HTC showcases their history of wireless innovations [VIDEO]



As a proud Android user since its humble beginnings, the HTC G1/Dream was my first introduction to Google’s mobile OS. That being said, I have fond memories of my time spent with HTC devices, ranging from the G1, to the HTC EVO 4G, HTC Arrive (I experimented briefly with Windows Phone in my college days), HTC EVO 3D, before finally settling down with the HTC One.

HTC history timeline

Today, the company released a video on YouTube showcasing their history of wireless innovation, spanning from the first touch-based handheld devices in 1998, all the way to the masterpiece that is the HTC One in 2013. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t tug on my heart strings just a little. While there’s never been such a thing as the perfect smartphone, I can’t imagine a world — or even Android — without HTC. Sit back and watch. For HTC fans, you might wanna bring a tissue.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. “In 20XX, we were the first to be sued by Apple for our use of….”


    1. Perfect comment. HAHAHA

    2. “…for use of our own ideas and innovations…”

  2. Cool vid.

  3. HTC i am and always will be a loyal customer, anybody else who don’t agree can kiss my a$5, Loving my one x+ with 64 gigs internal, and best designed android of 2012, my opinion. if you dont agree well you know what to do

    1. Kiss your….. a$5? O_o

      1. yea i kinda didnt wanna be vulgar and have my comment deleted, but also let it be known how my opinion stick no matter what anybody else think

    2. *puckers lips*

      1. dang buddy,, i guess u dont care where u put ur lips

        1. The only way to get ahead in life, is to kiss a$5. Or so I’ve heard….

          1. hahahaaaaaa, that was kinda funny

  4. You mean…Steve Jobs used to work for HTC? Because I thought he invented all of this…?

    1. HTC is a direct descendant of Steve Jobs. HTC was conceived inside a hooker downtown San Jose in 1987

  5. I guess I like HTC, I pretty much owned every single device in that video not even knowing that some of the first ones were made by HTC.

  6. Long live the Thunderbolt!

    1. We screwed everyone who bought our Thunderbolt branded phone.

  7. Thinking about it now, even tho I’ve have many devices from different manufacturers HTC has been the only one I was willing to upgrade with and sign a 2 year agreement with. Dating back from my Hero, to EVO 4G and now my HTC One.

  8. On a COMPLETE off topic, I’m still sulking that they didn’t win the Christmas Song thingy that was like 2 years ago. Who still jams this almost everyday in their car? I think I do. =.3

    1. that is amazinggggggggggg

  9. my soul will never rest in peace until they make another htc hero.I miss the rounded dockbar with apps, phone, and add(I think), they should atleast bring that much back(optional)

  10. No link to directly lead me to watch video from here?

  11. HTC Blue Angel was my first smartphone. Peopl e used to mock me for having such a big phone. “Why do you need a phone that does all those things?” Look at those same people now and they all have smartphones. Some Far larger then my Blue Angel.

  12. The tragic thing is unless a major EVOlution from the normal operating parameters are made, ONE phone cannot save a company. I sincerely hope that a HERO can rise from the ashes of dispair, and have a true DESIRE to change the formula of the advertising protocol, swiftly like a THUNDERBOLT. Here’s To Choice!

  13. Enjoyed that timeline. After owning the Galaxy 2 and 3 I sort of forgot how HTC dominated my portfolio for some time.

    1st “smartphone” I owned was the T-Mobile SDA, followed by the Dash and MDA Touch I believe. Kind of funny because at that time I thought I would be using windows mobile FOREVER. But later that year, the iphone was a huge hit and Google came up with a response.

    I remember getting the G1 that Christmas is came out. I applaud HTC and Tmobile for that partnership. They are the mothers of android lol. Now if they would just dissolve that partnership with Facebook lol..

    Not even two years later HTC had the Nexus 1. This was a huge step for android and then after that the EVO 4G which changed the smartphone game. You had Moto and Verizon still doing the slider keyboard thing with the Droid. HTC said let’s bump the screen up to 4.3 inches and ditch the keyboard and add an unsupported 4G antenna in there just for good measure.

    After that HTC lost me. I was suckered into this ridiculous idea of a 3D phone.I did not have any other options. They were releasing a ton of phones. Had the EVO 4G Shift, 3D, and Evo Design 4G. That is just Sprint, Meanwhile over on Verizon I heard how the Thunderbolt was the biggest fiasco in Android history.

    And while all that nonsense is going on you got Samsung, the random non factor, gaining momentum. Google put them in charge of the Nexus line and the Galaxy line took off.

    I guess HTC made decent devices with the Sensation line and Old One line with all their confusing varieties like the V,X,S,SV,VX, X+,XL but by then it was too late.



    1. Nice Line Up…..Shadow, Dash, G1, MyTouch3G, Nexus One, EVO, Evo3D…..some Samsungs and Motos in between.

      HTC seriously needs to introduce a G1 style phone with “to-date” specs.

      1. yeah still my fav phone ever lol

        1. and i still have everyone of these phones and the boxes except the mytouch and 3gslide

          i have duplicates of most too

  15. With a differnt voiceover this will make a great memroial video if HTC doesn’t fix the mess thier in.

  16. Sorry HTC, no one cares about you anymore… except online reviewers trying to save you. Keep being stubborn with the sd and batts, and give us crap reasons like, no space for sd… please leave android and never come back. Samsung needs some real competition.

    htc so damn sad lol.. they’re trying to hard to stay afloat lol.. all these useless marketing.. so stupid.. they really need better management.

    1. This just in.. Samsung wins Best Mobile Phone Camera over Iphone 5s ROFL. Read the news. htc hahaha keep your crap 4 mega pixel from 2001

      1. yeah I don’t know what they were thinking with a 4 mp camera in this day and age. Potential iphone refugees may not mind the sd and battery but the camera is a big deal for them.

  17. Long live HTC. Here’s hoping for more innovations from them.

    1. they’re dead…

  18. Someone like Microsoft needs to buy HTC already. They clearly weren’t ready for prime time with the release of the One. They appear to have serious managerial problems. They’re just too small to remain alone in this competitive mobile market. Samsung, Apple, LG and Microsoft have their fingers in so many different technology pies. Big companies like that can take more risks but HTC can’t do the same. They need a buyer.

    1. what the hell are you talking about willis?

      1. HTC seems to be out of their depth. When you look at folks like Samsung and Microsoft with the large cash set aside for adverts alone it makes HTC look even smaller. They’re struggling. A buyer like Microsoft would be perfect, it would give Redmond a phone hardware arm.

        1. How were they not ready for prime time with the one? seems like the only thing that samsung has over htc is a huge marketing budget and on its way to an apple like following.

          1. HTC is a brand that everyone is being careful with. Limited supplies of the One, no large media adverts and I’ve read about many T-Mobile and Sprint shops that don’t even have a model for customers to try out.

            Let’s also look at all those high profile execs leaving HTC. It’s not a house in order, things look pretty bad for them. They seem to have put all their Taiwanese eggs into this one basket (HTC One) and so far they’ve had several stumbles that have hurt their brand.

            When you have an HTC exec tweeting this:

            “To all my friends still at @HTC – just quit. leave now. it’s tough to do, but you’ll be so much happier, I swear.”

            it’s not good. They are in serious trouble and a buyer like Microsoft would be perfect.

          2. I hate that you are right because I love HTC phones :(

          3. I wish them better days ahead.

          4. in a way u are right, but windows 8 is so junk of a mobile platform in my opinion, i hate windows on a cell phone,

          5. I wouldn’t mind seeing it on a beautiful device like the HTC One. Imagine that for Windows fans?

    2. What’s weird is HTC did fine with the nexus one. Where did it all go wrong?

      1. I’m still using the Nexus One right now.

        1. Nice. I might have kept mine id it wasn’t for that infuriating touchscreen issue; it would think I was touching a part of the screen I wasn’t.

          1. I know what you mean. I get it once in awhile. A reboot fixes it for me. The worst part was the low internal memory, but I recently rooted, and configured apps2sd with reverse mount, so I now have 1GB internal, so I’m really in love with it again. It’s a bit slow here and there, but very usable.

  19. “(I experimented briefly with Windows Phone in my college days),”

    Just like the frog I once dissected, it croaked.

  20. I had a Dream! And it was manufactured by HTC.

  21. Makes me remember the days when I used to love HTC. When they offered everything the others don’t. Nowadays, they just offer enough. Hoping they make a comeback for the better.

  22. Remember the Windows Tilt and Tilt 2? That was before I have up and went to Android…

  23. Does anyone really buy a 2013 device… based on “gee, this company had a few great ideas 10 years ago”.

    I’m only interested in the 1 device I buy *TODAY*. What you did in ancient history… is totally irrelevant today. I’m not buying a 2003 device.

    A company starts to brag about their ancient history… when they don’t have anything to say TODAY about their current ideas.

    Do you buy a 2014 GM car because they were 1 of the first to offer an automatic transmission in 1930?

    I want to hear why your 2013 features won’t be available from other manufacturers until 2015.

    Look to the future. Not the past.

    Bye, HTC.

    1. “Does anyone really buy a 2013 device… based on “gee, this company had a few great ideas 10 years ago”.”

      A large amount of people still buy nokias and dare I say, iphones, based on what they brought to the table in years gone by.

      I agree with what you’re saying, just thought I’d point that out.

  24. cool man

  25. At one time I would buy only Htc phones, they were at the top of their game, then they lost their way. Now it is just sad.

  26. I’m glad to have owned an HTC device at some point in time, hoping to own another

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