 30th, 2013

htc one google edition

Whoa, if this isn’t a bombshell of an announcement I don’t know what is. Speaking to Walt Mossberg at D: All Things Digital, Android chief Sundar Pichai gingerly pulled out an HTC. It looked quite ordinary at first… until the boss revealed that it was running a completely stock version of Android. Pichar mentioned that the phone would launch June 26th for $599 on the Google Play Store.

The device will come SIM-unlocked and unlocking its bootloader will be a piece of cake. This edition of the HTC One will support LTE on both AT&T and T-Mobile. And unless Verizon and Sprint magically switch to GSM or begin allowing unauthorized devices on their network, those folks are out of luck.

Users will get the device with Android 4.2.2, plus a promise from Google that they’ll get the latest versions of Android as soon as they’re available. Unlike the developer edition, this Nexus experience HTC One (which it is officially being called) will only come with 32GB of internal storage. That’s all fine and dandy for most folks, but without a microSD card slot on this version it might be a deal breaker.


Still, it’s a Nexus experience HTC One — how much more could we ask for at this point? Be sure to get your pocket books in order ahead of the June 26th launch, and be sure to let your excitement reek into the annals of the HTC One section at

[via HTC]

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